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    • Island Anchorage

      Statute Mile: 375.5
      Lat/Lon: near 33 39.953 North/079 04.236 West
      Location: lies off the rear of the loop stream, north and northeast of flashing daybeacon #29
      Minimum Depth: 9-feet
      Swing Room: sufficient room for boats as large as 34 feet
      Foul Weather Shelter: Excellent


      Click on Chartlet Below to Open a Chart View Window,
      Centered on the Location of This Anchorage:

      Comments from Cruisers (3)

      1. max miller -  April 16, 2012 - 7:55 pm

        We turned in northbound off marker 27A and rounded #1. We first motored north to investigate the entire reach of the oxbow but ran aground in what chart and plotter showed as deep water just as the channel turns back toward the ICW on the north side of the oxbow.

        We reversed direction and anchored in the Oxbow near the 8 foot depth shown on the chart. We dropped our Bruce in 10 ft of water at near-low tide and the anchor dug in quickly. We first motored a circle to assure swing room and found the charted depths to be accurate.

        Thinking back on our last time anchoring here, I regretted not rigging a trip line as I dropped our anchor because we grabbed some bottom debris on our last visit making anchor recovery difficult. On this visit, we luckily recovered our anchor easily the next morning.

        It’s a beautiful anchorage and the bird life here is terrific. The only caveat, until sunset, is the waterborne cowboys who zip though the area like mentally challenged houseflies .

        Reply to max
      2. Claiborne -  December 16, 2009 - 1:54 pm

        Subject: Waccamaw River marker #29 anchorage
        Cruising News: I’m pleased to report that the rustic anchorage at Waccamaw River #29 is still nice and unobstructed although there’s considerable development along the “green side” shoreline. EQUUS spent a pleasant night here on 12/12 in warm temperatures and drizzling rain with only one other boat. This is one of my favorite ICW anchorages and it looks like a place where a dinosaur might appear from the swamps at any moment! I always use a trip line here as there are snags on the bottom.
        Captain Andy Denmark
        s/v EQUUS

        Reply to Claiborne
      3. Jean Thomason -  September 29, 2009 - 8:11 pm

        Stayed here two nights September 2009. Anchored closer to the river on the northern leg of the loop. Nice anchorage except for the local boat which anchored in the afternoon on the far side of the island and shot off what sounded like a semi-automatic weapon repeatedly. They went away and then came back after dark and anchored for the night. We tried to do things right and use a buoyed trip line but ended up with the line wound around the anchor chain as we switched back and forth with the current.

        Reply to Jean
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