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    • LNM: Safety Zones for Capsule Reentry, Florida Coasts


      The Coast Guard has established the Temporary Final Rule (TFR) 33 CFR 165.T07-0806 for safety zones for space capsule reentry operations. The temporary safety zones are located within the Seventh Coast Guard District area of responsibility (AOR) offshore of Jacksonville, Daytona, Cape Canaveral, Tampa, and Tallahassee, Florida. This action is necessary to protect vessels and waterway users from the potential hazards created by reentry vehicle splashdowns and recovery operations in the U.S. Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). It is also necessary to provide for the safe recovery of reentry vehicles, and any personnel involved in reentry services, after the splashdown. U.S. flagged vessels are prohibited from entering any of the temporary safety zones unless authorized by the District Commander of the Seventh Coast Guard District, the relevant Captain of the Port, or a designated representative. All other vessels are highly encouraged to avoid these areas when activated for safety. The next activation of this safety zone will be between January 10-12, 2023, for the recovery of the CRS-26 space capsule.  Please see the next article for contact and reference information.

      ATLANTIC OCEAN – FLORIDA – CAPE CANAVERAL: Rocket Launch Activity and Regulated Navigation Area (33 CFR 165.775)

      Mariners operating in waters offshore of Cape Canaveral, Florida are advised of frequent rocket launch activity and associated launch hazard areas which may impact navigation interests. The Coast Guard has established a Regulated Navigation Area (RNA) to encompass all waters within rocket flight trajectories originating from launch complexes on or around Cape Canaveral, FL and out to 12 nautical miles. The RNA is necessary to ensure the safety of vessels, mariners and navigable waters during scheduled rocket launch operations. Restrictions may be enforced anywhere within the boundary of the RNA and will be based on the risk assessment of the Captain of the Port (COTP) Jacksonville. In addition, a Security Zone exists in the vicinity of Kennedy Space Center, Merritt Island, Florida. The area encompassed by the zone as described in 33 CFR 165.701 is closed to all vessels and persons except as authorized by the Commander, Seventh Coast Guard District or the COTP Jacksonville, Florida whenever space vehicles are to be launched from Cape Canaveral. A detailed description of the Security Zone (33 CFR 165.701) and Regulated Navigation Area (33 CFR 165.775) can be found in 33 Code of Federal Regulations and online at eCFR :: 33 CFR Part 165 – Regulated Navigation Areas and Limited Access Areas, accessible at:
      Specific launch schedule and information is provided by Coast Guard Sector Jacksonville and accessible through The USCG Command Center in Jacksonville can be reached at (904) 714-7557.  U.S. Space Force maintains a Launch Information hotline at 1-800-470-7232
      Detailed launch information is available on the day of launch using VHF Channel 16 or FM81A.
      Launch Hazard Areas are viewable by scanning the QR code below or visiting Users should scroll to the section “Upcoming Launches” near the bottom of the page and select the link “Launch Hazard Area” to view hazard information and active zones in the Regulated Navigation Area. 

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