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    • Updates on AICW/Little Mud River Problem Stretch (Statute Mile 655)

      Again, Captain Bob takes this trouble spot within less than two hours of high tide and offers some advice to his fellow cruisers.
      Please note that the Little Mud River section of the AICW, is the WORST problem stretch of the entire run from Norfolk to Miami. Trying to interpolate the tidal tables, it looks as if we must subtract 6 to 7 feet from the soundings below to discover what depths would be at MLW. That means we could easily be looking at a mere 3 feet of water near markers #190 and #195.

      10-29-10 Little Mud River (A Walk in the Park) Anchored in Duplin River night before, Great Anchorage
      Short Distance to Little Mud River. High Tide was 1200 Noon. Arrive Little Mud River 1-1/2 Hours before HIGH TIDE.
      Marker R190 10 Ft,
      Marker G195 10 Ft.
      Exit Mud River @ 1247 PM.
      Draft Five Ft we had five under the keel Minimum all the way. Good Run.
      Instead of folks posting horror stories they need to take life easy and do these areas of concern two hours before high tide.
      Captains Bob and Helen
      aboard M/Y ALLEZ

      We just passed the Little Mud River. We hit it at exactly low tide. Uh oh. We made it through OK however. The minimum depth I saw was 6.5 feet near marker 194. We met a tug going north. He said that he didn’t have a depth sounder, but that he draws 8 feet and he made it through fine, also at low tide. Go figure.
      Captains Dick and Libby Mills

      Good evening all, went through today 11/2/10 at 2:00 PM local, just about low tide & only saw 6.9 ft, just stay in the MIDDLE & you will be fine! Winds today were between twenty to thirty & did not seem to affect the depths.
      Captains Mike & Barbara aboard M/V Elan
      We did basically the same thing that Captains Bob and Helen did, anchoring in Duplin river the night before passage through the Little Mud River section. We hit it at about an hour before high tide and had a trouble free passage. (s/v MarLyn, S2 30ft, 5ft draft)
      Skipper Mark

      Transited Little Mud River 3/27/11 at half tide. 8-9 ft through mid channel.
      Skipper Stephen

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