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    • Healy Report: Dismal Swamp Canal to Belhaven, NC


      Experienced cruisers, Jim and Peg Healy, continue to generously share their observations and advice as they make their way south for the winter. Thank you Jim and Peg! Belhaven, A CRUISERS NET SPONSOR, sits on the northern shore of Pantego Creek which meets the western shoulder of the Waterway at Mile 135 south of the Alligator River – Pungo River Canal.

      Today is Thursday 19/18, 05h15 hrs…

      Sanctuary and crew transited the Dismal Swamp Canal from Chesapeake, VA to Elizabeth City, NC on Tuesday, 10/16. There is about a mile of duckweed in the canal south of the Deep Creek lock. South of the South Mills lock, there are several miles of duckweed across the canal. Our engine cooling water intake is about 30″ below the waterline, and we had no issues with the sea strainer.. AT THE FEEDER DITCH AND AGAIN IMMEDIATELY SOUTH OF THE SOUTH MILLS LOCK, THERE ARE POSTS PAINTED RED AND GREEN THAT MARK A NARROWED CHANNEL. HONOR THOSE POSTS. The canal carried at least 7′ of water, and we had zero bangs and bumps. We traveled with four other boats, and they made me the lead dog. The trick to avoid bangs and bump is to SPREAD OUT. Follow the boat in front of you by 1/2 to 3/2 mile, so if prop wash does bring something off the bottom, it has tome to settle back down before you get to it.

      We traveled from Elizabeth City to Belhaven on Wednesday, 10/17. BE ADVISED that in the Alligator-Pungo Canal at approximately MM116-117, there is a LARGE DEADHEAD in almost the visual center of the canal. It is easy to spot, as it sticks up at least a foot above the water line. It appears to be the remains of a piling.

      We’re staying on the Belhaven City Docks. They take reservations, but many treat this as first come first served. It is full tonight, but we did get our reserved space.
      There is ample 30A power available all along the dock, and self-serve pumpout. This is an excellent option at $1.00/ft and $5.00 for electric.

      Goal for today is Morehead City.


      Peg and Jim Healy aboard Sanctuary, currently at Charlotte Harbor, Punta Gorda, FL
      Monk 36 Hull #132
      MMSI #367042570
      AGLCA #3767
      MTOA #3436

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