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Archive For: NC13 – Southport to Calabash

  • Less Wake at Southport Marina (Statute Mile 309)

    Hurry! Our FREE rent offer expires in May!Here’s some good news about Southport Marina (A SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR). The “ferry” referred to below in Captain Chris’ message, is the vessel that takes visitors to Baldhead Island. Interestingly enough, the ferry used to depart from Cape Fear River, and then some years ago its berth was move to Indigo Plantation, just west of Southport. Now, it looks as if the ferry is returning to its original port.
    Personally, I’ve never had problems with wake from the ferry while staying at Southport Marina, but the absence of these man-made waves certainly can’t hurt. As Captain Chris notes,  an already fine facility, will be made even better.

    Subject: Southport Marina
    Cruising News: Good News.  The Ferries passing this marina and turning the face dock into a (not so) thrill ride all night long are moving to a new terminal.  Within the next 30 days they will no longer operate from Indigo Plantation.  The new terminal is up the Cape Fear River.  This will make Southport Marina an even better place to stay.
    Chris Waln

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  • Shallow Depths at Southport, NC City Dock

    Just goes to show how much I know. I had no idea that Southport had a "city dock." Well, wherever it might be, Captain Bob reports below that depths here are now quite shallow.

    Just want to pass along the fact that the free city dock here has shoaled in. I'm hard aground at low tide with 3'11" draft.
    Bob Kassal
    Chateau de Mer
    1981 Hatteras 48MY

    I e-mailed Captain Bob and asked him to please specify the location of the Southport City Dock. He kindly replied:

    Southport, NC basin opposite Provision Company

  • Southport Marina (Statute Mile 309)

    Southport Marina is “the” place to stay, as you make your turn to the south from Cape Fear River, and, these good folks are a SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR!

    We stayed at Southport Marina. Very nice place with new docks and facilities and next to Cat dealer for service on engines and oil.  Wakes rock a bit in the marina.  $1.75/ft no discount
    Patty Mitchell

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  • Joseph’s Bistro at South Harbor Village Marina (Statute Mile 311)

    Wow, sounds really good Captain Jane. After that linguini with white wine and garlic sauce, I guess you were safe from vampires for awhile!

    We did . . .  eat out the next evening further north at Joseph’s Italian Bistro. It is at South Harbor Village Marina and has not failed to serve up excellent, real Italian food since the day we ate there shortly after Hurricane Isabel when it first opened. This is no chain; it’s a “real” restaurant owned by a guy who truly knows how to cook. 
    I love their linguini with white wine and garlic sauce with clams or frutti di mare. For meatball lovers, Joseph’s mom makes a mean meatball.  It’s not only just like mama used to make– it’s a real Italian mama making it right now.  
    Their desserts look great but the dinner portions are so generous, I don’t think we’ve ever partaken. 
    S/V Lady Jane     

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  • South Harbour Village Marina (Staute Mie 311)

    I agree with Nita and Rick that the roads from South Harbour Village Marina into downtown Southport, and all its many good restaurants and neat shops, are NOT bike friendly. However, South Harbour Village does encourage transients, and there are two restaurants on site.

    We came down topless in good weather from Morehead.  The canvas shop doing our repairs is near South Harbour Village Marina so here we are.  It is only 1.5 nm west of Southport by water but seven miles on unbikeable roads by land, with no courtesy car available.  Another boat condo.  A golf course and an airport are nearby, but there’s not much here for transients other than fuel, an Italian restaurant, and a bar/grill.  The Italian was OK last night, we’ll try the pub tonight.  Southport would have been more fun.
    Regards, Nita and Rick George aboard MV Hale Kai

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