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Grounding, Little Mud River AICW Problem Stretch, Statute Mile 655

Little Mud River is almost universally acknowledged to be the worst section of the entire Waterway from Norfolk to Miami. This AICW Problem Stretch lies some 21 statute miles north of Brunswick, Georgia. SSECN continues to recommend navigating this stretch at mid to high tide only. Our thanks to yacht delivery Captain Terry for this newest update. For a comprehensive report from Little Mud River, go to /?p=128659

Navigated Mud River on Nov 30 boat 48 Viking, kicked up plenty mud, many seagulls following wake.
50 ft Sport Fish hi and dry aground, missed the turn, soft mud, Sea Tow pulled off mud flat, no damage to boat or running gear.

12/8 Follow-up:
Larry, there were four boats traveling together, I was on Lockout a 48 Viking en route from Manasquan NJ to Palm Beach, Sea Tow came out and pulled him out after the tide came in, it was around 15:48 Dead low tide (7ft tide swing). We all stayed over at St. Simon’s Island and met for dinner. There was virtually no damage to the 54 Sport Fish and the Captain had around 40 years experience. I will not mention the name of the boat due to respect. Remember it can happen to anyone. If it has not happened, with time it is certain to happen.

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Comments from the Cruisers' Net Community (1)

  1. wes -  December 9, 2016 - 12:13 pm

    Another area to keep a close eye on is just south of the little mud river starting around FL 4s “202” to daymark “206” passed through about 2 hrs after low water and bumped in the middle of the channel and the boat behind bumped as well, that was a surprise! Luckily just mud…. Both of us draft 5′-5″ were on plane so calculate how you like, I loose about foot while on plane. Like Terry I was transiting this same area the same day. I was aware of what lurked ahead as I’ve transited these waters for 15 years now, it always has my full attention!!!



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