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    • Report on Depths through Little Mud River, AICW Statute Mile 655

      With a tidal range in this area of almost 8 feet, using Capt. Poovey’s observations, MLW would be less than 3 feet at green marker #195, confirming earlier reports of depths at or near three feet at low tide through this stretch.

      Subject: Little Mud River
      Welcome to Georgia where the people are nice and the water on the ICW is shallow!
      Traveled through this area heading south Tuesday, Oct. 26. Noted lower panel (Red Panel/White Stripe) on range marker was missing adjacent to channel marker Green “185.”
      Also noted that channel marker Red “188” was missing. As to depths these observations were made starting at 11:39 AM at marker Red “190” and ending at 12:02 AM at Green “195.” (35 to 55 minutes past high tide), mid channel.
      Red “190”- 19.5 ft.
      100 yards south of Red “195”- 13.6 ft.
      Red “192”- 15.2 ft.
      Halfway between Red “192” and Green “193”- 13.0 ft.
      Green “193”- 12.0 ft.
      Red “194”- 12.0 ft.
      Halfway between Red “194” and Green “195”- 11.3 ft.
      200 yds. north of Green “195”- 10.7 ft.
      Green “195”- 13.9 ft.

      Click Here To Open A Chart View Windows Zoomed to the Location of This AICW Problem Stretch”

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