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    • Good Review of Mangrove Marina, Florida Keys Inside Route, Key Largo, Statute Mile 1150

      Mangrove Marina is one of only a very few facilities offering transient dockage on the Florida Keys Inside Route between a point south of Jewfish Creek, and Snake Creek. To access Mangrove Marina, depart the Inside Route just northeast of the Tavernier Creek intersection, between markers #64A and #65. Note that Mangrove Marina also features a full service repair yard! Skipper Foster’s review comes from the AGLCA Forum.

      While the boat has been here over a two months, we’ve just been here a month. if you are looking for a marina on the bay side of the keys I’d highly recommend Mangrove Marina in Tavernier. Docks are combo of fixed concrete and wood. There isn’t a tidal swing, but the wind does push water in and out of the cove, total swing is about 18″.
      Water depth coming in is ok if you are 4′ or less. Call the marina office and get a route if you draw 5′
      Within a 10 minute walk: Win-Dixy, movies, post office, McDonalds, hospital, 6 restaurants, hardware store and liquor store. A bike ride will add three more places to eat, a beach and a marine parts store. There is a lunch truck on site that has Breakfast / Lunch Sat and Sun, and a special dinner (Prime Rib, stuffed pork tenderloin, etc. ) on Wednesday night.
      Gas, diesel, ice, pumpouts. If you are staying, there are weekly pumpouts on the docks. Lots of liveaboards here made us feel welcome. There is the only Marching Conch Band in the Keys here! Nightly docktails at sunset.
      Lots of good fishing locations a 5-10 min dink ride away.
      Location is Keys MI 92. Car rental across the road will match Enterprise rates. By car you are 1 HR from Miami, 45 mins to Marathon, 2 hours to Key West.
      Rates include water and electric, no liveaboard fee.
      Mangrove Marina
      200 Florida Avenue, Tavernier, FL 33070
      (305) 852-8380

      Quo Vadimus
      Nowhere OK
      1993 Bayliner 4588

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