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High Praise for Spoon River Restaurant, Belhaven, NC, AICW Statute Mile 136

Belhaven Waterfront - Click for Chartview

These reviews of Spoon River restaurant come to us from our friends at Cruisers Forum ( Spoon River Restaurant has only been in business a little over a year and is open seven days a week. They are located just off the waterfront and are listed as:
Spoon River Artworks and Market
263 Pamlico St, Belhaven, NC ‎
(252) 945-3899
And their Facebook address is:

My wife and I just had dinner at Spoon River restaurant in Belhaven, NC.
It was one of the top 5 meals I have ever had a chance to sit down to. To put things into perspective, I regularly eat at the finest chophouses and seafood restaurants in the world entertaining clients and enjoying the fruits of our sales channels…. on the company dime… DC, NY, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Philly, DC, London, MX City, Paris, Nairobi, Dar Es Salaam, Dubai, etc… So, we spare no expense. I am a snob and this makes me highly qualified in this regard
The encore to this awesome meal was the pricing which BLEW us away. For 2 person meal that would have easily cost us 250 in DC, including a very good bottle of wine, full meals, and deserts that were so big we could not finish them…. 75.
So, we highly recommend the unexpected pleasure in Belhaven.

We live nearby and can second that report.
We had lunch there this fall and were quite impressed both with the food, and with the reasonable prices.
My only suggestion would be for an improvement in the wait staff. The young gentleman that served us could certainly have been more attentive.
Still highly recommended!

We had three meals at Spoon River (northbound in the spring and back in the fall) and we are just constantly amazed by the quality, presentation and service they provide. Small town, BIG surprise. We will be back.
Win Benbow

Comments from the Cruisers' Net Community (1)

  1. Carol Whitehead -  July 19, 2015 - 4:31 pm

    We had dinner at Spoon River last night and it was undoubtedly the best meal we have ever enjoyed. The menu choices and the food are excellent. The waitstaff are excellent and well trained. All in all a very pleasant evening. I would give them five stars!


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