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    • Healy Report: Walburg Creek to Cumberland Island, AICW Statute Miles 623 to 711

      Experienced cruisers, Jim and Peg Healy, continue to generously share their observations and advice as they make their way south for the winter. Thank you Jim and Peg! For timely remarks on Cumberland Island Anchorage, see Anchoring off Cumberland Island.

      On Tuesday, 0/20/2018, Sanctuary and crew transited from Walburg Creek anchorage to an anchorage on the Cumberland River, south of St. Andrews Sound, off the ICW at Cumberland Island. Observations follow:

      We arrived at the Little Mud River at 11h00. The tide station at Wolf Island was reporting 5.1’+ rising. North to south:

      R184 12.9′
      13.4′ low water between markers
      G184/R188 19.6′
      10.2′ low water between markers
      G189 20.7′
      R190 15.1′
      11.0′ low water between markers
      R192 13.9′
      11.0′ low water between markers
      G195 11.8′
      10.9′ low water between markers
      R194 11.1′
      G195 12.2′

      The control depth was (10.2 – 5.1) = 5.1 and MLLW. Follow the visual center of the river on the straight section and SLIGHTLY favor the outside radius of the curves. We were too close to G195, but that wasn’t the low water anyway.

      In Altamaha Sound, you must clear R208 by at least 300′; stay to the far green side for the best water.

      In Altamaha Sound, clear G211 by 200′. There is a range there that will take you too close to G211, so do not follow the range; favor red for the best water.

      We arrived at Jekyll Creek and 17h08. The tide station at Jekyll Island Marina was showing 4.9’+ falling. North to south:

      G5/R6 11.5′
      G7/R8 22.4′
      R10 15.2′
      G11 12.5′
      9.9′ low water between markers
      G13 10.0′
      9.6′ low water between markers
      R16 9.7′
      G17 5.7′
      G19 8.6′
      6.1′ low water between markers
      R20 8.0′
      7.8′ low water between markers
      R20A 8.9′
      BRIDGE 10.2′

      We were at 1/2 tide for this transit. The control depth was in the vicinity of G17 (5.7 – 4.9) = 0.8′. Wow. Could we have been is a less than ideal place? Sure. But this creek is quite narrow, so it wouldn’t have made a lot of difference. There’s very skinny in that area.

      Jekyll Creek and Hell Gate are the two places we’ve seen so far that will require help from the tide for most boats to get through.
      Peg and Jim Healy aboard Sanctuary, currently at Charlotte Harbor, Punta Gorda, FL
      Monk 36 Hull #132
      MMSI #367042570
      AGLCA #3767
      MTOA #3436

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