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[EXPIRED] Update on Hazard in Watts Cut, 8/24/11, AICW Statute Mile 503

A dead-head is a log or stump which is semi-permanently stuck to the bottom, the top of which protrudes above the waterline. While the hazard may stay in place or move away with a high tide current, caution is called for until it has cleared the channel. Watts Cut is a straight, narrow Waterway channel that connects the South Edisto River with the Dawho River south of Charleston.

We hit a dead head which just below the surface at 2 hours before low tide in Walls Cut. We were on the magenta line between day markers 139 & 138. Saw a very small ripple in the water just before we hit it.
Skipper Bob Hermans

My wife and I were down at our boat (in Beaufort, SC) this past weekend, and when I opened our ICW Chartbook to make a note of this hazard, I found that I’d already noted a previous (but unfortunately undated) posting from Cruisers Net warning of “a submerged palm tree on the red side of the channel between markers 138 and 139″. I’d guess that the deadhead reported now is the same palm tree, probably minus a few branches by now.
Bob Schwerzel, M/V Harmony

Large tree between marker 139 & 138 in Watts Cut 1:50 est time.
Skipper Tracy Hellman

I can confirm that this “dead head” still exists. Its top was about 18″ above the water at MLW this morning.
Capt. Larry Shick

I can confirm the deadhead is still there. Traversed the area 5-20-11 heading South and noticed it in the red side of the channel, not in mid channel. It may be moving around with the tides, but it’s still there.
Skipper Rick Kenyon

Came through here at dead low tide on 8/24 with mirror-smooth water and saw no turbulence to suggest a deadhead. There were two pairs of crab trap markers not directly in the channel between markers between 138 and 139. Whether they were errant crab traps, or placed to mark a deadhead was not apparent. However with minimal tide and otherwise smooth water, one would suspect some turbulence from a deadhead. Anyway, the middle of the channel was clear.

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