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    • [EXPIRED] LNM: Dredging to Begin, Apalachiacola Bay, GIWW Statute Mile 359, Northern Gulf, FL

      FL – GIWW – APALACHICOLA BAY Mile 359.0 – Dredge Operation
      Commencing approximately November 29, 2018 and continuing until approximately January 29, 2019, the Dredge INGENUITY will be conducting dredging operations in the vicinity of the Apalachicola Bay reach of the GIWW. Dredging will be conducted in the East-West and North-South sections of the bay, starting at GIWW, mile 359.0, EHL. The dredged material will be disposed into Disposal Area No. 2.1, also known as Bird Island and open water sites, adjacent to the channel. The Dredge INGENUITY will utilize floating and submerged pipeline, in addition to a number
      of support vessels. All vessels will be lighted in accordance to the U.S. Coast Guard Safety Regulations. The Dredge INGENUITY will be monitoring VHF-FM Channel 13 or 16. Mariners are urged to exercise caution when transiting the area. For up-to-date information, mariners can contact USACE, Panama City Site Office, at (850) 784-9780.
      Chart 11401, 11402 LNM 48/18

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