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Celebrating 32 Years with MIAPB, Old Port Cove Marinas, North Palm Beach, AICW Statute Mile 1014

Old Port Cove Holdings

Old Port Cove Marinas, A CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR, is located on the western shore of the northern Lake Worth channel, near unlighted daybeacon #7.

OPC Holdings Logo
January 2018 – 32 Years Later
Each of our marinas; Old Port Cove MarinaNorth Palm Beach Marina and New Port Cove Marine Center are celebrating mile stone anniversaries as members of the Marine Industries Association of Palm Beach County, Inc. We are pleased to announce that both Old Port Cove and North Palm Beach Marinas are 32 year members, New Port Cove is a 19 year member.
“We’ve Come a Long Way Baby” hardly sums up all that has happened within the industry during those 32 years! The Marine Industries Association, along with its Board, which still includes one our own staff, the membership and volunteers has grown in every aspect. From community involvement, industry advocacy, marine business leadership, the remarkable success of the Annual Palm Beach Holiday Boat Parade and Toy Drive, the Palm Beach International Boat Show, which was once held at the old Jai Alai Fronton in West Palm Beach and is now considered one of the top five boat shows in the country, to the recent addition of Paddlefest. The entire Old Port Cove Holdings, Inc. Team is proud to be a participant in our growing marine industry and look forward to what’s on the horizon.
If you are a marine related business located in Palm Beach County, come join in and become a member. If you are an individual with marine interests and want to keep abreast of industry related events and activities, look into their affordable Captain membership category.
With 40,000 registered boats and 20,000 marine workers in Palm Beach County, you’ll definitely be in great company!
Let’s Keep Boating in Palm Beach County!
By Sue Morgan, Marketing Director
Old Port Cove Holdings, Inc.
P.S. Don’t forget to mark your calendar! The Palm Beach International Boat Show is March 21-25, 2018. See you there!
As designated Clean Marinas, we have made the commitment to actively pursue practices that protect Florida’s waters from harmful chemicals, excess nutrients and marine debris. In a recent Waterway Guide newsletter, I stumbled upon an alarming statistic. It is being reported that there are five trillion pieces of plastic floating in the world’s seas. So when you are aboard or ashore, please save your plastics along with any you pick up in your travels and when you dock at one of our facilities, we will gladly recycle them! Thank you for helping protect the oceans and waterways.
Sue Morgan, Marketing Director, Old Port Cove Holdings, Inc. | 116 Lakeshore DriveNorth Palm Beach, FL 33408

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