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    • Alligator River Marina

      transient-dockpowerfresh-watershowerslaundryfoodgasdieselpropane/natural gaswastewifi

      Basic Marina Information:

      Phone: (252) 796-0333
      Statute Mile: 84
      Lat/Lon: Near 35°54.349 N / 76°01.734 W
      Location: guarding the Alligator River’s westerly shore, just north of the swing bridge and southwest of marker #12
      Depths: 6 ft.
      Address: 13435 US-64
      Columbia NC  27925

      Service Details:

      Transient dockage: Available
      Transient dockage rate: $1.50 per foot per night (slip dockage), $1.75 per foot per night (face dock when space is available)
      Boat/US Dockage Discount: Dockage discount for BoatUS members
      Type of dockage: fixed wooden slips and face dock
      Live Aboards Allowed: no
      Total number of slips/berths: 19
      Dockside Power Connections: 30/50/100 amp power hookups available

      $4.00/per night - 30 amp hookup, $7.00/per night - 50 amp hookup, $12.50/per night - 100 amp hookup
      Dock. Fresh Water Connections: Available
      Showers: Available, Climate Controlled
      Laundromat: Available
      Restaurant: diner on-site
      Provisioning Possibilities: convenience/variety store on-site
      LPG (Propane) Availability: Available

      LPG tank exchange on-site
      Wi-Fi Internet Access: Free Wifi Available, Available in cruisers’ lounge only
      Waste pump-out: Available
      Gasoline and diesel fuel: Gas & Diesel Available

      Fuel Prices (All Taxes Included)

      Reporting Date: January 21, 2019
      Gasoline Price: $2.70 (All Taxes Included)
      Diesel Fuel Price: $2.94 (All Taxes Included)
      Any Quantity Discount: 10 cents off for over 200 gallons of diesel

      Reviews from Cruisers (28)

      1. Bruce Franz -  May 4, 2016 - 6:17 pm

        Yesterday, proof positive our cruising friend’s 50 ft Gulfstar with a 6 ft draft can enter/leave Alligator Marina and visit Ms Wanda. See
        Bruce Franz
        s/v “Hemisphere Dancer”
        Dickerson 41

        Reply to Bruce
      2. david g sutliff -  August 23, 2015 - 4:56 pm

        A very nice place to stop and Wanda [owner] is a gem.

        Reply to david
      3. Philip Safriet -  November 16, 2014 - 11:27 pm

        We stayed at the Alligator River Marina in early October and found both the staff and the facilities to be great. We used their ramp to launch our 22 ft sailboat and stayed for two nights at the marina while sailing on the Alligator River and touring the nearby Alligator Wildlife Refuge. (We saw a mother black bear and two cubs playing in the road while in the Refuge.) Upon our arrival at the marina one of the staff members even assisted me in lifting our outboard motor onto its mount. Although we came prepared to cook meals on our boat the food and service at the marina grill was so good that we quickly changed plans. As long as they had extra slips they spaced the boats out in the marina so that we all had plenty of privacy. As noted by one of the other reviewers there was a beautiful moon out over the Alligator River on our first night there. Mrs. Wanda and the staff went out of their way to make our stay a pleasant one.

        Philip & Genie Safriet – The Venture

        Reply to Philip
      4. Wells Moore -  June 15, 2014 - 7:37 am

        On our way North this spring we attempted to anchor in the alligator river but the wind was too strong and getting stronger – the radio was busy with boaters looking for alternatives – we hailed the marina and were told there was plenty of room with a side too tie up we requested. The marina is very sheltered and well taken care of – Wanda is great – and for all those who still like good old fashioned marketing and customer service I got a card from Wanda thanking me for using the marina!!!!
        Wells Moore “Flying Corgi”

        Reply to Wells
      5. Max Miller -  June 14, 2014 - 9:46 am

        We stayed in Alligator River Marina for the first time June 11 and 12, 2014. The entrance is well marked. The 17 or so individual docks are on starboard as you enter. The first few are longer and have four posts on each side. The smaller docks are further in and have three posts on each side. Most of the posts have cleats on them. The bulkhead is supported by a line or rip-rap so be careful backing in. The piers are about 25 feet long. The rest of the marina has alongside tie-up with ample power stations.

        A slender man named Logan came to greet us and help with our lines. I could hear the hospitality in his southern drawl. He was knowledgeable about clove-hiches and spring lines.

        We met Wanda in the restaurant. Despite her reputation, she was sweet as southern tea to us. She told of the recent death of a local favorite alligator called ‘Cheeseburger”. He had wandered onto the highway one night and was hit by a passing car. Pictures on the wall of the restaurant tell the story of him and the many black bears that live nearby.

        They have free Wi-Fi but we never used it. We did use the roomy boater’s lounge with Dish TV. The restrooms, washers/dryers are in the same house north of the boat ramp.

        I loved watching the moonrise at the end of the long pier that looks over the river.

        We recommend this marina and hope to get back in the fall.

        Reply to Max
      6. Larry Freedman -  May 13, 2013 - 10:59 am

        I saw no issues with depth entering this marina (at least 8 feet everywhere). The staff was very helpful with docking. There is a lot of very nice grass for the dog to run and a nice clubhouse and laundry facility as well. There are limited hours for service in the small restaurant attached to the gas station out front, but the food was very good. I particularly enjoyed the alligator bites appetizer (couldn’t resist). This is a perfect stop to wait out any weather before crossing Albemarle Sound going northbound.
        Larry Freedman

        Reply to Larry
      7. Gray & Betty Riddick -  May 12, 2013 - 2:13 pm

        In 15 years of cruising coastal NC we have probably spent more nights here [Alligator River Marina] than anywhere else – probably 25% were weather related delays Our stays with Miss Wanda have always been good but realize some visitors have not shared our opinion. Food in the convenience store-truck stop –marina is well priced, fast and welcome break from the boat.
        Gray & Betty Riddick

        Reply to Gray
      8. Dave Boxmeyer -  March 29, 2013 - 4:34 pm

        We stopped here today for fuel. They were not quite fully open for the season, but we had no problems. Everyone was pleasant and helpful. We were in and out in about 30 minutes.

        Diesel fuel was $3.94 a gallon. This is less than I am paying to fill my truck.

        Reply to Dave
      9. Steve Chapman -  December 7, 2012 - 3:15 pm

        We brought our boat down from Baltimore, Maryland to Wadmalaw Island, South Carolina. One of the highlights of the trip was Alligater River Marina. Mrs. Wanda is the nicest and most helpful marina owner I have ever met. The food and hospitality was incredible. Do not miss this marina.

        Steve Chapman

        Reply to Steve
      10. Jim and Talley Powell -  May 12, 2012 - 7:06 am

        Cruising News:
        The Alligator River Marina is the oasis we all try to find when we’ve been out too long. It is the fertile ground where new friendships spontaneously grow, and where old friends are glad to see you again.
        Great fried chicken and hamburgers. Outstanding breakfasts. Clean showers and laundry facilities. Friendly staff.
        The only reason we ever leave Wanda and the gang is so we can have all the fun of coming back again. And, we will. Again and again.
        Jim and Talley Powell

        Reply to Jim
      11. Ms. Wanda -  April 22, 2012 - 1:32 pm

        We have completed dredging the entrance to the Alligator River Marina and now have a depth of eight (8′)feet. We apologize to our boater friends for their inconvenience the last few weeks. We appreciate each and every one and look forward to your visits. We wish for you a joyful and safe summer and look forward to seeing you soon.
        Ms. Wanda

        Reply to Ms.
      12. James Truckner -  April 11, 2012 - 8:57 pm

        On a recent ICW trip we were unsure about stopping at Alligator River Marina after reading some reviews. On March 22,2012 we stopped and were met at the gas pumps. We ate in the grill and found all of the staff very friendly and helpful. Wanda went out of her way to help our overnight stay comfortable. We were in a small ( 19′ ) boat so our spending was limited to 20 gal. gas, slip fee, two meals in the grill. Very pleased, they had only been open one week after being closed for Winter.

        Reply to James
      13. Larry McDonald -  November 6, 2011 - 11:38 am

        We, too, have had a very bad experience with the Alligator River Marina. It was several years ago, we were traveling south and needed fuel. We, of course, did the usual callings and everyone was polite and nice.
        Upon arrival at the fuel dock, the wind was blowing very hard (~25k) directly away from the pier. We tried to approach normally but could not. So I called to the dock attendant that we would approach nose on and asked if he could take a line from us and tie it off so we could then use the prop wash on the rudder to force the stern in. He used some choice words about my bad seamanship and told me if I didn’t know how to bring a boat in properly I shouldn’t be boating. He started to walk away. I called to him that I really needed his help and he turned back to us. When we got the bow of the boat near the pier, Suzi tossed him a line and indicated the cleat where we would like him to tie it. He ignored her and short tied the bow to the pier so tightly that there was no way we could bring the stern in. And again he walked away, ignoring our protests. Another boater volunteered to help and we got tied up.
        Then, the dock attendant came up to us carrying the fuel pump nozzle and laid it next to our boat, gave me what I would consider a dirty look and walked away. A few moments later I picked up the nozzle and started to fuel our boat. After pumping several gallons the dock attendant came back cursing at me and saying he had not told me to pump yet, and that he was in charge and I wasn’t to do anything until he told me to. I apologized (probably not too sincerely) and he said that he wasn’t finished taking the reading from the last boat which had taken on fuel and that since I had pumped before he zeroed it out, I was going to have to pay what the pump showed was owed and that the previous boat had taken on over a thousand gallons. I explained to him that that was simply not going to happen. We were quite low on fuel or I would have paid for the 3 gallons which I pumped and left. We had intended on taking on over 100 gallons. As it was, we took 30 and went in to pay.
        I told the lady inside that her dock attendant was extremely rude. She said, rather coldly, “That’s my husband.” I said, “I’m sorry.”
        We will never go back there.
        Larry McDonald

        Reply to Larry
      14. Capt. Jerry -  November 4, 2011 - 1:30 pm

        Well, I’ve never before posted negative comments concerning a marina… but after 40 odd years of cruising, Captaining and being in the marine industry, our experience at the Alligator River Marina merits commenting…
        We were heading North during Mid/late August 2011, called ahead during the late afternoon to see if a slip was available. A very pleasant young lady advised that there would be space available and to tie up on the south dock and come inside to register. We called again just prior to arrival and ordered food, as the store/restaurant closes at 1930.
        Upon arrival we found the staff (gas station attendant and grill cook) to be pleasant, accommodating and rather friendly for being at the end of a days work. Our food was ready, we filled out the dockage form- paid for the slip and food and tipped the clerk and cook well for their kindness.
        There was only one other transient boat at the marina, the place was essentially empty.
        In the morning we took on almost $1,400.00 in fuel and bought breakfast for our crew of three. Between the prior night’s dinner, dockage, breakfast, and some odds and ends from the store, we spent near $1,700.00.
        Our main concern was staying ahead of Hurricane Irene, as she was about 4 days behind us when we arrived. Our destination was Long Island.
        In fairness, the marina is an adequate, no frills facility, with clean hot showers, laundry, a lounge with TV and internet access, all in a good location. The owner, Ms. Wanda on the other hand is someone we won’t soon forget…
        Shortly after departing, we had a minor mishap and damaged one propeller. We telephoned the marina and asked (as their welcome package indicated) if they could arrange for a diver to change the prop. Ms. Wanda indicated that she would arrange for a diver to come to the marina, took our phone number, and said to come back.
        Upon returning to the marina, she advised (with a smile) that the diver would not be available until the following afternoon. I explained that we would explore other options, as we wanted to stay ahead of the Hurricane, and that I wished we had known about the diver’s availability prior to returning.
        Her displeasure (actually anger to near the point of rage) over our electing to explore our options was evident in her tone of voice, facial expressions and posture….
        She simply said, “I doubt you’ll find another diver”. We telephoned a local marine surveyor friend and were able to arrange for a diver who could have been there in two hours. I advised Ms. Wanda that we had located a diver who would be there by late morning, thanked her for calling her diver, and asked that she please cancel his appointment for the following day.
        A short while later she came to the boat… banged on the hull and said, “Make sure your diver gives me a certificate of insurance naming me and my marina”…. I called the diver and relayed her message… he said it was not a problem, and that he had dealt with “Wicked Wanda”(His characterization…not mine!) in the past. He then asked that I give her the phone…
        This is where it got rather interesting… Ms. Wanda repeated the issue about the insurance and then told the diver that he would have to see her upon arrival, and pay her $30 “for the pleasure of diving from her dock”… an argument ensued between the diver and Ms. Wanda…she returned my phone and said, “I told you you wouldn’t find another diver”
        I would have gladly paid the additional $30 to be on our way and ahead of the hurricane.
        As I walked back to the boat she turned and said, “I guess you’ve got a real problem now”…
        Throughout this situation I chose to maintain my self on the high road and was nothing less than polite… I simply responded, “Well Ms. Wanda, I must tell you, never will I spend $1,700.00 at anyone’s establishment to be treated this way… you have a nice day, we’ll be leaving shortly”
        Before I could hit the start button she had us untied and free of the dock….simply unbelievable!
        We got underway and arranged for the diver to meet us at Coinjock later that evening. Upon arriving at Coinjock we learned that she had called ahead… we assume in an effort to get us shut out. As always, Coinjock was a pleasure with Louis’ pleasant staff, excellent food, and live music.
        Unfortunately, the diver was unable to remove the prop… we limped up to Portsmouth, VA where we were hauled by Full Throttle Marine at Tidewater Marina. It is without reservation that I recommend Full Throttle. They were prompt, friendly, courteous, and quite reasonable for the short haul and changing of both propellers.
        Later we were told (but could not confirm) that Ms. Wanda had actually requested the diver to come the following day… If that is true I find it unconscionable that she would attempt to delay us by more than a day in the face of a hurricane for a few paltry dollars in dock fees and food from her store.
        Would I stay there again?…Likely not, but anything is possible while on the water! Granted her fuel prices are as good as you’ll find in NC… but whoever you buy fuel from, she gets a piece of the pie… she is the local marine fuel fuel distributor!
        Capt. Jerry

        Reply to Capt.
      15. Dave Boxmeyer -  October 25, 2011 - 10:47 am

        I have stayed here a number of times over the last few years. It provides the only fuel on the 75 mile stretch between Elizabety City / Coinjock and Dowry Creek / Belhaven. It also provides a rest stop before or after you cross the Albemarle Sound and on a bad day, you are going to be glad it is there.
        Entrence is easy via a well marked channel just north of the Alligator River bridge. However the passage thru the breakwater can be a bit tricky during high winds. Once in the marina, protection is pretty good.
        Both gas and diesel fuel are available at reasonable prices. The slips are a bit narrow with short finger piers on one side. The slips have both electric and water. Showers and a lounge are just a short walk away as is the main building with its small restaurant. Food in the restaurant is limited, but what I have had has been very good.
        This is a marina, not a resort. They provide ll of the basics at a very reasonable price with no frills. Most of the staff is friendly and will help you, if you ask. They are not thrilled with pets, but I have never had a problem. One thing to keep in mind is that they may be closed during some winter months. It is always a good idea to call ahead and get the current conditions.
        Dave Boxmeyer

        Reply to Dave
      16. Sami and Bari -  October 25, 2011 - 10:26 am

        Glad to hear that things have changed so dramatically at this marina when we experienced some of the worst customer service…no, make that THE worst service we have encountered up and down the east coast….that is in 5 years of cruising. There were no dock hands because “it was raining” the service was curt and definitely not helpful. We felt unwelcome and could not leave fast enough the next day when things were no better. We are polite, nice people and easy to deal with. We took the high road with our manners but left as soon as we could.
        I suppose in a fix we would stay there again, but it is doubtful.
        Sami and Bari

        Reply to Sami
      17. Don R, -  October 25, 2011 - 10:16 am

        What y’all may not know is the Alligator Marina restaurant is “Known” for its N. C. BBQ. I know boaters that call there by VHF to order some BBQ and then just do a touch and go to pick up the food. Also, the diesel fuel prices are very competitive and sometimes even better than in Coinjock.
        Don R,
        m/v Andante

        Reply to Don
      18. Jim and Talley Powell -  October 25, 2011 - 10:11 am

        Alligator River Marina is just in the right place, 42.5 miles from Dowry Creek Marina and 32 miles to Elizabeth City or 31 miles to Coinjock. Good dock hands. Nice store and personnel. The Grill closes PROMPTLY at 7:30pm, so they encourage you to be in no later than 7pm. They give you an informative handout with souvenir pen in a baggie. Nice touch. Nice place. Week Verizon coverage, but it works. We’ll make this a regular stop on the ICW north and south.
        Jim and Talley Powell

        Reply to Jim
      19. Ed Kroposki -  August 4, 2011 - 6:36 pm

        This is a difficult marina to get into after dark. The boss lady said that most of her business is daytime. However, if weather changes across Albamarle Sound and you get delayed it would be nice for clearly marked entrance thru breakwater.

        Reply to Ed
      20. Larry -  May 3, 2010 - 8:50 am

        Alligator River Marina was only $1 a foot! We were able to knock out the whole Alligator River by planning to go there, and we were ready to jump on the Albermarle Sound in the morning when the forecast changed to lower winds. It was a very nice stop. Good anchorage in the Chesapeake was at Chisman Creek off the Poquosan River just before the York River.We also anchored off the Patuxent River, by Solomons island in Mill Creek.
        MTOA Captains Good-Mikki and Joe Heinrich, aboard Asian Lady

        Reply to Larry
      21. Larry Morrow -  February 19, 2010 - 8:47 pm

        We pulled into the marina on Feb. 17th after a long day on the Albemarle Sound. The marina is closed for the season but fuel is available from the pumps at the Shell station if you use a credit card and jerry jugs. We had called several days ahead and told Wanda, the owner that we would be staying there and would send her a check for the amount due. We promptly did that at our next stop. There is electirc service but the water has been turned off because of the cold weather.

        Reply to Larry
      22. Nicole -  November 29, 2009 - 10:38 pm

        Sadly we did not have the most pleasant experience here ever. We arrived and there were no other boats in here at all, no sign, we couldn’t even tell if they were still an open marina. We walked around for about 20 minutes and could not find anyone at all (late November) and we needed fuel so we couldn’t leave. Granted it was Thanksgiving afternoon, but there was not a soul in siight. We tied up and were working on the boat when 3 hours later a lady walked out of her house, around to us and said we are closed. We apologized and said we tried to call several times over the past few days and tried you on the vhf too but noone replied and she said ya, because we are closed. It was starting to get dark so she said, fine you can stay, it will be $30. We thought that was reasonable so we paid her and went on with our business (come to find out she overcharged us as it was supposed to be a $1 a foot.). The lady was VERY COLD to us. The next morning in the gas station the cashier was also quite unpleasant to us too. We aren’t demanding people but given how friendly everyone in the Carolinas has been to us we were taken aback by these unfriendly folks. It was a safe place for our boat but we were unimpressed and we would have gone elsewhere had we not needed to re-fuel. The place also has very little personality and his VERY un-dog friendly. The showers are hot though, decent wifi and tv room.

        Reply to Nicole
      23. Fred & Linda -  November 19, 2009 - 11:15 am


        Reply to Fred
      24. Arnold -  October 14, 2009 - 2:34 pm

        Mile 84.1 – Alligator River Marina. Still offers the lowest priced fuel I have found on the ICW – $1.99 a gallon for diesel. Best to fuel up here – and get water and ice etc – since going south there is no other fuel stop for some 30 odd miles. Heading up the Alligator River I faced strong headwinds all the way and it took me almost double the normal time, and thus double the fuel, to get to the Fairfield Canal.

        Reply to Arnold
      25. Chris -  October 5, 2009 - 8:31 am

        First off, we never saw anything less than 8.4ft of depth, and most of the time it was over 10ft, on the way into the marina. From what I understand, the only thing driving the depth is changes in wind speed and direction, and even then it doesn’t vary much. I can’t speak to that though. The entry was easy – turn to the west immediately north of the bridge, follow along the bridge to the green mark and then head straight for the green/red entry markers to the marina. We came in with a 20kt south wind with some uncomfortable choppy seas, and the second we entered the marina the wind stopped and the waves were gone. Interestingly enough, a small bobcat was swimming across the entry channel just as we were entering. That’s the first time I had to yield right of way to a feline!!!! The marina is comprised of slips with short piers (i.e. you have to back in and put lines on pilings) or face docks. The face docks are slightly more expensive. The facility is basically an automobile gas station with a marina added behind it, but it seems just fine. They have a separate building with clean, private bathrooms with showers, laundry and a “TV Room” with a 13″ TV with satellite. The free WiFi signal is strong. I can’t say that my phone call to make the reservation or our reception upon arrival was overly friendly. They did seem annoyed to have to talk with us, but they are the only game in town and the facilities are decent. The station part of the facility has a short order restaurant (burgers but also steaks, alligator, and HARD ICE CREAM) and the regular assortment of drinks and snacks. Outside of that, it’s in the middle of nowhere, so there’s nothing else to see.
        S/V Pelican

        Reply to Chris
      26. Lee & Penny -  October 5, 2009 - 8:31 am

        We stopped at Alligator River Marina twice this past summer – mid-June and end of July – on a trip up to the Chesapeake from Oriental. The facility is very good for fuel (good price) and overnighting, with very nice bathrooms / showers and laundry. The TV room with tiny TV was OK, but the room could use additional lighting to facilitate reading & card playing. The dockage rates are reasonable and we were able to dock bow-in just fine. The folks are friendly, especially if you are, but are not overly outgoing as you often find at larger, commercial full service marinas. I think this is because the ‘gas station / restaurant’ staff is pressed into doing the fueling and dockage assistance. There is no marina staff as such, once you have fueled and docked. The food is great – cooked to order. Our grandsons really enjoyed the ‘alligator bites’. The cook handled our docking and fueling (give that nice lady a raise!). Overall it’s a well placed stop after the boring Alligator / Pungo Canal and long run up the Alligator River, or a good rest after a rough crossing of the Albemarle. We plan to stop every time we pass thru.
        Lee & Penny – S/V Gypsea

        Reply to Lee
      27. Claiborne -  July 16, 2009 - 1:24 pm

        We are very saddened to report the passing of Morris Pritchett, co-owner of Alligator River Marina (Statute Mile 84), after a short battle with cancer. Morris will be missed by many in the cruising community, and his sage advice to cruisers plying the waters of the Alligator River and Albemarle Sound, will not be heard again.
        Fare you will Morris. May the road rise to meet you, may the wind always be at your back, and may God hold you in the palm of HIs hand!

        Reply to Claiborne
    • Dowry Creek Marina

      transient-dockpowerpowerpowerfresh-watershowerslaundryfoodgasdieselpropane/natural gaswastewifi

      Basic Marina Information:

      Phone: (252) 943-2728
      VHF: Monitored: 16         Working: 71
      Statute Mile: 131.5
      Lat/Lon: Near 35°31.978 N / 76°32.133 W
      Location: lies along the Pungo River’s northern shore, north-northwest of marker #15
      Depths: 6 ft.
      Address: 110 Spinnaker Run Rd
      Belhaven NC  27810
      General Manager: Teresa Zeltner
      Dockmaster: Nicole Zeltner

      Service Details:

      Transient dockage: Available
      Transient dockage rate: $1.50 per foot per night
      Boat/US Dockage Discount: 10% Discount
      Other Dockage Discount: 10% discount for Yacht Club members, U.S. military, and veterans.
      Type of dockage: fixed wooden slips and face dock
      Live Aboards Allowed: yes
      Monthly Dockage Rate:

      $8.00/ft per month

      Monthly Dockage Rate Notes: $6.00 per foot/week; $8.00 per foot/month; discounted annual rates available
      Total number of slips/berths: 73
      Dockside Power Connections: 30 50 30/50/100 amp power hookups available

      $6.00/per night - 30 amp hookup, $8.00/per night - 50 amp hookup, $20.00/per night -100 amp hookup
      Dock. Fresh Water Connections: Available
      Showers: Available, Climate Controlled
      Laundromat: Available, Free
      Swimming Pool: Available, open May-November
      Restaurant: Several available in nearby Belhaven via marina courtesy car
      Restaurant Recommendations:

      Fishooks (252-943-9948), Georgie’s Oyster Bar (252)-943-2102 , Spoon River (252) 945 3699, Jacks Tavern (252)943-6100

      Provisioning Possibilities: Food Lion supermarket available in Belhaven via marina courtesy car
      LPG (Propane) Availability: Available

      Use marina courtesy car to access gas station in Belhaven for LPG tank refill 5 miles away
      Wi-Fi Internet Access: Free Wifi Available, get password on check in
      Waste pump-out: Available, $10.00 per pumpout if staying overnight, $15.00 per pumpout otherwise
      Gasoline and diesel fuel: Gas & Diesel Available

      Fuel Prices (All Taxes Included)

      Reporting Date: January 21, 2019
      Notes: ethanol free/87 octane
      Gasoline Price: $3.35/not available at this time (All Taxes Included)
      Non-ethanol. XP Treatment. 87 octane.
      Diesel Fuel Price: $2.85 (All Taxes Included)
      Schaeffer 2000 treatment
      Any Quantity Discount: 5 cent discount per gallon over 200 gallons; 10 cent discount per gallon over 500 gallons

      Reviews from Cruisers (29)

      1. Charles Rogers -  January 5, 2019 - 9:00 am

        We stopped at Dowry Creek Marina for an overnight in November 2018. Quiet, friendly a very comfortable overnight. Offered a loaner car for local transport. Good fuel. Pool. Clean bathrooms. Very nice. Great sunsets and sunrises. Thank you.
        Charles Rogers
        MV Great Adventure
        Ranger Tug 29

        Reply to Charles
      2. Josh Johnson -  January 2, 2019 - 2:25 pm

        I’ve been quite happy with the marina and staff.
        Josh Johnson S/V Temora

        Reply to Josh
      3. Harold Egor -  July 12, 2015 - 1:42 pm

        This marina is the best on the ICW. Car, pool and club house are outstanding. It is quite and clean. We had beer can chicken at the club house and watched captain Ron with fellow cruisers, a night to remember. If you need a place to rest for a couple days, this is the place. They make you feel at home.
        In the morning have coffee on the deck and watch the humming birds.

        Reply to Harold
      4. Bill Denison -  May 20, 2013 - 5:13 pm

        This is one of my favorite places to stop whenever heading north or south from Albemarle Plantation. Staff is very friendly and knowledgable. Rates are good and there is a lovely club house where there is a social hour each evening. Loaner cars are available for trips into town.
        Bill Denison

        Reply to Bill
      5. Tomfoolery -  May 14, 2013 - 3:08 pm

        Dowry Creek was a fabulous place to be! We were there with about 12 other boats waiting for Hurricane Sandy to pass! Mary and her staff could not have been more cordial or helpful! We had full use if her pool house and were told we could stay there if we felt uncomfortable due to the storm. We had cocktails or a potluck every night and seminars during the day! We felt like kids at Camp Dowry Creek with Mary as our Camp counselor. There was a courtesy car to use for shopping or dining. The showers and laundry were clean. The sailors quickly became close friends and shared experiences!
        We made friends there who will be friends forever! Mary offered us all a great rate due to the storm. She and her staff went out of their way to make sure we were all safe and happy! We hope to return in May northbound!
        Happy to have chosen Dowry as a safe place. It is protected from NWE but in far enough that we hardly rocked!

        Reply to Tomfoolery
      6. Captain Steve Atkinson -  May 14, 2013 - 3:04 pm

        Without question, this marina is a must stop traveling N. or S. Excellent facility, fuel, clean restrooms, vehicle for your use, easy access with help from the staff. Great hospitality room for potluck meals. Relax!
        Captain Steve Atkinson

        Reply to Captain
      7. Edward Hart -  May 14, 2013 - 1:51 pm

        Dowry Creek is a nice stop. It is a clean friendly place. They supplied transportation for trips into town. The only downside to the Marina is, it is less then 30 miles south of the Alligator River anchorage and that is not a days run for me. On the way south, everyone stops at Alligator River mile 103, so they at least want to make it to Belhaven, before they stop.
        Edward Hart

        Reply to Edward
      8. Bob and Margaret Kaine -  October 28, 2012 - 3:12 pm

        We are here to tuck in out of the storm and Mary and her staff made us feel very welcome. No electrical outages. Mark and Diane from Chart Guides are here and they helped organize things to do including: Yoga; seminar classes and discussions. Great Happy Hours and Potlucks. We lucked out and are not bored.

        Reply to Bob
      9. Beverly Feiges -  June 20, 2012 - 10:21 am

        We seldom go to marinas, and there are all sorts of places to anchor out nearby, but this time we stopped just to be sociable, and we were not disappointed. There is a lovely pool, important when the weather is hot, and Mary gathered up everyone she could and had a gathering in the party room, just because I mentioned we were hoping for some visiting. You can’t get more gracious than that. We will make this a must do stop in the future as so many of our friends have always done.

        Reply to Beverly
      10. Marshall and Patty Timm -  May 13, 2012 - 7:53 am

        We totally agree! Dowry Creek is our favorite stopping place and Mary and her crew are tops!
        Marshall and Patty Timm

        Reply to Marshall
      11. Jim and Talley Powell -  May 12, 2012 - 6:25 pm

        Cruising News:
        We all tend to remember things being bigger, prettier, and brighter than they really were. Then we return to the best marina on the entire AICW, Dowry Creek Marina, and we see that it is just as big, just as bright, and Mary is just as pretty as we remember. Maybe even more than we remember. And, suddenly, the whole world is a good place to be, and Dowry Creek Marina is the best place to be. Wherever we cruise, we always measure how far we are from Mary, and how long it will take to get back to her.
        Jim and Talley Powell

        Reply to Jim
      12. Doug Jacoby..m/v CHANGER -  November 9, 2011 - 9:32 pm

        Made our first visit to Dowry in early Nov 2011. Will be back. Mary is a great host, the folks around the marina are a good group of cruisers who enjoy what we are all doing. Clean facilities, good staff and a very nice daily social gathering each evening…quick easy on / off the AICW.

        Reply to Doug
      13. Jim and Talley Powell -  October 26, 2011 - 5:26 pm

        What can be said after everyone has already sung the praises of Dowry Creek Marina? Only that this is the nicest facility we have ever been to. This isn’t just a bunch of cruisers. It’s family. Every evening you miss the ones that sailed on, and welcome the ones that just came in. You search the room for familiar faces, and always smile when you see Mary.
        Jim and Talley Powell

        Reply to Jim
      14. Captain Ted Jones -  November 3, 2010 - 5:58 pm

        It was our plan to put into Dowry Creek Marina, just a few miles further on the Pungo River, for fuel, water, and ice. We had discovered Dowry Creek Marina when it was new, a dozen years ago. It was started by Ted Klapperich and his family, but Ted died early in 2007 according to Maptech’s Embassy Guide. We had stopped there in 2008 and found things in disarray, but when we stopped on our way north last spring everyone was cheerful and helpful. The marina appeared to be doing well although there were a number of vacant slips.
        Captain Ted Jones

        Reply to Captain
      15. Captain Ted Jones -  July 14, 2010 - 2:48 am

        The slog to Belhaven wasn’t nearly as bad. We desperately needed ice and given the high loads we had put on the Yanmar, I thought it prudent to take on fuel from our ice provider. A call to River Forest Marina failed to elicit a response. My second call was to Dowry Creek, who responded immediately with full docking instructions. We went to Dowry Creek which I have preferred anyway. They had four bags left, I took them all. It was the fastest pit stop on record, and we were fueled and iced in jig time and outta there lickety split.
        Captain Ted Jones

        Reply to Captain
      16. Dick Litchfield -  May 24, 2010 - 10:16 am

        We hunkered down at Dowry Creek Marina for four days (11/10-14/2009) to ride out the effects of a nasty front and Hurricane/TS Ida. Riding out the wind and rain was not bad, but it wasn’t pleasant either. The piers were almost ninety degrees to the wind so we were broadside to the wind which gave us a pretty good heel right in the slip.
        We enjoyed happy hours and pot luck dinners with transient boaters from England, Canada, and US. One night all the transient boaters and Mary, the Marina owner, piled in to several vehicles and went into Belhaven for dinner. We dined at George’s Sport & Oyster Bar. It’s nothing fancy, but obviously a locals’ favorite. Seafood was either grilled or steamed, no deep fry stuff here. Hatteras style clam chowder was steamy good, but a little heavy on the potato. The grilled Crab Cake sandwich was tasty, but not as spicy as I like it. We all returned to the boaters’ lounge for after dinner libations and conversation.
        A great place even in bad weather.

        Reply to Dick
      17. Claudia Young -  April 22, 2010 - 11:06 am

        We stopped off at Dowry Creek Marina 3 years ago and had a great time. We are returning to Virginia and decided to stop off at Dowry Creek again. We are the only transients here tonight. We took part in the nightly cocktail hour at the boaters lounge and we had a wonderful time. I do hope many more boaters will decide to stop off. We need to keep Marinas like this in business for future generations of boaters. If you want to have a memorable evening on your way up or down the ICW stop off at Dowry Creek Marina. You won’t regret it.
        Claudia Young

        Reply to Claudia
      18. Larry Morrow -  February 19, 2010 - 8:55 pm

        Stopped at Dowry Creek Marina on Feb. 18th. We were greeted at the fuel dock by 2 liveaboards who expertly tied our dock lines. Mary, the owner, was very friendly and made us feel very welcome. The water is turned off because of the cold weather and the diesel was $2.65 gallon. We were able to watch the Olympics that night due to great reception on the dock.

        Reply to Larry
      19. Arnold -  October 14, 2009 - 2:39 pm

        Mile 132.3 – Dowry Creek Marina. Another very friendly and delightful marina for either fuel or transient layover. Just a gorgeous club house and bar, swimming pool and first class showers and rest rooms. Owner Mary Klapperich keeps everything in shipshape condition. Easy markers in and out.

        Reply to Arnold
      20. Greg Timko -  October 8, 2009 - 11:06 pm

        Stopped there three times. Last Fall stayed for two days due to weather. A wonderful place to be, so kind and caring. I share a minute at the site she has for her husband, a Vietnam Vet, and a Marine> I share this moment to reflect, alone with him, and what we shared. He will always be a “Brother In Arms”. May God Bless You Always. You will always be remembered. That is one reason why I return each year.
        See you soon————-

        Reply to Greg
      21. Bill & Laura Bender -  July 31, 2009 - 9:16 am

        We’d heard so many positive things about Dowry Creek Marina that we stopped there mid-July 2009 for 1 night. Mary has fresh veggies in a basket on the porch –ours for the taking. We enjoyed the use of the pool, lounge, laundry facility, and courtesy car. It’s a long trip into Belhaven for groceries but a nice, restful stop.

        Reply to Bill
      22. Ric Seymour -  July 31, 2009 - 9:10 am

        I stopped at Dowry Creek Marina once on the way south last November and again on the way north in late April and early May. I stayed two days in November and a week on the way back in April and May. This is a truly great marina and a great place to relax for a couple of days. Mary, the owner, will let you use the marina’s SUV to go to town and stock up on supplies and visit the local restaurants. All she asks in exchange is that you put gas in the vehicle. Dowry Creek Marina has wonderful bathrooms. Each bathroom is complete with its own commode, sink and shower. No gang showers and slippery floors. They are also kept spotlessly clean. Friday night the marina hosts a get together with light snacks and drinks.
        The marina is extremely well protected. The approach to the marina is clearly marked and had 8’ at MLW plus the marina has around 8’ at MLW. I’m 47’ LOA with a 6’ DRAFT and the marina is very easy to get in to, out of and visit the fuel dock. Dowry Creek has diesel, gasoline and a pump-out station at their fuel dock. They do enough volume to maintain fresh fuel. There are plenty of liveaboards, seasonal renters and dockhands to help you get into your slip anytime of the day or night. Due to severe head winds and thunderstorms I was late getting to Dowry Creek in April. I called the marina and told them that I could not make it there by 6:00pm and it would be closer to 7:30pm. They told me that would be fine and had four people at the slip when I got there around 8:00pm in the dark. They helped handle my lines in a 20 knot crosswind. That was much appreciated. The marina is also very pet friendly.
        As a bonus I caught the largest Speckled Trout of my life fishing from the bow of my boat while in the slip.
        I recommend this marina without hesitation.
        Ric Seymour

        Reply to Ric
      23. Rick -  July 24, 2009 - 8:56 am

        We were at this marina in 2008. Very nice people. Loaner car available. Great, great, great boaters lounge and pool. The photos they have in the lounge of the hurricane that hit NC a few years back really ripped up their docks, so the message was clear……..don’t get caught there in strong SE winds. We planned to stay one night and ended up enjoying the place so much we stayed for 3 nights just because it was so relaxing.

        Reply to Rick
      24. David Hughes -  July 20, 2009 - 12:57 pm

        Dear Claiborne,
        I just spent a pleasant evening in the Dowry Creek Marina. It is still a premier facility with excellent service. To enter you turn to 350 from marker 15 and it heads you directly into their channel. The charts can be misleading because they show a sand bar to port. The channel is 7 to 8 feet. The fuel and pumpout stations are direclty ahead on your starboard side. When heading to a slip stay close to the docks because the opposite side in the grasses is shallow. I wish we could have stayed longer to use the pool and clubhouse. We did take advantage of the free loaner car to drive to Belhaven. Incidentally, their website quotes $ 0.75 per foot but it is now $1.25, but that is a good value considering the facility and prices elsewhere.
        Best regards,
        David Hughes

        Reply to David
      25. Steve and Ruth Schmedtje -  July 20, 2009 - 9:53 am

        We had a wonderful stay ay Dowry Creek Marina just north of Belhaven. It is right on the ICW, has a peaceful setting and the dock crew were waiting for us at 7pm. Others who were staying there said they never miss it. We later saw their full page ad in Skipper Bob. Wish we could stay longer.
        Steve and Ruth Schmedtje
        aboard m/v Mistress on the endless Alligator River NC

        Reply to Steve
      26. Bob & Joyce Mueller -  July 20, 2009 - 9:52 am

        For those of you heading heading north past Beaufort, NC a really nice stop at MM131.7 is Dowry Creek. Beautiful clean restrooms/showers, swimming pool waiting for inspection to open, lounge suitable for looper get togethers, car available for provisioning, tennis courts and $1.25 per foot. Fuel is available. This is run by the recent widow of a U S Marine.
        Bob & Joyce Mueller

        Subject: Dowry Creek Marina
        Cruising News: Just a note on Dowry Creek Marina on the Pungo River in NC. We stayed at Dowry Creek on our trip north last year. We were shocked after staying four days to be told that their rates were not the $0.75 / foot that was advertised on their website, but instead were $1.50/ ft. We paid without comment. This year as we PASS Dowry Creek I checked their website again and sure enough they are still advertising at $0.75 /ft. I also run a business and I would never let my prices on lumber I sell online be wrong for a Minuit never mind for a year. I felt entrapped last year and will never return. This is a very bad business practice which I can not help but wonder if it is deliberate.
        Joe Pooler

        Reply to Bob
      27. Claiborne -  July 15, 2009 - 7:11 pm

        Dowry Creek Marina is my home tonight. Nice facilitises and staff. Not Cable but wifi works great. Captains lounge with nightly get together. They also have courtesy car for trip to Belhaven for food or booze or….Channel depth coming in was between 8 to 10 feet. Docks are fixed with about 15 foot finger piers so some lines will have to be hung on pilings. Southeast to south, souteast is exposed but other directions are protected. They also have a pool and seem to have tennis courts. Chairs and patios for lounging in the sunny weather. Small ships store. Easy in and easy out from ICW.
        Take it easy have a nice evening.
        Pat Banyas
        s/v Marguerite

        Reply to Claiborne
      28. Claiborne -  July 15, 2009 - 12:18 pm

        Kismet arrived at Dowry Creek Marina @ MM132 on the NC ICW today just in time to beat the high winds. If you have not been before this is a nice place with a friendly staff. The daily rate is $1.50 plus electric, diesel fuel is $1.99 if you stay at the marina and $2.09 if you do not. Gas is $2.38 and $2.48 and they have a courtesy car available for up to 90 minutes.
        Jim & Lisa Favors – Kismet
        Fathom 40

        I agree. We have been to Dowery Creek several times and enjoyed each time. Very friendly people. Nice Captains Lounge, very clean facilities, barbeque and grill area. Our Power Squadron has been there for rendezvous several times.
        Rick Johnson
        Rick ‘N Roll II

        Reply to Claiborne
      29. Claiborne -  July 14, 2009 - 8:25 pm

        While I generally anchor out most of the time, Dowry Creek is a ‘must-stop’ for me. Aside from being one of the friendliest marinas on the AICW, they are well protected . . . . Mary is doing a great job of maintaining the facilities and ambiance that makes Dowry Creek such a great stop. I have left EOS there twice for a month and, in addition to being very reasonable, found that she was very well looked after. An additional plus is that if you need a good mechanic, Capt. Frank Smith is on of the finest around. ….anyone know of a good place north of the 32 parallel?
        Bill & Ana
        Knot Tide Down

        Dowry Creek Marina (MM131) With all due respect to the recent post, this marina is not well protected from the south and south east (also possibly east) as the photos in their scrap book will attest. Other than this, I couldn’t agree more with anyone who praises the facility and people at DCM. It is super friendly, laid back and oh so comfortable. Just watch the forecast and choose another spot if winds are predicted to be strong from the SE quadrant.
        Rick Parish
        s/v Sea Breeze

        Reply to Claiborne
    • Belhaven Marina


      Basic Marina Information:

      Phone: (252) 944-0066
      Statute Mile: 135
      Lat/Lon: Near 35°32.167 N / 76°37.367 W
      Location: located on Pantego Creek in Belhaven Harbor off the Pungo River
      Depths: 8 ft.
      Address: 332 E Water St
      Belhaven NC  27810

      Service Details:

      Transient dockage: Available, Dockage up to 150ft, haulout to 55ft, 75 ton railway
      Type of dockage: fixed wooden piers and face docks
      Live Aboards Allowed: no
      Dockside Power Connections: 30/50 amp power hookups available

      Dock. Fresh Water Connections: Available
      Showers: Available, Separate Men's/Women's Climate Controlled
      Laundromat: Available
      Restaurant: Fish Hooks Cafe, Spoon River, Ginger Bread Bakery
      Provisioning Possibilities: Hardware Store, Pharmacy, Library, Post Office, Restaurants, Coffee Shop

      Reviews from Cruisers (5)

      1. George & Rosemary Pinksten -  May 9, 2018 - 9:06 am

        We enjoyed a one night stay at this Marina on our 43’ Mainship. The GM, Brad, was most engaging and helpful from assisting with docking, providing transportation to get provisions for our boat to making dinner reservations at a fabulous local restaurant, The Spoon. The facilities were clean and sheltered from the rougher water. We would recommend this stop on your AICW Loop for sure! 5 STARS

        Reply to George
      2. Herb Seaton -  April 27, 2018 - 8:21 am

        I second the recommendation to stop at Bellhaven NC. There are several options for docking, FREE, or City @$1 foot or marinas outside, or my choice of Bellhaven Marina (252-944-0066 and they also take care of the $1 docks for the city). They have FREE washer/dryer/soap/dryer sheets/toilet paper/showers with fresh towels & soap/grills/scenic views! You are within a 5 minute walk of a big ACE hardware, Spoon River Artworks & Market restaurant (be sure to tell them to WAIT until after you’ve finished your salad to bring your entree), The Tavern w/music on weekends, Fish Hooks Cafe, Farm Boy’s restaurant (which it ain’t BUT have good short order food with a coded menu, and Georgie’s Sport & Oyster Bar (he helped tie me up in 20 mph wind when I came in, which could have been fun…. but wasn’t). This is a great place to spend a night or week in testy weather before you start up the Alligator River.
        Herb Seaton

        Reply to Herb
      3. Nick Civitillo -  February 1, 2018 - 9:20 am

        Belhaven Marina has recently changed ownership. Brad Condon and Gregg Baker (General Manager) leave nothing on the table. This is a first class smallish operation with expansion plans which when complete will add nearly 300 feet of additional dock space to this well run facility. Gregg has only one way and that’s “all in” when it comes to services. They treat you like you’re at home with rest rooms decorated like your own might look like at home, laundry is free like at home, and right off your boat the grounds make you feel like you’re sunning in your own backyard. Call before arriving and they’ll meet you at the dock to tie your boat up and hook up your utilities. No need for fenders, their entire dock system is lined with ball fenders.
        Nick Civitillo

        Reply to Nick
      4. Charles Hagen -  July 6, 2017 - 7:44 am

        Belhaven Marina is one of the best I’ve stayed at so far.
        I sailed into Belhaven Marina on the 4th of July just ahead of a storm. It’s an excellent Marina. The facility is very clean the staff is extremely welcoming. They are very accommodating to every need. I met the owners, Brad and Nicole Condon. Even though it was a 4th of July holiday it didn’t matter, Brad took me down to the store so that I could reprovision. Now THAT is unbelievable service and dedication.
        There are excellent local restaurants that are varied. There is an Ace Hardware nearby. There is plenty to do in Belhaven which is a small, patriotic community. All of this is quite affordable.
        This Marina is family owned and family run. You will get the care and respect that a family owned and family-run establishment brings.
        Brad helped me with my anchor chain problem and an assessment of what I have for anchoring. No charge.
        Laundry is free.
        Thanks Sandy LaMontagne !!!
        Charles Hagen

        Reply to Charles
      5. Charlie Ridley -  July 1, 2017 - 7:50 pm

        6-30-17. Here at Belhaven Waterway Marina- south of mm136. Left Coinjock– mm50 at 5:45am. Got here about 3:30 Gregg dock boss– very nice and competent. SW-S winds churned up entrance and marina, but Gregg had very large round fenders in place and knew just what to do to make us secure. Wind has died down and all OK- 9:10pm. Had supper at Spoon River– a MUST. Pricey but well worth it– Tammy served us with a smile. Ordered at double Jamisons and looked- and tasted – like almost a 4X!!! Even took picture of it as never seen that at any restaurant before. Had planned to leave tomorrow, but called Gregg and will stay another night. Easy for the dogs, , verizon strong. Dont know yet re pump out, cable, showers, etc- will find out tomorrow. Laundry free. No discounts. Takes Amex. Wifi is weak and spotty. About 15 over the air TV channels.

        7-1-17. Bath/shower very nice/clean. Soap dispensers full and clean towels for our use! Washer and dryer free, but washer takes 1 ½ hours. Dryer new and Gregg says washer to be replaced soon. Had lunch at Farm Boys right on corner at the marina- great burgers, etc. Careful- most shops opened at 10am and no restautrant opened before 5pm. Really nice place and will be made better soon but will keep the old charm it now has- according to the new owners. Definitely will make this a regular stop for us!

        Reply to Charlie
    • Belhaven Town Dock on Wynne’s Gut

      transient-dockpowerfresh-waterfoodpropane/natural gaswaste

      Basic Marina Information:

      Phone: 252-944-0066
      Statute Mile: 135.5
      Lat/Lon: Near 35°32.223 N / 76°37.354 W
      Location: lies in the charted cove indenting the northeastern shores of Pantego Creek, northwest of marker #9 and Belhaven Waterway Marina. Local hospital overlooks the opposite side of the cove from the city docks
      Depths: 6 ft.
      Address: 315 East Main Street
      Belhaven NC  27810

      Service Details:

      Transient dockage: Available, Maximum stay of three nights
      Transient dockage rate: $1.00 per foot per night
      Type of dockage: Facedock
      Live Aboards Allowed: no
      Total number of slips/berths: 4-5 spaces
      Dockside Power Connections: 30 amp power hookups available

      $5.00/per night - single 30 amp hookup
      Dock. Fresh Water Connections: Available, available
      Restaurant: several within walking distance
      Restaurant Recommendations:

      Fishooks (252-943-9948), Georgie’s Oyster Bar (252-943-2102)

      Provisioning Possibilities: Cruisers may be able to rent a marina golf cart at Belhaven Waterway Marina next door to facilitate a visit to Food Lion supermarket 2 miles away
      LPG (Propane) Availability: Available

      walk to nearby Riddick & Windley Ace Hardware (252-943-2205) for tank exchange, or propane tanks can be refilled six blocks walk away from marina at Amerigas Propane (252-943-3547)
      Waste pump-out: Available, $5.00 pumpout

      Reviews from Cruisers (8)

      1. Jim Murtha -  November 16, 2013 - 3:43 pm

        Stayed at Belhaven town docks 11/9/2013. The entrance is directly above the Waterway Marina. You must navigate between a group of old pilings to reach the long face dock. The first length of dock has a low wooden fence and we were told it is for short tie ups only (a pump out is in this area). As you continue in the basin there are electric & water connections. Looks like there may be space for five or six vessels. We saw depths at the seven and eight foot levels.
        Earlier we had attempted to phone the dock master but couldn’t contact anyone. Shortly after we finished docking the dock master came over and said we should expect a few more vessels and should be ready for tight quarters. The fee was $1.00/ft and included electric and water. Self operated pump out was via a $5.00 token. The dock master said the town had yet to post any signs or entrance aids at this dock.
        The docking was fine although no other vessels ever showed up. The dock master mentioned the “new free” docks so we thought we would check them out as we took a walking tour of town. We walked the river front all the way out of town till we reached a fenced commercial facility about 1/2 mile out of town. We took several grassy paths out towards the river but never located these new docks.
        The town itself appears a little down on its luck as though “its time had passed”. The few people we encountered on the street were friendly as was the dock master.
        Jim Murtha

        Reply to Jim
      2. Jim -  October 16, 2013 - 8:34 am

        WOW! People actually complaining about not getting a free dock?? Has anyone tried to get a permit for a dock lately? And why threaten to skip these small towns and not help them pay for the upkeep of their docks. Will you be happy when no shoreside facilities are available to us transients.

        Reply to Jim
      3. Danny Styons -  October 16, 2013 - 8:34 am

        I rode to Belhaven by car last Wednesday to check out the docks, as we were planning a trip and this was on our list of stops. Boy am I glad I did! There are no free docks down town. They are as you said 1.00 per foot plus power. The free docks are a long way from town. I have hard time calling these town docks. They are up a path I wouldn’t think about walking at night. The docks were completely covered with sea gull poop! No lights. I can not imagine someone staying at these docks. I would feel munch safer anchored. Our new plan is skip Belhaven.
        Danny Styons

        Reply to Danny
      4. Keith -  June 6, 2013 - 9:05 am

        There is power and water as well a pump out.
        At the very end of the main channel just before the bridge. Have to go in through a very small channel lined with rickety pilings. Looks improbable, but it is there. Wouldn’t have found it without the photos.

        Reply to Keith
      5. Mike and Gail Preston -  May 2, 2012 - 3:10 pm

        We stayed at the new town dock at Belhaven, NC this last week.
        Narrow entrance, but basin to turn around. Room for three to four boats depending on size. Tie to poles, no cleats. No water or power, No assistance unless someone is there.
        Right in the middle of town, short walk down to Georgies Sports and Oyster bar, where the seafood is great. Sitting at the bar the guys will shuck your steamed oysters. We rafted up to companion boat comfortably for the night.
        I would stay here again.
        Mike and Gail Preston

        Reply to Mike
      6. Keith and Joy Reising -  May 2, 2012 - 3:09 pm

        Belhaven has new town docks in the center of town with no fee ! No electric or pumpout for free but nice.
        The best seafood we have had in a long time is 4 blocks from the dock at Georgies in Belhaven. Georgies is a great value too.
        Keith and Joy Reising
        aboard “Great Mates II”
        44 Atlantic MY

        Reply to Keith
      7. Roger Hitchner -  March 12, 2012 - 3:57 pm

        Great News! I will make it a regular stop. And if there is any $$$ left over, how about installing a HarborCam so I can see from the waterway if there is room at the dock? Just asking.
        Roger Hitchner
        Painter, Hershine 41

        Reply to Roger
      8. S/V Faith -  March 12, 2012 - 3:57 pm

        Had the opportunity to be the first boat docked at the ‘New’ Bellhaven Town dock. Spent the night of 28 December there while aboard a Pearson 424… found pleanty of water for the 6′ draft. We took soundings in the dingy before we went in, and found 8′ all the way in (stay close to the old pilings). The entry channel has good water just stay in the middle until you see the new dock (near the hospital). Stayed the night with a friend on a Southern Cross 31 and were joined by another sailboat the next day. Local paper came out and officially pronounced the dock “open” (we made the front page).
        The dock was constructed with money from a grant, and while no signs are up now, there is to be a 24hour limit. Trash disposal is available, and there is a public restroom across the parking lot. Close to the hardware store, and restaurant… great stop!
        S/V Faith

        Reply to S/V
    • Belhaven Cooperage Town Dock

      transient-dockfoodpropane/natural gas

      Basic Marina Information:

      Phone: (252) 943-3055
      Statute Mile: 135.5
      Lat/Lon: Near 35°32.571 N / 76°37.784 W
      Location: found just upstream of Pantego Creek red marker #12 day marker and 100 yards to the north shore
      Depths: 7 ft.
      Address: 315 East Main Street
      Belhaven NC  27810

      Service Details:

      Transient dockage: Available, maximum stay of 72 hours
      Transient dockage rate: Free
      Live Aboards Allowed:
      Total number of slips/berths: 10
      Restaurant: five to six block walk into downtown Belhaven to reach multiple restaurants
      Restaurant Recommendations:

      Fishooks (252-943-9948), Georgie’s Oyster Bar (252-943-2102) (all in downtown Belhaven)

      Provisioning Possibilities: Walk six blocks to Belhaven Waterway Marina in downtown Belhaven where you may be able to rent a marina golf cart to facilitate a visit to Food Lion supermarket 2 miles away
      LPG (Propane) Availability: Available

      Walk six blocks to downtown Belhaven and visit Riddick & Windley Ace Hardware (252-943-2205) for tank exchange, or propane tanks can be refilled six blocks additional blocks away at Amerigas Propane (252-943-3547)

      Reviews from Cruisers (2)

      1. Walter Smith -  October 12, 2013 - 10:29 am

        We stopped in Belhaven last week and were somewhat disappointed in the new free docks. They are rather isolated and because there are no lights there, we were concerned about safety at night. Also completely covered in bird poo, so we decided to anchor instead. We did dinghy in and found that they have put in some really nice new restaurants. Perhaps the waterfront will make a come back. It is a shame that they didn’t put more thought into the new docks.

        Walter Smith
        s/v Salt Shaker

        Reply to Walter
      2. Danny Styons -  October 7, 2013 - 1:14 pm

        I rode to Belhaven by car last Wednesday to check out the docks, as we were planning a trip and this was on our list of stops. Boy am I glad I did! There are no free docks down town. They are as you said 1.00 per foot plus power. The free docks are a long way from town. I have hard time calling these town docks. They are up a path I wouldn’t think about walking at night. The docks were completely covered with sea gull poop! No lights. I can not imagine someone staying at these docks. I would feel munch safer anchored. Our new plan is skip Belhaven.
        Danny Styons

        Reply to Danny
    • River Forest Manor & Marina

      transient-dockpowerfresh-watershowerslaundryfoodgasdieselpropane/natural gaswastewifi

      Basic Marina Information:

      Phone: (252) 943-0030
      VHF: Monitored: 16         Working: 68
      Statute Mile: 136
      Lat/Lon: Near 35°31.916 N / 76°36.858 W
      Location: Located on the northeastern shore of Pantego Creek, just northwest of the Creek’s breakwater enclosed entrance
      Depths: 9 ft.
      Address: 738 E Main St
      Belhaven NC  27810
      Dockmaster: Henry Boyd III

      Service Details:

      Transient dockage: Available, daylight hours
      Transient dockage rate: $1.50 per foot per night, 10% discount to BoatUS, Waterway Guide, Cruisers and AGLCA
      Boat/US Dockage Discount: 10%
      Type of dockage: Fixed wooden slips and face docks
      Live Aboards Allowed: no
      Total number of slips/berths: 31, including 300 ft. of face dock
      Dockside Power Connections: 30/50/100 amp power hookups available

      $5.00/per night—30 amp power, $10.00/per night—50 amp power, $20.00/per night—100 amp power 10% discount to BoatUS, Waterway Guide, Cruisers and AGLCA
      Dock. Fresh Water Connections: Available
      Showers: Available, climate controlled
      Laundromat: Available, free
      Restaurant: Several within walking distance-three blocks
      Restaurant Recommendations:

      Spoon River Artworks and Market (252-945-3899), The Tavern at Jack's Neck (252-943-6100), Fish Hooks Cafe (252-943-9948), Farm Boy's Restaurant (252-943-3295). Georgie's Sport & Oyster Bar (252-943-2102), Gingerbread Bakery & O'Neals Snack Bar (252-944-0099)

      Provisioning Possibilities: Courtesy golf carts are available for guests to visit local grocer and convenience stores (Food Lion approx. 1.5 mi from Marina)
      LPG (Propane) Availability: Available

      Nearby, Riddick & Windley Ace Hardware (252-943-2205) and R&S 66 Service (252-943-2234)
      Wi-Fi Internet Access: Free Wifi Available, Complimentary
      Waste pump-out: Available, $10.00
      Gasoline and diesel fuel: Gas & Diesel Available

      Fuel Prices (All Taxes Included)

      Reporting Date: January 21, 2019
      Notes: Ethanol Free/87 Octane
      Gasoline Price: $3.20 (All Taxes Included)
      Diesel Fuel Price: $2.85 (All Taxes Included)
      Any Quantity Discount: Quantity discount begins at 300 gal
      ValvTect Dealer: Yes

      Reviews from Cruisers (11)

      1. Henry Boyd -  January 9, 2019 - 10:01 am

        River Forest wants to let everyone know that the repairs at the marina are complete and they are fully operational.
        Henry Boyd

        Reply to Henry
      2. Frank Mavronicolas -  October 28, 2016 - 1:08 pm

        Been stopping at River Forest for over 37 years. At first in sail boats and now with our Outer Reef 63. Have seen it at it’s best in the 70s and a bit run down in the late 90’s. Now with new owners and a huge investment the place is at its best once more. New electric, fuel lines, tanks updated and certified, and even new guest golf carts and a new managing partner Henry Boyd. Henry is super friendly and knows all the history of the town. I highly recommend it as a stop over. New phone # 2529430030.
        Frank Mavronicolas

        Reply to Frank
      3. Kathy and Rich Marx -  October 26, 2016 - 10:02 pm

        Stay at River Forest Marina on Oct. 25 was very pleasant, the facilities beautiful but basic, and Henry a stellar host. We had been unable to get a pump out on previous few nights. One location said they were full another was broken. Henry’s system requires two people to operate. Since he was on his own he called in extra help to assist with pump outs. The Chamber of delivered a welcome bag and the sunrise and sunset were amazing. Would definitely return.

        Reply to Kathy
      4. Emory Shover -  May 3, 2016 - 6:15 am

        Many upgrades since we were here a decade ago! Newly remodeled office with separate toilet/showers (new), free laundry with high-capacity washers and gas dryers! The new owner is making more improvements as time goes on. The manor has is totally renovated inside and out for special occasions. Worthy of pictures! Henry Boyd and Eddie will do everything to help your stay a pleasant one! Three golf carts for your use are a nice and fun touch! Fuel prices were very reasonable.
        Emory Shover

        Reply to Emory
      5. John Stevenson -  July 3, 2012 - 9:35 am

        Came into the marina on July 1 to get out of a 70kt thunderstorm. The storm produced an area-wide power outage and the owners and staff wanted to get home to deal with the outage. In spite of that they stayed at the dock, guided me in (first time in Bellhaven), and stayed until I was secure at the dock. They couldn’t offer any amenities as the power outage lasted for more 36 hours, but I was impressed with the level of personal service they provided.
        Agree, it’s not the prettiest marina I’ve been, but it definitely was a good port in a storm.


        Reply to John
      6. KJ -  June 7, 2012 - 6:45 pm

        Took 2 footers on the swim platty while berthed there and got no sleep. Lesson learned. Nice people, complimentary golf cart to go into town and decent wifi. Would stay there again, but not with an E SE or S blow.

        Reply to KJ
      7. Capt. Axson Smith Jr. -  April 4, 2012 - 3:47 pm

        The Restaurant will be reopening in July every nite serving steaks, seafood and a oyster bar. Yes the weddings will be offered as they have always been. I provided services for 11 weddings myself last year. It is not a fair statement to say boater will have to look elsewhere.
        New bathrooms were built in 2010. Many new improvements have been made on the docks. We also have new golfcarts and expanded wifi available on the pier.
        Capt. Axson Smith Jr.
        cell 252-945-5579

        Reply to Capt.
      8. S/V Footloose -  March 28, 2012 - 11:25 am

        While having my boat hauled out for a bottom job at the River Forest Shipyard, owner Axson Smith informed me that he had just sold the River Forest Manor (as of 3/19/2012) and ajoining grounds to a private party who intends to use it as an upscale wedding facility. So cruisers who have looked forward to this stop along the ICW for it’s restaurant and bar will need to look elsewhere from now on. The shipyard and TowBoat US services will continue as usual.
        “S/V Footloose”,
        Pungo Creek, NC

        Reply to S/V
      9. Ed Kroposki -  August 4, 2011 - 7:12 pm

        Came into marina during thunderstorm. Staff assisted with docking. They have very long fuel line. Cost a little pricey, but facility satisfactory.

        Reply to Ed
      10. Chris s/v/ Pelican -  August 4, 2009 - 10:34 pm

        We stayed here for one night and I’m very impressed with their customer service. On the phone, they were great. Then they had an incredibly well marked channel into their marina. The dockmaster was one of the nicest people I’ve met along the way. They also have free golf carts you can borrow to head to town, including a six person cart. The pool is small but clean. We didn’t use the laundry facilities. We never saw anything less than 8.5ft of water.

        Reply to Chris
      11. Claiborne Young -  July 24, 2009 - 10:51 am

        We stayed at River Forest Manor. The staff were friendly and helpful. The marina is in serious need of a facelift. The shower facilities were relatively clean. On a scale from 1-10 with 10 being able to eat off the floor I would give it a 6.5 or 7.
        It needs updating.
        The laundry room was more like a 3 but while the machines that worked were old, they are the big commercial type and I was able to throw all of my cockpit pillows/cushions in them………huge capacity.
        The marina is dog friendly. Pumpout was broken.
        We will probably stay at Dowry Creek on the way back.

        Reply to Claiborne
    • Pungo Creek Marina

      transient-dockpowerfresh-watershowerslaundrygasdieselpropane/natural gaswifi

      Basic Marina Information:

      Phone: (252) 964-3777
      Statute Mile: 136
      Lat/Lon: Near 35°30.884 N / 76°39.057 W
      Location: flanks the northern shores of Pungo Creek, just west of charted Vale Creek
      Depths: 6 ft.
      Address: 1056 Hubs Rec Rd
      Belhaven NC  27810

      Service Details:

      Transient dockage: Available
      Transient dockage rate: $29.00 flat rate
      Type of dockage: fixed wooden slips
      Live Aboards Allowed: yes
      Total number of slips/berths: 48
      Dockside Power Connections: 30/50 amp power hookups available

      Dock. Fresh Water Connections: Available
      Showers: Available
      Laundromat: Available
      Provisioning Possibilities: Marina staff can sometimes provide transportation to Food Lion several miles away
      LPG (Propane) Availability: Available

      Marina staff can sometimes provide transportation into Belhaven to Riddick & Windley Ace Hardware (252-943-2205), where LPG tanks can be exchanged, or to Amerigas Propane (252-943-3547) where propane tanks can be refilled
      Wi-Fi Internet Access: Free Wifi Available
      Gasoline and diesel fuel: Gas & Diesel Available

      Fuel Prices (All Taxes Included)

      Reporting Date: January 24, 2019
      Notes: discount for cash/ethanol free
      Gasoline Price: Call marina for fuel prices
      Diesel Fuel Price: Call marina for fuel prices

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