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Manteo/Doughs Creek Anchorage (off the AICW, on Roanoke Sound)

Manteo/Doughs Creek Anchorage
Lat/Lon: 35 54.537 North/075 40.070 West
Location: east of cottage/screw pile lighthouse monument, and well northwest of Shallowbag Bay Channel marker #10
Depth: 5 to 6 feet
Navigation Detail: Click Here For Navigational Detail of this Anchorage
Swing Room: sufficient room for vessels as large as 40 feet
Foul Weather Shelter: Fair, open to southern and southeastern winds
Dinghy Dock Access: you can easily dinghy ashore at the free, “gazebo city dock” just north of this anchorage
Nearby Provisioning: “The Stockade” well stocked convenience store within walking distance of the free city dock; local taxi service necessary to access supermarkets on Highway 64
Pet Friendly: pets can be taken ashore and walked on a narrow strip of grass behind and upstream of the free dock, and stretching to Manteo Waterfront Marina


Claiborne’s Review: Click Here For Claiborne’s Review of this Anchorage

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Comments from the Cruisers' Net Community (1)

  1. Chase -  June 15, 2012 - 10:15 pm

    The Doughs Creek anchorage is a great spot for a NE blow. It blew 20-25 kts over the past two days and there is little fetch and holding is good. My Crealock 34 is riding to a 35 lb CQR and a 33 lb Bruce, but the Bruce is probably not necessary. The dock is a short ride in the dink and everything you could need is at your feet, including the outer banks. It is mid-June, and the beaches are closed to swimming, it is a heck of a nor’ easter for this time of year. Old House channel was a piece of cake but knowing the marking convention ahead of time, prevented confusion. I draw 4.5′ but have no depthsounder and regret I have no report on depths. Surprisingly few cruising vessels here, I guess it is well off the ICW. I’m really enjoying my stay here in Manteo before heading to the Chesapeake.


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