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    • LNM: east of AICW MM 465 Buoy Installation, Charleston, SC

      This temporary buoy is on the northeast side of the main shipping channel, ESE of the harbor entrance.

      SOUTH CAROLINA – ATLANTIC OCEAN – CHARLESTON HARBOR ENTRANCE AND APPROACH: Mooring System installation and Buoy deployment.

      The University of South Carolina plans to install a temporary four-point mooring system over the shipwreck of the USS HOUSATONIC to ensure a 26-ft boat stays over excavation unit(s). The buoy is yellow in color with an AMBER safety light set to flash every 5 seconds with a 360-degree visibility between 1-1.25 nm. The buoy is 2 feet in height and 1-1/2 feet in diameter at the base. The four anchor lines will extend out in a X-shaped formation to about 150-ft.
      The general location is five (5) miles off Charleston Harbor in the Atlantic Ocean at approximately 32-43.1436N / 079-46.6764W (32°43.1436N / 079°46.6764W, 32.719060 / -79.777940) . The system will be installed from Monday September 27, until Friday October 29, 2021 and may have a vessel on site from 8:30am to approximately 4pm. Contact can be made with “State Research Vessel” or by the brand name “Scully boat” on VHF Channel 16. For further information, contact: James Spirek, 803-394-3255 (cell) or 

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