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    • Florida Registration Question

      OK we give up, what does Florida do with boaters who are residents of  and have their vessels documented from states which do not have sales taxes or do not levy taxes on used boats?  Are they required to re- register, re-title, and re-document their boat in Florida even if it  isn't or will not be their state of principal use (and/or if they can  document/prove that the vessel is used in another state more than in  Florida)???

      Note:  There are several states which do not have sales taxes, and  some which do not levy sales taxes on used vessels.  Does Florida  declare that anyone who stays in the state for more than 90 days  automatically becomes a Florida resident – car title, insurance,  voting registration,  etc.???

      John and Judy Gill
      Two J's V
      AGLCA Loopers

      We found this link from the Florida Dept of Revenue that discusses use tax that we thought others might find useful. It spells out who has to pay what when and who is exempt. Might be better to read it 'from the source' rather than relying on someone elses interpretation…

      Janet and Jeremy – MV Tardis

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