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Archive For: NC8 – Neuse River

  • Oriental and Toucan Grill (Statute Mile 181)

    Toucan Grill and Fresh Bar in Oriental, NCCaptain Pat’s gives us some excellent info concerning the charming river village of Oriental below. Not only is this place the sailing capital of the North Carolina coastline, but, with its location directly off the AICW, Oriental is a very popular port of call for AICW cruisers. And, lest I forget, Oriental Marina and Toucan Grill (located on the community’s innermost harbor), mentioned very favorably in Captain Pat’s note below, is a valued SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR!

    I know from my last visit [to Oriental] that there are several restaurants within walking distance, the best being Toucan Grill at Oriental Marina.  A grocery store is about 1 mile away from
    Oriental Marina.  Oriental Marina is very animal friendly.  Limited number of slips, maybe 10?  There are 2 ‘Free’ docks adjacent to Oriental Marina but they have always been occupied and they are shallow.  The basin Oriental Marina is in is easy to access and their slips are very well protected.  There is also a well equipped ships store and provisioning store 1 block from Oriental Marina.  Oriental downtown is  small revitalized 3 or 4 block section with some gift, antique, and knick knack shops and some restaurants and snack shops.  Fresh seafood available in season otherwise fresh frozen.
    Pat Banyas
    s/v Marguerite

    We spent a week at Oriental Marina. Very nice and helpful marina personnel. The only negative I find is the lack of pump out capability. Especially in light of a week’s stay.
    We enjoyed a meal at M&M while enjoying a lovely sunset. Also, there’s a very nice art store, Down East Canvas & Gallery, located just across the main road (at the bridge) from the other Oriental marina. Lovely original watercolors. Additionally, the store owners do marine canvas work.
    One item of note. We needed to get to a pharmacy as well as having the desire for a larger grocery store. A lady heard me asking the marina personnel how far a walk it would be. After learning the trek could be at least 10 miles, she offered to drive my wife and I, strangers to her, to handle the errands. One of the many examples of the great people we’ve met along our way.
    Perry & Kathy Sellars
    M/V Marsh Mellow

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  • Galley Stores Marina (New Bern, NC – Neuse River)

    New Bern’s newest pleasure craft facility, Galley Stores Marina, is located on the Neuse River side of New Bern. And, I’m also glad to note they are a SALTY SOUTHEAST Galley Stores, on the Trent River in New BernCRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR!

    Announcing the opening of Galley Marina at Skipjack Landing, New Bern, N.C. We are now open specializing in transient boaters and we wanted to let all you know. We have more then 900 feet of protected dockage, pump out at 10 slips, fuel, a full market for provisioning and shower facilities. We also have decided to lease 12 slips of 45 our slips for permanent dockage.  If you are interested in moving your boat for long term or for just a few days let us know. Additionally we have a unique opportunity for groups. We have on our staff, an executive chef who can cater on the dock group meals or individual get always, great for day trips or larger gatherings. Give us a call or contact us at

    Click Here For More Information On Galley Stores Marina

  • Another Great Report On River Dunes Marina (Statute Mile 173.5)

    It's getting to be almost a weekly occurrence to post a laudatory message about River Dunes Marina. This is truly a wonderful facility, and they are a SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS' NET SPONSOR!

    We stopped briefly at Riverdune a development near Oriental NC off the ICW at Broad Creek They are offering to have transients stop and visit at a rate of $1/ft. They have a wonderful clubhouse, deck and pool available for use. They also have a courtesy car for trips to Oriental. The harbor is extremely well sheltered from any storm. It is like a high end yacht club.
    Prices may be higher in season.
    This is a good alternative to Oriental harbor for boats on the ICW.
    Greg and Susan Han
    Allegria — Krogen Whaleback

  • New Facility (Galley Stores Marina) In New Bern, NC

    I know that the addition of Galley Stores Marina at Skipjack Landing will be a GREAT addition to the cruising scene in New Bern, North Carolina. And, not just because this facility is our newest SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR! I mean, after all, when is the last time you heard of a marina that “specializes” in transients vessels. Refreshing isn’t it!
    Galley Stores is located on the Neuse River side of New Bern, just upstream from the Comfort Inn. Old timers like this fellow, will remember this spot as where the now destructed Holiday Inn used to reside.
    Please stop in and welcome Mark and his fine staff to the North Caroliina cruising scene. And, don’t forget to thank him for his support of the cruising community through his sponsorship of the Salty Southeast Cruisers’ Net.

    Welcome to Galley Stores and Marina at Skipjack Landing, New Bern, NC. Located on the Neuse River in downtown New Bern, (GPS: 35*06’23″N 70*02’03″W) we Specialize in the transient boater. Skipjack Landing offers the Galley Store which is a full gourmet market, Marina and coming in the spring an upscale seafood restaurant.
    The store offers full provisioning with a full line of meats, groceries, produce, organic foods, seafood and a wide selection of beverages etc. Our staff includes and grocerer of 30 years in Gwen and our own executive chef in Chef Dawn, to offer helpful suggestions from our gourmet lines. ( additionally you can order on the web.
    Our marina is a full service facility with 30 slips open for transient travelers. We specialize in the boater moving from other areas and welcome any one looking for a short term stay, 6 months or less, needing to move their boat. The marina offers a pump out, up to 100amp service and slips ranging from 45 to 100 plus feet. Water depth ranges from 8 to 12 feet at normal tides. New Bern is a great place to leave your boat. Home of Hatteras Yachts, we offer a regional air port, many tourist attractions and civic activities. Additionally we offer a 400 foot day dock surrounding a restaurant to open soon. The day dock houses our fuel pumps which has high speed diesel and gas and is less then 100 feet from the channel. Volume discounts are offered. Our dock masters office is located in the tower over looking the marina and can watch for your arrival as you come up the Neuse. The view is more then five miles down the river.
    For more information please contact us at (252) 633-4648, or go on our website at We monitor channel 16 and look forward to hearing from you.

    Click Here For More Information On Galley Stores Marina

  • River Dunes Marina (Statute Mile 173.5)

    Yet another glowing report about this fine facility. No surprise, as River Dunes is a SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR!

    Subject: River Dunes
    Message: River Dunes is a fantastic Marina. It has everything and is brand new. JC was much more than just welcoming as he gave us a tour of the facility and even took our lines on arriving. This is one of the best Marina´s I´ve stayed at and with the cost of $1.00/foot, the best bargain ever. Broad Creek is well marked and the marina entrance is straight forward. The marina basin is very protected from any direction. Depths were in excess of 8 feet.
    Chas Hamilton

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  • Oriental Marina (Statute Mile 181)

    Oriental, NC is often considered the sailboat capital of the North Carolina coastline. This charming river village is blessed with several good marinas, two of which have similar names. Oriental Harbor Marina is the outermost, while Oriental Marina (along with Toucan Restaurant and a complex o adjoining condos – A SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR), occupy the inner harbor! This is a GREAT marina to spend an evening or two, and stock up on fuel!

    Oriental Marina, good location, friendly folks.  A few good stores nearby to get whatever you may be missing, the local supermarket is within (long) walking distance.
    M/Y Charmer (70′ Johnson)
    live cel helmcam at

    Click Here For More Information On Oriental Marina and Toucans Restaurant

  • Grand Marina – New Bern, NC

    The Grand Marina (also known as the Sheraton Grand Marina) sits on the northern banks of the Trent River, just west of the old swing bridge which is currently undergoing major reconstruction, in the heart of downtown New Bern.

    Subject: New Bern Grand Marina
    Message: The parent company that has the marina as well as the Sheraton Hotel has just completed a major renovation of the entire property including the Boaters’ Showers and Laundry.  The Laundry now has (2) Washers/Dryers which are FREE.  There are (3) showers in both the Men and Ladies areas which have new tile and fixtures plus large basins and super size mirrors.  A nice touch is the hopper with clean bath mats.
    Note that visitors to the marina are considered guests of the hotel and. therefore, can use the Fitness Center which is located in the same building which has the Dock Master’s office the Showers and Laundry.
    Joe Monroe

    Subject: New Bern Grand Marina
    Message: I forgot to mention when passing on info about the renovated marina facilities and boaters’ amenities that the Sheraton Hotel also offers a shuttle service that can be used for shopping, going to West Marine or to visit some of the many historic sites.
    Joe Monroe

    Click Here For More Information On Sheraton Grand Marina

  • Bridge Point Marina (New Bern, NC)

    BridgePoint Marina in New Bern, NC, used to be associated with a large Ramada Inn, but that shoreside hostelry has now changed franchise. I have always found the marina to be a quality operation. The only drawback is its location across Trent River from the downtown New Bern business and historic district! Of course, as noted below by Captain Jim, you can dinghy across the Trent!

    Subject: New Bern
    Message: I want to also point out that the BridgePointe Marina on the south side of the Trent River is another great option for transients.  They are a short dinghy ride across to New Bern, VERY close (2 minutes) to EWN airport and Food Lion (and someone will almost always give you a ride), and very friendly. Hotel, pumpout, showers, wireless, laundry, pool, ice, plenty of blo-boaters and stinkpotters with free advice, etc., but no fuel.  Unlike the Sheraton, they are essentially full, but they can usually find a spot for you for a few days.  Just call.
    Click Here For More Information On Bridge Pointe Marina

  • Excellent Oriental Cruising Recommendtions (Statute Mile 181)

    Below, you will find a superb discussion of Oriental, NC’s marinas and anchorages, courtesy of MTOA North Carolina Port Captain, Frank Erwin. 
    Oriental is often considered the sailing capital of the North Carolina coastline. When you see the forest of masts as you enter the harbor, and/or nearby Whittaker Creek, you will not disagree with this assessment.
    Notice Capatin Frank’s ringing endorsement of Oriental Marina. These good folks are also SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSORS!

    Below/south of Belhaven is Oriental…you need to stop in Oriental, NC on the way down the ditch… Very Very Very cruiser friendly, low key and down to earth!!! First choice for dockage is the Oriental Marina…this is the original, small marina (maybe 12 slips) in the old part of town – it has a pool and restaurant immediately there, and you can walk everywhere (actually, you can walk everywhere in Oriental no matter where you are) –
    2nd choice marina (and again, just 300 yards away and w/in walking distance of everything) is the Oriental Harbour Marina – (some may like this better, a bit more
    upscale but no swimming pool and less Jimmy Buffet)…. – this shows a webcam of the dozen slips at Oriental Marina.
    Make sure you you stop – you can anchor out just above the bridges – bear to port at the fork and anchor… dinghy dock at the east end of the docks of the Oriental Marina.
    Frank & Chris Erwin

    Click Here For More Information On Oriental Marina and Toucan’s Restaurant

    Click Here For More Information On Oriental Harbor Marina

  • Turnagain Bay Anchorage

    Turnagain Bay is (at least until now) a seldom visited sidewater of the Neuse River, almost directly opposite the ICW’s entrance into the Neuse at Maw Point Shoal. I have always found the entrance too shallow to recommend this body of water in my North Carolina guide, but now it looks like Captains Jim and Lynn have had a somewhat different experience!

    On Saturday October 13th, we looked in at the entrance of Turnagain Bay and had a pleasant surprise.  In the 6th Edition of the Cruising Guide to Coastal NC, you’d mentioned that the entry shoal was impassable at less than 4 feet.  I had the shoal marked on my electronic charts (C-Map), (and it was where it was supposed to be) and saw almost 8 feet going in and over 9 coming out.  There seems to be some significant current in and out of the bay, but I don’t think the tide there would be more that a foot given what we see in Oriental. If the shoal had been impassable we had allowed time to go back west into South River in daylight, but as it turned out, we had a nice quiet anchorage in the bay.  Glad there were no runs on the Marine’s range!
    Once you are over the bar, the depths increase and there is 10 feet as charted extending in at least to the old canal.  I think it is still quite shallow near the green marker 1A.  I entered on a course parallel to a line through Green 1A and Red 2, lining up to slightly favor the red side of the channel (about 60 to 80  feet off 1A) , then swinging to port about halfway  from green marker “1A” to red “2”.  We tracked halfway between the charted depth contours and saw 10 feet or better once past the bar.  You can make out the outlines of the shallows in aerial photos that are on some of the mapping sites. The bar begins before 1A and is done by marker 2.  The depth does come up quickly, so watch both the depth finder and the charts.
    While Turnagain Bay is open, I’d recommend attempting entry only with a chart plotter, in fine weather and with plenty of light.
    Jim and Lynn Duggan
    IP 38 Cat Tails Oriental NC


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