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    • Elliott Cut – Wappoo Creek Section of the AICW (Statute Miles 472 to 469)

      On 4/30/13, as part of a South Carolina Wish List, we posed the following question:

      Statute Mile 472 to 469 ‘“ has anyone had problems with the strong tidal currents barreling through the Elliott Cut ‘“ Wappoo Creek section of the AICW, between the Stono and Ashley Rivers? Did you have problems keeping off the morning and afternoon restricted bascule bridge which crosses these waters east of marker #7?

      Responses follow:

      We have been through Elliott Cut -Wapoo Creek Bridge many times. No problem with current, They have always been managable. I do put out a Security Call on Both VHF 13/16 for commercial traffic. Transited the cut on 4-19-13 on a flooding tide. Dropped the Antenna’s and took our 30 ft Air draft right under the bridge with no opening necessary any restrictiions is not a problem if you just check your cruising guide and plan your arrival accordingly.
      Capt Bob Kovach

      We encountered a 2 1/2 kt current through the cut carrying us towards the bridge. We have a cat so it was not a problem, but a monohull might not have been so lucky. There was a significant current through the bridge which is offset to the eastern bank.
      John Pholeric

      Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of the Elliott Cut ‘“ Wappoo Creek Section of the AICW

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