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[EXPIRED] New Satellite Photo and Lat/Lons for the St. Augustine Inlet Channel Buoys, near AICW Statute Mile 778

The channel markers in the At. Augustine Inlet have been in a state of flux for some time now, due to dredging and to Mother Nature. The Lat/Lons given below are the latest positions of the channel buoys.

This is from our USCGAuxiliary. Nice data, many thanks to all the Auxiliary who help provide this data. Many thanks to USCG which promptly placed missing Buoy 4. Boaters: Enter the channel from the StA Sea Buoy; Favor the reds, which are not lighted. Navigate prudently: in a just-dredged channel, there might be faster changes of depths while natural and man-made forces equalize.
Jay Bliss, Port and Waterway Commissioner

Attached are the latest coordinates for St. Augustine Inlet(20-OCT-2012).
Water Depths are listed at 2 hours prior to high tide (1240 Hrs.)
STA Buoy: 29-54.8959 N, 081-15.2718 W 42′

Buoy 2: 29-54.9492 N, 081-15.6483 W 30′

Buoy 3: 29-54.8153 N, 081-15.7006 W 26′

Buoy 4: 29-55.0658 N, 081-16.3367 W 18′

Buoy 5A: 29-54.8805 N, 081-16.5523 W 20′

Buoy 6: 29-54.8626 N, 081-16.7166 W 25′

Buoy 7: 29-54.6165 N, 081-16.9092 W 32′

Buoy 8: 29-54.5684 N, 081-17.2124 W 33′

Buoy 10: 29-54.5208 N, 081-17.4037 W 30′
Best Regards,
Chris Bonnevier

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