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    • Dragging Anchor on New Teakettle Creek (Statute Mile 647)

      I’ve never had an anchor dragging problem on New Teakettle Creek, but, then again, it’s probably been better than 5 years since we stopped here. So, better listen ot Captains Doug and Charlotte below!

      We dragged 2 nights ago in New Teakettle Creek’¦.went in past about 2 bends and put out 100′ chain on a 45# CQR’¦.strong current and maybe 30 knots of wind in the middle of the night’¦.woke up in dark at 6 am against the bank 1/4 to 1/2 mile beyond where we had anchored’¦.but still had 0.2 feet under the keel and anchor was out in the creek some’¦.motored and cranked on the anchor and drove right out’¦..found 20′ of chain wrapped around a mud ball on the anchor when we got t up.
      Doug & Charlotte Kerr
      Annapolis, MD
      s/v Abbotsford II

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