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Dawho River Shoaling (near Statute Mile 497)

Captain Bob Poovey has thoughtfully provided us with reports on several AICW problem stretches along the South Carolina and Georgia portion of the Waterway. This particular segment deals with the AICW’s run through the eastern end of Dawho River. This stream connects the Waterway between the North Edisto and South Edisto Rivers.
While Captain Poovey found no shoaling along this stretch, others most certainly have, and we actually have two navigation alerts in place for this stretch of the AICW. We, as well as your fellow cruisers, would love to hear what soundings you observed while cruising through these waters. Please click the “Comment on This Posting/Marina/Anchorage/Bridge” link below, and share your information.

Came through this area heading south on Saturday, Oct 23 at 10:30 AM (45 minutes prior to high tide), We had received a report from the Coast Guard earlier in the day concerning “heavy shoaling” at this location near marker Red “110”. Did not observe this and found 22 ft. adjacent to this marker. Further south depths varied from 13 ft. to 17 ft. ending at Green “117.” Lowest reading came adjacent to Green “111” at 12.8 ft. This is no significant change from my last three trips through this area.
Captain Bob Poovey

I went north through there from Beaufort, SC to Charleston in mid September and back through there obout Oct.1. You will have more trouble at MM 497, between R110 and G111, as you enter Dahoo River. You want to stay north of the charted deep water, it isn’t there now. We had trouble finding any deep water going north. As we came south, at dead low water, there was a tug boat ahead of us, figured he knew his way through there, and watched him go aground in the charted deep water, found out he drew about 5′. WONDERLAND was following us, they draw 4′ 6″. We went through that area further to the right in about 8′ of water. Turned out the tug was from Norfolk, VA and had never been through this part of the ICW, he followed us the rest of the way!
Captain Chuck Gorgan aboard Odyssee

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