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    • Further Discussion on AICW/St Johns River Intersection, FL Statute Mile 740

      Our thanks to Looper Dave Fuller for allowing us to share his excellent report on the AICW/St. Johns River Intersection as posted on AGLCA’s Forum.

      As others have reported, this area has been dredged and a new channel was cut for safe passage. The problem is that the old legacy markers G5, G7, and R6 are still on station and the Coast Guard has not updated their charts to show placement of the new ICW markers G7 and G5. The charts do show the new channel however.

      A survey was taken back in November 2018 that shows the shoaling area very well. See pic below labeled “1 Survey”. Note that the individual who posted the survey to the Waterway Guide Nav Alert also took a path similar to Alex, south and west of the shoaling area. Obviously you can be successful this way, but this is not the new channel. Also note in the pic that old G7 and R6 do a great job of marking the south side of shoal while G5 marks the north side of shoal. Using these old markers will guarantee a grounding.

      The new channel is EAST and North of the shoaling area. I personally have taken this route, EAST and North of the shoaling two times with no issues.

      I found a pic in the Coast Guard Notice to Mariners that shows the new route as well as the placement of the new G7 and G5 markers. See pic labeled “2 Dredged Route” I added a red circle to mark the shoaling, circled the new G7 and G5 in green, and added a magenta line on top of the dredged route.

      I also included a pic of my Navionics chart that I run on the I-Pad. Note pic “3 Navionics” it shows the new G7 and G5, well East and North of the shoaling.

      We will go thru here again in two weeks and will update if we find any new info.

      Suggestion: This is a good place to lay down a route line on your chart the night before and follow your route crumb line as you transverse the area.
      Claudia & Dave Fuller aboard Still Waters II
      1981 Viking 43′

      1. Survey


      2. Dredged Route


      3. Navionics


      Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of AICW/St. Johns Intersection

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