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Fiesta Key Marina (Inside Route, hard by Channel Five)

Another great article from our regular Florida Keys correspondent, Charmaine Smith Ladd. Who knew this small facility had so much to offer?

May 6th, 2009
Fiesta Key Marina, RV Park & Campground
MM 70, Long Key
Florida Keys
24° 51.061 N  80° 47.749W
by Charmaine Smith Ladd
On Long Key, amidst 28 acres of lush tropical trees and foliage, is a little known place (formerly a KOA Campground) called Fiesta Key.  You would think yourself in the Bahamas as you look around at the quaint, brightly colored island setting with the laid-back charm.
Touting a small marina (jet ski rentals too) and ship’s store, an Olympic-sized fresh-water swimming pool, hot tubs, motel rooms, waterfront bar and grill, internet access, two complete laundry facilities and much, much more, Fiesta Key is a great place to go for a not-so-far-away getaway. 
The marina is for very small boats only.  However, immediately west of Fiesta Key, one can anchor at semi-protected Jewfish Hole.  A fair-weather anchorage in the winter, Jewfish Hole offers good year-round protection from the East and Northeast (via the shallows outlining Fiesta Key).
The good folks at Fiesta Key are quite hospitable.  They were so nice to us as they allowed us to dispose of our trash, gave us access to potable water, and were extremely gracious in every way.  Our dinner there was very reasonably priced, delicious and served with a smile. The people working at Fiesta Key like their jobs and it shows!
Just let them know you’re anchored out and what you need.  Their fees are nominal and their warmth genuine.
Having access to the amenities of Fiesta Key and knowing that its staff is both friendly and helpful sure gives a new twist to the anchoring out experience.  When is the last time you anchored out and were able to get all your laundry done all the while with an ice cold beer in hand and an eye on the Marlins game?  
Fiesta Key is a wonderful escape from the hustle of marina and mooring life to a quiet anchorage with all the anchoring space for as much solitude one could ever want…yet also offers you a taste of the nightlife, dinner out, and all the social minglings if you so desire.  It’s all there for you at Jewfish Hole Anchorage and Fiesta Key Marina, RV Park, and Campground.
Charmaine Smith Ladd, SSECN’s Regional
Correspondent for the Florida Keys,
bringing you “The Low Down from Down Low.”

Click Here To View the Florida Keys Cruisers’ Net Marina Directory Listing For Fiesta Key Marina

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