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    • LOTS of Questions!

      Terry Logan is a new to the AICW cruiser with a new boat and lots of questions. Many of you are thoroughly capable of answering his inquiries with advice, observations and solutions. So, sit down with a cold one and type away. Terry and his wife will be most grateful.

      Not sure if this is the appropriate forum for my question,so apologies in advance if it isn’t. My wife and I just bought a 38′ outboard express fishing boat and are picking her up next week from Long Island Sound just north of NY City. We’ll be bringing her down the ICW and offshore to Southport, NC. We’ve got about 3 weeks budgeted to allow for weather, and sightseeing/exploring. As we’ve never been through this part of the ICW/coast, any suggestions and advice from more experienced folks will be welcome and appreciated. Tips on “don’t miss” spots as well as “spots to avoid” are especially welcome! Thanks in advance!

      Terry Logan

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