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Looking for Dog Friendly Marina in Savannah, GA

The exchange of information below was copied from the AGLCA mail list.
I agree that River Street docks is a worthy of consideration along the downtown Savannah waterfront. However, as Captain Bob notes, if you don’t want to make the somewhat lengthy trek off the AICW, upstream on Savannah River to downtown, stop at one of the marinas in Thunderbolt, or nearby Isle of Hope Marina (A SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR), and take a taxi into the Savannah historic/shipping district! Don’t miss the candy factory on Water Street. The smells wafting from this establishment are indescribable!

Seamantha and crew are on our way to the AGLCA Rendezvous, currently in Daytona Beach. On the way, we would like to visit Savannah, GA for 4 nights, April 8 through April 12.
We would very much appreciate a recommendation of a “dog friendly” marina with good walking access to downtown.
Thank you
John and Paulette Lee and Millie

There aren’t any typical “marinas” within walking distance to downtown Savannah, but there are a few facilities along the long River Street docks that can accommodate your need for “close to town”
and “dog-friendly.”. One that gets good reviews is the River Street Market Place Dock ( It, like all the docks in the area, is exposed to wakes, which aren’t
usually bad. It is in the heart of the action and there is a park nearby to walk the dog. There is no pump-out or fueling facilities in the area, so you may want to take care of that on the way up. Try
Isle of Hope Marina or Thunderbolt Marine for those services.
Bear in mind that downtown Savannah is several miles off the ICW.
Savannah is worth the visit, even if you stay in a “traditional” marina and take the bus or taxi into town.

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