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Favorite Abaco Anchorages

The following string of messages is copied from the T&T (Trawlers and Trawlering) mail list. As there are so many contributors, it was impossible to get individual permissions, so I’m just using first name.

I can and have reviewed the literature for years about places to go in the Abaco’s. . . But there is nothing quite so special as a personal referral to a interesting place. So I ask:
Whats your single most wonderful anchorage/place to visit in the Abaco’s and why?
Preferably lat and lon, but a good location description will work. The why is most important.
I will collate, edit and redistribute to any one that wishes a copy in the next few days.

Populated: Little Harbor…you need to play the tides, but MK (5 ft draft) could go in two hours either side of high.
Unpopulated: Double-Breasted Cay…only there once in no so great weather…it beckons me back.

Manjack Key – ( Nunjack)
Go ashore and enjoy the beach graciously offered by the residents on the bluff. Walk 1/2 mile on marked path through jungle to the incredible beach on oceanside.
Ditto on previous postings
Greg and Susan

Wow, that is a tough one with only one possible anchorage. With only one spot I would suggest Manjack. I normally anchor in the bight between Manjack and Crab Cays, just west of Rat Cay. Great holding but open to west wind. Good snorkeling along the north shore of Crab, found an old barge wrecked along the shore that held good fish. Uninhabited and only one other time did we have another boat in the same area. Great place to watch the original black and white Cape Fear movie, boat seems to swing at just about the time the houseboat hits the rocks in the movie, kind of scary. Anyway, wife and I love that spot, as well as many others in the Abacos. Have made about 10 bareboats trips thru the Abacos, call or email if you have any questions about places and best ways to get groceries and liquor.

A single “favorite” anchorage in this area is difficult.
Manjack, Green Turtle, many others.
I think I would have to select Tahiti beach (south end of Elbow Cay) as my favorite. Easy access to a number of resturants (Elbow Cay and Lubbers Quarter) and Tahiti beach for afternoon cocktails. Close enough to Marsh Harbor that I can go over in the dingy, if supplies needed. A long but do-able dingy ride to the reef at Sandy Cay, and on to Little Harbor. This anchorage provides adequate holding, protection from most wind directions.
Anchor south of the entrance to White Sound (Elbow Cay).

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