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    • Sebastian River Marina & Boat Yard

      transient-dockpowerfresh-watergasdieselpropane/natural gaswastewifi

      Basic Marina Information:

      Phone: (772) 664-3029
      Statute Mile: 934
      Lat/Lon: Near 27°52.373 N / 80°29.780 W
      Location: entry channel cuts to the west, south of AICW marker #55
      Depths: 4 ft.
      Address: 8525 US-1
      Sebastian,  FL   32976

      Service Details:

      Transient Dockage:Available.
      Transient Dockage Rate:$1.75 per foot per night
      Type of dockage:concrete floating docks
      Live Aboards Allowed:no
      Total number of slips/berths:25
      Dockside Power Connections:30/50 amp power hookups available
      30/50 Amp Notes:$6.00/per night - 30 amp hookup, $10.00/per night - 50 amp hookup
      Dock. Fresh Water Connections:Available.
      Restaurant Recommendations:Coastal Cravings, Marina Cafe
      Provisioning Possibilities:Take taxi to Winn Dixie or Publix supermarket 2 miles away
      LPG (Propane) Availability:Available. walk to BP convenience store for LPG tank exchange 1/2 mile away and/or RV repair shop for LPG tank refill 4 miles away
      Waste pump-out:Available. $5.00 per pumpout
      Wi-Fi Internet Access:Free WiFi Available
      Fuel Availability:Gas & Diesel Available
      Fuel Notes:ethanol free

      Fuel Prices (All Taxes Included)

      Reporting Date:July 13, 2020
      Fuel Notes:ethanol free
      Gasoline Price:$3.61 (All Taxes Included)
      Diesel Price:$2.77 (All Taxes Included)
      Other Discount:Available. Have a membership with marina-10 cents off per gallon
      Any Boat/US Discount:Available. 10 cents off per gallon
      Any SeaTow Discount:Available. 10 cents off per gallon

      Reviews from Cruisers (3)

      1. Angela Guilford -  July 13, 2020 - 9:38 am

        Horrible experience. I purchased a boat there in early March 2020 and my youngest daughter and I traveled to pick it up and sail from there. Unfortunately, when I arrived the boat needed a repair (broken steering cables and other related steering related parts) We agreed to stay in the marina and repair the boat there and we paid for a slip for the entire month. Our plans were to repair the boat and enjoy sailing there locally for the rest of the month. We loved the marina, the local area, and really enjoyed staying there (at first). We loved the area so much that we planned to come back in the fall for another month. My husband came on the weekend and determined what parts were needed and ordered them, came the next weekend and installed them, and then ordered (overnight) the remaining parts needed to complete the repair. The owner Doug had became panicked over the covid-19 virus spreading into Florida and begin to act very unreasonable. He was rude, bullying, and and falsely accused us of not even repairing our boat. I was in total shock at his rude and hostile behavior, since the boat repair had already been 90% completed, with additional parts having been ordered and sent overnight, and had in fact just arrived at the marina and were sitting in the office. He sent a representative, Trevor Brackston, former local law enforcement, later that day to tell me that my disabled daughter I were being thrown out of the marina immediately, without notice and if we didn't leave that the police would come and our boat will be impounded. Keep in mind that this was approximately the 20th of March and we were fully paid until the end of the month. Incidentally, he let the other people there stay, allowed new boats to come into the marina, and continued to let many groups of people come in to use their boats, right next to us, with no group size limit. The experience with the owner was bizarre, insulting, and terrifying, all at the same time. Because we had already paid in advance for the entire month, we eventually agreed (coerced, with threat of arrest) to leave immediately after repair and he would refund ALL our money (Doug's suggestion, not mine) in addition his representative said that he PERSONALLY would guarantee that my money would be returned by Doug, or he would return my money himself, which hasn't happened, either. The threat of being arrested, which would leave my disabled daughter there alone, and having my boat impounded was terrifying. The owner was not there on the weekend when we left and they never have refunded our money, despite contacting them multiple times. Unethical and dishonorable. Beautiful location. Great marina and employees. It's a real shame the owner's behavior was so bizarre and horrifying. I can understand the fear of the virus and the fear of the unknown but even considering those factors the owner's behavior was bizarre, horrifying, unethical and dishonorable. We were inexperienced sailors and were forced out into 25+ mile per hour head winds, in a small sailing vessel. Winds had been extremely high all week, often exceeding 30 miles per hour, and continued for several days. Again, horrifying experience. I wouldn't wish it on anyone. The sad thing is that it could easily have been so different. Fear, ignorance, ego, indifference, and arrogance are a terrible combination. Fortunately, the trip was uneventful and we arrived home safely.

        Edit:. I meant to add that we were healthy and did not have the virus and still have not had it even months later. This horrible experience was completely unnecessary I should not have happened.

        Reply to Angela
      2. Neil Woodside -  January 8, 2018 - 10:33 am

        I am currently staying in this yard and have done so several times in recent years. There is no pumpout available now or in recent years. Entry channel depths are more like 5.5’+; we draw 5′ and have come and gone without difficulty. However, wind tides here can vary depths by 2′ or more. We have been here three weeks with no wifi/internet but they say problem is temporary. Winn Dixie is 0.9 miles away, Publix is 2.5 miles away.

        Reply to Neil
      3. Bill Charleston -  November 20, 2013 - 7:22 pm

        I heard boatyard and thought bad things immediately. Yes it is a boat yard but Doug (owner) was a friendly host. We have a 21 foot beam CAT which made turning in the basin a challenge but several people came out to help us tie up. Happy Hour just north of there (5 minute walk) and it was a great visit. Rest rooms were clean and MUCH better than the boat yard I usual go to.

        Reply to Bill
      4. Jill Balleh -  November 8, 2010 - 10:35 pm

        The depths at Sebastian River Marina are not posted correctly. They are 6 foot not 3. We draw 4’10” and had no problems. The channel is well marked and the marina is protected and calm. The owner, Doug, was delightful to do business with and very accommodating. He gave us transportation to dinner and made sure we had a ride back. Very informative, funny and a pleasure. I would highly recommend this marina. This website should correct the depths.
        Captain Jill Balleh

        Reply to Jill
    • Sebastian Inlet Marina

      transient-dockpowerfresh-watershowersfoodpropane/natural gaswastewifi

      Basic Marina Information:

      Phone: (772) 664-8500
      VHF: Monitored: 16         Working: 68
      Statute Mile: 938
      Lat/Lon: Near 27°49.615 N / 80°28.315 W
      Location: lies west of AICW marker #66
      Depths: 4 ft.
      Address: 8685 US-1
      Micco,  FL   32976

      Service Details:

      Transient Dockage:Available.
      Transient Dockage Rate:$1.75 per foot per night
      Type of dockage:concrete floating docks
      Live Aboards Allowed:no
      Total number of slips/berths:25
      Dockside Power Connections:30/50 amp power hookups available
      30/50 Amp Notes:$6.00/per night - 30 amp hookup, $10.00/per night - 50 amp hookup
      Dock. Fresh Water Connections:Available.
      Restaurant Recommendations:Chubby Mullet
      Provisioning Possibilities:3/4 mile to Winn Dixie
      LPG (Propane) Availability:Available. 3/4 mile to Winn Dixie
      Waste pump-out:Available. $5.00 for pumpout
      Wi-Fi Internet Access:Free WiFi Available, available at docks
      Fuel Availability:No Fuel Available

      Reviews from Cruisers (2)

      1. Captains Mike and Mary Dickens -  June 27, 2013 - 9:59 am

        We stayed at the Sebastian Inlet Marina at mile marker 934.3. The channel is very narrow and the marina offers no protection from an easterly wind. The channel in the marina is narrow requiring one to back out to depart. Depths along side the floating docks was about 6 feet.
        We decided to fill up with fuel before going to our assigned slip. The wind was out of the north which was not a good thing given the location of their fuel dock. It made docking tricky but we got it. We also stayed at the fuel dock for the night so we wouldn’t have to deal with the high winds. Today we will leave at first light again; hopefully dealing with light winds.
        The baths were excellent.[but] I would NEVER take a 40 foot plus sized boat into this marina ever again.
        Captains Mike and Mary Dickens

        Reply to Captains
      2. David Soule -  May 11, 2012 - 7:05 am

        Cruising News:
        We want to share with the cruising community a great place in Sebastian, Florida to use as a stopover and dinghy shore access point. Capt Hiram’s Resort at AICW MM 938 has a marina that is our favorite place in this area to anchor off of and dinghy into. For some time now they have allowed us to pay for transient dockage for our dinghy at the very fair rate of 25$ a week or 100$ a month. This gives us use of the docks for our dinghy, and use of the showers, the pool and the parking lot. The staff is very friendly and helpful. Within a mile is a Walmart, an Ace Hardware, and a large RV supply store with good prices.
        We anchor just south of their entrance sign on the west side of the channel in 6′ of water (we draw 4′).with good holding in marl.
        Capt Hiram’s also has on their entrance sign that they will come out and bring you in to the restaurant with their water taxi if you’ll call on Ch 16 after anchoring.
        On site also with their excellent restaurant is a sand bar with live music most nights and concerts most weekends. It’s a very fun spot done up like a Bahamian beach bar including a ships lifeboat to add to the seating.
        Try it, you’ll like it! Here’s their website ,
        David Soule

        Reply to David
    • LoggerheadMarina – Vero Beach

      transient-dockpowerpowerpowerfresh-watershowerslaundrygasdieselValvTechpropane/natural gaswasteonSpot WiFi

      Basic Marina Information:

      Phone: (772) 770-4470
      VHF: Monitored: 16         Working: 68
      Statute Mile: 948.5
      Lat/Lon: Near 27°41.519 N / 80°23.692 W
      Location: located west and a bit south of AICW marker #122
      Depths: 8 ft.
      Address: 1221 Marina Village Cir
      Vero Beach,  FL   32967
      General Manager: Stephen Haigis

      Service Details:

      Transient Dockage:Available.
      Transient Dockage Rate:$2.00 per foot, per night,
      Boat/US Dockage Discount:Available. 20 cent discount for transients
      SeaTow Dockage Discount:Available. 20 cent discount
      Type of dockage:fixed wooden slips and face docks
      Live Aboards Allowed:no
      Monthly Dockage Rate:$15.50 /monthly rate $14.00 5+ months
      Monthly Dockage Rate Notes:Long Term dockage $13.00/ft
      Total number of slips/berths:126
      Dockside Power Connections:30 amp power hookups available
      30 Amp Notes:long term metered
      50 Amp Notes:long term metered
      30/50 Amp Notes:$7.00/per night - 30 amp hookup, $10.00/per night - 50 amp hookup
      Dock. Fresh Water Connections:Available.
      Showers:Available. Climate Controlled
      Laundromat:Available. yes $1.75
      Swimming Pool:Available. heated
      Restaurant:1 mile away
      Provisioning Possibilities:Ship's store, Publix -1 mile away, loaner bikes on site
      LPG (Propane) Availability:Available. Publix for refill 1 miie away or take loaner bicycles for LPG tank refill
      Waste pump-out:Available. $5.00 per pumpout
      Wi-Fi Internet Access:Free WiFi Available
      Fuel Availability:Gas & Diesel Available
      Fuel Notes:ethanol free/90 octane

      Fuel Prices (All Taxes Included)

      Reporting Date:July 13, 2020
      Fuel Notes:ethanol free/90 octane
      Gasoline Price:$3.00/90 octane (All Taxes Included)
      Diesel Price:$2.50 (All Taxes Included)
      Other Discount:Available. long term renters-15 cent per gallon
      Any Boat/US Discount:Available. 10 cents per gallon
      Any SeaTow Discount:Available. 10 cents per gallon
      ValvTect Dealer:Yes ValvTech

      Reviews from Cruisers (5)

      1. Ted Davis -  July 30, 2015 - 5:04 pm

        Nice Marina great staff and big help from local marine repair firm Greg Burkey Marine aka

        Reply to Ted
      2. Mo -  February 20, 2014 - 3:08 pm

        I have a report on the Vero Loggerhead. We are in the “Loggerhead Club” for a month and Vero was a spotless very well run marina. Steve, the Dockmaster/Manager runs a super marina. Publix and a CVS, Walgreens, Brooklyn Water Bagel, Asian House and a nail salon and barber and hair salon are all an easy 3/4 bike ride. The biking is fantastic in the Great Harbor Development (which is where the marina is located). The pool is immaculate and the boaters lounge and bathrooms are spotless. Great washer dryers at $1.25 a load. Those are the BIG pluses. The only drawbacks – to get to restaurants you really need a vehicle. You can bike to the Riverside which is about 4.5 miles away but it’s not a friendly ride – some side walked and a lot not, so you are on a highway. The marina is so nice, many folks wondered why they didn’t have a little tiki bar set up (to overcome the restaurant issue) and a spa. There is room for it for sure. The owners should consider this – it’s not a huge investment and will make it a more fun spot to stay a full season.
        Again, spotless, well run marina with a staff that is fantastic! We’ll be back!
        Mo s/v Mi Amante

        Reply to Mo
      3. Stephen Haigis -  July 7, 2013 - 5:25 pm

        Subject: New Groceries at Loggerhead Vero
        Date: Fri, 24 May 2013 17:25:35 +0000
        A new Publix has opened 3/4 of mile from our docks. We have loaner bikes for boaters. Restaurants are also being built.
        Transient boaters welcome!
        Stephen Haigis
        Harbor Master
        Loggerhead Marina – Vero Beach

        Reply to Stephen
      4. Stephen Haigis -  February 9, 2012 - 11:35 am

        Very clean marina. Always uniformed staff ready to help. They have one of the best hurricain holes on the east coast. New Pulbix’ opening in Sept. 2012 1/2 mile away. They have reduced rates for seasonal and monthly visitors.

        Reply to Stephen
      5. Tom Mayo -  August 29, 2010 - 8:42 pm

        Liveaboards not welcome…

        Reply to Tom
    • Vero Beach Yacht Club


      Basic Marina Information:

      Phone: (772) 231-2211
      Statute Mile: 952
      Lat/Lon: Near 27°39.423 N / 80°22.179 W
      Location: lies on the eastern shores of Bethel Creek, moving northeast and north from the Vero Beach/Merrill Barber, high-rise bridge, south of marker #139
      Address: 3601 Rio Vista Blvd
      Vero Beach,  FL   32963

      Service Details:

      Dockside Power Connections:30 amp power hookups available
      Dock. Fresh Water Connections:Available.
      Restaurant:dining room on-site and others nearby
      Wi-Fi Internet Access:Not Available
      Fuel Availability:No Fuel Available

      Be the first to review!

    • Vero Beach Municipal Marina


      Basic Marina Information:

      Phone: (772) 978-4960
      VHF: Monitored: 16         Working: 66A
      Statute Mile: 952
      Lat/Lon: Near 27°39.461 N / 80°22.202 W
      Location: located on the eastern shores of Bethel Creek, moving northeast and north from the Vero Beach/Merrill Barber high-rise bridge and northeast of marker #139
      Depths: 6.5 ft.
      Address: 3611 Rio Vista Blvd
      Vero Beach,  FL   32963
      General Manager: Tim Grabenbauer

      Service Details:

      Transient Dockage:Available.
      Transient Dockage Rate:$1.90 per foot, per night, $10.90-weekly, $15.85-monthly, $16.25 daily ,mooring, $3.57 per foot per night, $48.72 monthly for mooring liveaboard
      Type of dockage:fixed and floating wooden and concrete decked, slips and face docks
      Live Aboards Allowed:yes
      Live Aboard Notes:All long term & monthly must be approved by harbor masterlong term rate-$10,50-$11.00/ft
      Monthly Dockage Rate:$14.50/ft
      Total number of slips/berths:96
      Dockside Power Connections:30/50 amp power hookups available
      30/50 Amp Notes:$5.00/per night - 30 amp hookup, $8.00/per night - 50 amp hookup
      Dock. Fresh Water Connections:Available.
      Showers:Available. Climate Controlled
      Restaurant:several within walking distance
      Restaurant Recommendations:Riverside Cafe (772-234-5550), Ocean Grill (better than 1 mile away on the beach, 772-231-5409), Caseys Place (breakfast, better than 1 mile away, 772-231-4790)
      Provisioning Possibilities:Take free bus service that comes right by the marina and will take you to local supermarkets Publix and Fresh Market about 3 miles away and shopping centers
      Waste pump-out:Available.
      Wi-Fi Internet Access:Free WiFi Available
      Fuel Availability:Gas & Diesel Available
      Fuel Notes:ethanol free/premium

      Fuel Prices (All Taxes Included)

      Reporting Date:June 29, 2020
      Fuel Notes:ethanol free/premium
      Gasoline Price:$2.89 (All Taxes Included)
      Diesel Price:$2.29 (All Taxes Included)
      ValvTect Dealer:Yes ValvTech

      Reviews from Cruisers (11)

      1. Steve Parnell -  March 31, 2019 - 4:25 pm

        No discounts as listed…straight $3.10/gallon.

        [Editor’s note: This has been confirmed. No discounts while the marina awaits a new computer system.]

        Reply to Steve
      2. Sonny Reeves -  July 1, 2014 - 3:43 pm

        Tucked in at Vero Beach Marina. A very nice city marina with fuel and amenities we liked. The beach is a short bike ride away. Dock master and crew very helpful and accommodating.
        Sonny Reeves

        Reply to Sonny
      3. Kat -  December 27, 2011 - 10:52 am

        We stayed on a shared mooringball in Vero beach about 3 weeks ago and although had planned to stay for 2 days left after one night because of voracious no seeums ! Unfortunately the people moored alongside us said bugs were not a problem so we did not use nets or take precautions until too late ending up with up to 50 bites each. I must add that we have stayed before in a more breezy location and not had a problem.

        Reply to Kat
      4. Mike and Tammy -  March 31, 2011 - 5:43 pm

        Vero Beach:Nice marina. Big cruising commuity. Call early if you are going peak season. They have a free bus that goes to shopping areas.
        Mike and Tammy

        Reply to Mike
      5. James & Gloria Crawford -  March 24, 2011 - 11:35 am

        We just spent 5 days in Vero Beach mooring field. Our original plan was for two days, but Vero Beach was just wonderful and we stayed 3 extra days. The staff was friendly and helpful and the long term residents were delightful. There is a bus that runs in front of the Marina.
        We did lock our dinghy when we were gone for the day, but we do that where ever we go.
        The Vero Beach Yacht Club and US Power Squadron are located next door to the Marina. The Power Squadron was having a party and the guys yelled to our boat to “come on over!”
        James & Gloria Crawford

        Reply to James
      6. Ted Jones -  January 20, 2011 - 10:46 am

        We decided to take a slip at Vero Beach Municipal Marina for the night so we could get organized, do laundry, take showers, and leave packed bags ashore in the rental car we will pick up tomorrow.
        Vero Beach is a great destination and very popular. The heads and showers are good, as is the laundry, and the city provides free bus service from the marina (and elsewhere) to such important stops as West Marine and Publix.
        Ted Jones

        Reply to Ted
      7. Captain Jane -  December 27, 2010 - 3:49 pm

        Here is your 2010/2011 season update on Vero Beach City Marina. This AICW Cruisers Mecca is hopping. While you can sometimes get a mooring ball for yourself, boats are doubled and tripled up on
        mooring balls as I type this, a vessel spent the night at the fuel dock and one boat is heading to a mooring after two at the dock because a previous reservation bumped her. If you want a slip ($1.50 a foot), we recommend you reserve at least several days in advance.

        The social life on shore has changed just a bit, so here’s a summary of how it appears to be for the moment.

        1. Weekly Cruisers Breakfast hosted by Vero Beach’s CLOD (Cruisers Living on Dirt) continues on Wednesday mornings at 8 at 2002 restaurant (the Publix stop on the free Vero Beach GoLine shuttle bus.)
        2. Thursday Night Is Happy Hour, bring your own beverage and bring an appetizer to share at the picnic area near the main dinghy dock. I think this begins at 4:30 PM; there are signs in the cruisers lounge. If you are a musician, bring an instrument. It was hopping this past Thursday.
        3. Free GoLine Shuttle Bus seems to have more routes than ever. Note that the stop at Publix has changed — it no longer stops right in front of this reprovisioning gift to cruisers, but it’s only a short walk across the parking lot. Ask the driver to point to the new return spot just across from where you get out. The GoLine bus stop sign is still in front of the Publix, but don’t let that fool you — or so we were told.
        4. Free Wifi now at Vero Beach Municipal Marina — but it’s a little peripatetic at the moment. Yachtspots is gone and the city marina is in the process of upgrading and installing high speed wifi. The staff may ask you to limit your heavy internet use to the hours of 7 PM to 7 AM until the full upgrades are in. When they are up and running, the high speed signal should reach all the way to the most Northern moorings. Ask for the pass code and current status at the office. For now, easy on the Skype and hold back on Netflix streaming during office hours. 😉
        5. Farmer’s Market on Saturdays. The 10 AM GoLine Shuttle will take you there and pick you up an hour later. Or you can walk. It’s a pleasant 20 minute stroll there and a little less pleasant on the way back if while shopping you forgot you will be walking back.
        6. Recycling is gone, temporally, we hope! Most cruisers want recycling and value marinas who offer it. From what I have learned, recycling is expensive and the marinas need our help to make it work. Most of us do it right, but it only takes a few to muck it up and it seems some transients have created a problem at Vero which the marina is earnestly trying to resolve. The staff is trying to come up with a way to train cruisers into behaving so that recycling can resume. It seems that some transients, particularly in the summer, have been dumping garbage in the recycling containers and the recycling company did not have the time or person power to sort through the garbage. The marina staff, out of personal commitment to recycling, then set up their own bins and tried marking them really clearly — but then they experienced personally why the recycling company gave up. So, please urge your fellow boaters to behave. Marina staff asked me to ask folks also to please, please, please honor the recycling of oil rules; they collect $1 for disposal and it truly costs them more in labor and fees to provide this important environmental service. Please don’t mix anti-freeze in with the oil or other contaminants as it slaps the marina with a huge bill later in the process. Also, please don’t skirt the rules and dump used oil by the trash or outside the trash bins. Those who tuck in their oil-related trash between the bins and the doorrs create opportunity for costly and time-consuming cleanup when the trash area doors are opened and everything topples over.
        Captain Jane
        S/V Lady Jane

        Reply to Captain
      8. Capt. Sterling -  April 28, 2010 - 11:56 am

        They don’t call it “Velco Beach” for nothing! Careful, must be one of the best mooring faciities in Florida! Has it all, including free transportation!

        Reply to Capt.
      9. Beverly Feiges -  February 11, 2010 - 2:25 pm

        I too have enjoyed Vero, and the Art Museum, and the very nice restaurant on the beach at the end of this same Main Street. It also gets my OK as a mooring field because it is one of the few that can handle our 60 foot boat. So many former anchorage areas in the NE. are filled with moorings, very few of which can accommodate us, making it a lose-lose situation.
        Beverly Feiges

        Reply to Beverly
      10. Howard Means -  November 19, 2009 - 8:07 am

        I visited Vero Beach a year ago and consider it a must stop. They have very inexpensive moorings and expect you to raft other boats. The city busses are free and you can get anywhere. Easy shopping. Excellant thrift stores near West Marine. The showers and laundry are excellant. A great stop to prepare for the Bahamas.
        Howard M.

        Reply to Howard
      11. Larry V -  July 23, 2009 - 1:32 pm

        We also stayed in the mooring field at Vero Beach. They also have slips but I think you need to call ahead. Again you can walk or bike to the beaches or all over the town. They have plenty of dingy docks. Buss service is free and you can get to all major stores by buss. The drivers were very helpful and again very welcoming to cruisers.
        Larry V
        M/V Lauren Grace

        Reply to Larry
    • Safe Harbor Harbortown Marina

      transient-dockpowerfresh-watershowerslaundryfoodgasdieselValvTechpropane/natural gaswastewifi

      Basic Marina Information:

      Phone: (772) 466-7300
      Statute Mile: 965
      Lat/Lon: Near 27°28.073 N / 80°19.702 W
      Location: found on the northern banks of Taylor Creek, which cuts into the AICW’s western flank, south of marker #184
      Depths: 6 ft.
      Address: 1936 Harbortown Dr
      Fort Pierce,  FL   34946

      Service Details:

      Transient Dockage:Available.
      Transient Dockage Rate:$1.85 per foot per night (for slips), $2.00 per foot per night (for facedock)
      Boat/US Dockage Discount:Available. 25 cent per night, per foot discount
      Type of dockage:fixed and floating wooden slips and face docks
      Live Aboards Allowed:yes
      Total number of slips/berths:340
      Dockside Power Connections:30/50/100 amp power hookups available
      30/50/100 Amp Notes:$7.00/per night - 30 amp hookup, $10.00/per night - $15.00 - 50 amp hookup , $30.00/per night - 100 amp hookup
      Dock. Fresh Water Connections:Available.
      Showers:Available. Climate Controlled
      Swimming Pool:Available.
      Restaurant:on-site and others nearby
      Restaurant Recommendations:Harbor Cove Restaurant on-site (772-429-5303), Touch of Brooklyn (1/4 mile away, 772-467-1113)
      Provisioning Possibilities:Publix supermarket 1/4 mile away, courtesy bikes available
      LPG (Propane) Availability:Available. CVS Pharmacy for LPG tank exchange 1 block away
      Waste pump-out:Available. free, $5.00 if not staying overnight
      Wi-Fi Internet Access:Free WiFi Available
      Fuel Availability:Gas & Diesel Available
      Fuel Notes:mid grade/ethanol free

      Fuel Prices (All Taxes Included)

      Reporting Date:July 13, 2020
      Fuel Notes:mid grade/ethanol free
      Gasoline Price:$2.99 (All Taxes Included)
      Diesel Price:$2.40 (All Taxes Included)
      Any Quantity Discount:Available. 15 cents off per gallon-1,000 gallons or more
      Any Boat/US Discount:Available. 10 cents per gallon
      ValvTect Dealer:Yes ValvTech

      Reviews from Cruisers (13)

      1. Douglass -  November 25, 2015 - 5:34 pm

        This marina is reasonably priced, clean and well managed. The staff is very friendly and always willing to help. The best part is they care. You can tell by how clean everything is. And if something is broken, they fix it!

        Reply to Douglass
      2. Still Clueless -  November 16, 2015 - 7:46 pm

        Awesome restaurant and tiki bar at the marina! WiFi was so/so even being docked in front of the marina office! Advertisement stated that they have loaner bikes for transients…. they had one that was working. Different pricing for being on the wall vs. in a slip…. found this weird and backwards! More expensive to be exposed? Also had to listen to the bar noise and pay more? ASK to be in a slip!! Less per foot!! No grass for dogs….. all area’s that were green had signs for NO DOG WALKING. Strange place, but the tiki bar was the bomb! 🙂

        Reply to Still
      3. John Pholeric -  April 9, 2014 - 2:18 pm

        We stayed there after a long day south. The marina is very large, and we were on the face dock. The people were friendly and helpful, and Publix is close. The wifi is not worth trying. I was with tech support which I quit after an hour with no results. I was told there are 4 transmitters and ours was “not well” although the office acknowledged it has never worked well. Overall, I would return.
        John Pholeric

        Reply to John
      4. Jeff and Brenda -  March 28, 2013 - 2:35 pm

        We have been at Harbortown since early December and have loved it. The staff is always friendly, helpful and accomodating. The facilities are nice, clean and are being constantly maintained. The new bathrooms and laundry facilities are very nice. The work area at the pavillion has been very helpful.
        The monthly potlucks encourage socializing and gatherings on the dock are common. Harbortown is a great community.
        Jeff and Brenda

        Reply to Jeff
      5. Kemper -  October 24, 2012 - 1:30 pm

        We are spending 3 months at Harbortown marina in Fort Pierce. It is a very well run marina and has some features that Loopers will like:
        Heated pool
        New laundry and shower facilities
        Boaters lounge w/ exercise room
        WiFi and basic cable
        Publix and West Marine a couple blocks away
        Marine Connection warehouse a mile away
        Travel lift and repair on site

        Reply to Kemper
      6. John Gill -  October 24, 2012 - 1:26 pm

        Another excellent marina to over winter in Florida is Harbortown Marina in Ft. Pierce. It is the only “fresh water” marina on the East Coast of Florida (a fresh water creek runs through the marina and out into the ICW). Full service boat yard next door if you need any work done. Nice facility with clean bath house, laundry, excellent restaurant on premises, good pool, floating docks, etc.
        John Gill, Two J’s V

        Reply to John
      7. Max Miller -  April 20, 2012 - 10:55 am

        Stayed here April 7 -8, 2012. We have friends here and tied up near the end of the pier, close to the trees on the cigar-shaped island that separates the marina from the canal. If you react to no-see-ums as my wife does, use muchas bug spray.
        This marina has fixed docks but there is no tide here thanks to NASA who built a lock system to keep the sea off their property.
        Manatee frequent the marina and gators and sharks have been spotted.
        Watch your speed as you approach the Christa McAuliffe Bridge, (the tenders offensively call it the “Rt 3 bridge” saving 3 whole syllables). The tender might scold you and tell you that you are too late for the opening for which you were on time. She also doesn’t seem to monitor 9 until you are approaching and scold you for not calling sooner.
        There is a friendly group of live-aboards here and dock parties happen frequently.
        Currently, they are running a $0.75 per night (two nights only) special.
        Max Miller

        Reply to Max
      8. max miller -  April 19, 2012 - 1:54 pm

        We stayed here April 1st 2012 and had a pleasant stay. We were assigned a fixed pier across from the gas dock. It was long enough to go bow-in an still step off our 32 footer from just forward of the cockpit.

        There is a West Marine, a liquor store, and grocery within (uphill) walking distance. The restaurant/bar is frequented by locals and live-aboards but closes early (after my bedtime).

        They have wifi that we could access from our boat but you have to create an identity and password to get started with it.

        We have been here before and were surprised to discover that a tidal current moves through the marina. To avoid embarrassment (nuff said), check for current when casting off lines.

        Reply to max
      9. Tim Benner -  March 12, 2012 - 10:40 am

        I was in Ft. Pierce in June, 2011 and shopped price at Harbourtown Marina and the City Marina. At that time Harbourtown Marina was significantly higher in price. I like the Marina and hope that they have gotten more competitively priced since then.
        Tim Benner

        Reply to Tim
      10. Ian MacInnis -  February 27, 2012 - 9:31 am

        We have just finished a three month stay at Harbourtown and it was great. The marina has just had a major refit with all new pilings and decks, so it is a solid place to dock. It is very sheltered; even in a hard blow the water only ripples. The bathrooms are kept clean. We have a very large golden retreiver, and it was no problem to have him there, for it is dog friendly. A few miles away on North Hutchison Island is a wonderful ocean beach where our dog could swim and run. The Fort Pierce inlet is very close to the marina (20 min.) so it was fantastic for us to day sail as we got to know our boat – we are new sailers. The yacht services seem to be well run if you need work done, and finally the dockmaster, Dan, and his crew are very friendly and helpful.

        Reply to Ian
      11. HB Koern -  April 14, 2010 - 9:19 pm

        I left my boat here while visiting friends in Vero Beach. The cost for the slip, with power (monthly rate) was the same as staying at a mooring at Vero Beach Municipal Marina. Of course, this only works if you have access to a car. Great staff, nice restaurant, and yes, the docks do need some attention. If you look at an unprotected piling (most are wrapped with some material that hide the damage), you wonder how they stand up to the stress.
        HB Koern

        Reply to HB
      12. Pete & Mary Ann -  January 24, 2010 - 12:32 pm

        We left our boat here for over 6 weeks to return home for holidays before heading south. Yes, the docks are in need of some maintenance, but we had no problems and the staff is very nice. Very good protection from the wind/waves due to mangroves on the East side of the basin. If you need a diver, recommend Mike Bovis at cell 215-205-3875. We also had some electroncs work done and recommend Jim Rinehart at cell 772-696-3548. Lastly, the Grill Refill for propane at 772-489-6899.
        Pete & Mary Ann
        s/v MicMac

        Reply to Pete
      13. Stephanie DiBelardino -  November 26, 2009 - 10:23 pm

        Nov, 2009: Convenient to Publix, West Marine and small restaurants. Marina definitely has maintenance problems, and it makes me wonder if the lack of maintenance isn’t part of a larger financial problem. Our boat was damaged because an improperly installed cleat gave way — and for 5 days we were back and forth with the management as to negotiations on payment for the repairs, the car rental expense to bring the damaged boarding door to be repaired, and the slip from the time of damage until the repaired door was returned. Not a pleasant stay and will NEVER return.

        Reply to Stephanie
    • Causeway Cove Marina

      showerslaundryonSpot WiFi

      Basic Marina Information:

      Phone: (772) 242-3552
      Statute Mile: 965
      Lat/Lon: Near 27°27.436 N / 80°18.763 W
      Location: Causeway Cove is east of the Indian River channel immediately south of the 65ft fixed bridge connecting Causeway Island with downtown Fort Pierce
      Address: 601 Seaway Dr
      Fort Pierce,  FL   34949
      General Manager: Steve Haigis

      Service Details:

      Live Aboards Allowed:no
      Total number of slips/berths:198 wets slips, 22ft - 60ft
      Dockside Power Connections:No Power Available
      Provisioning Possibilities:Ships' Store
      Wi-Fi Internet Access:Available
      Fuel Availability:No Fuel Available

      Be the first to review!

    • Pelican Yacht Club

      transient-dockpowerfresh-watershowerslaundryfoodgasdieselpropane/natural gaswastewifi

      Basic Marina Information:

      Phone: (772) 464-2700
      Statute Mile: 965.5
      Lat/Lon: Near 27°27.875 N / 80°18.228 W
      Location: located on the southern shores of Fort Pierce Inlet, east-southeast of marker #13
      Depths: 6 ft.
      Address: 1120 Seaway Dr
      Fort Pierce,  FL   34949

      Service Details:

      Transient Dockage:Available.
      Transient Dockage Rate:$2.00 per foot per night
      Boat/US Dockage Discount:Available. 25 cents per foot, per night discount
      Type of dockage:fixed wooden slips and face docks
      Live Aboards Allowed:no
      Dockside Power Connections:30/50 amp power hookups available
      30/50 Amp Notes:$5.00/per night - 30 amp hookup, $12.00/per night - 50 amp hookup
      Dock. Fresh Water Connections:Available.
      Swimming Pool:Available.
      Restaurant:on-site and others nearby
      Restaurant Recommendations:Pelican Yacht Club Dining Room (on-site, 772-465-2997)
      Provisioning Possibilities:Seaway market right across street
      LPG (Propane) Availability:Available. Walk to Cumberland Farms for LPG tank exchange around the corner from marina
      Waste pump-out:Available.
      Wi-Fi Internet Access:Free WiFi Available
      Fuel Availability:Gas & Diesel Available

      Fuel Prices (All Taxes Included)

      Reporting Date:July 14, 2020
      Gasoline Price:Call marina for fuel prices
      Diesel Price:Call marina for fuel prices

      Reviews from Cruisers (1)

      1. Leigh Hough -  December 3, 2010 - 2:02 pm

        Spent the last couple of nights here and wanted to mention that it’s a little slice of “Old Florida” here just off the Fort Pierce Inlet. Nice folks, well kept (fixed) docks, a little tight for maneuvering in and out but plenty of water for our 5’6″ draft. Two good restaurant finds within a five minute walk: Dave’s Diner, for what we might argue is the best of several very good breakfast places that we have found along the Waterway, and the “Tiki” like bar and grill On the Edge – great setting, very good food, welcoming service, mix of locals and visitors.

        Reply to Leigh
    • Fort Pierce City Marina

      transient-dockpowerpowerpowerpowerfresh-watershowerslaundryfoodgasdieselpropane/natural gaswasteonSpot WiFi

      Basic Marina Information:

      Phone: (772) 464-1245
      VHF: Monitored: 16         Working: 17
      Statute Mile: 966.5
      Lat/Lon: Near 27°27.026 N / 80°19.345 W
      Location: entrance channel runs to the west, on the southern side of the Fort Pierce high-rise bridge, and well north of AICW marker #188
      Depths: 6.5 ft.
      Address: 1 Avenue A
      Fort Pierce,  FL   34950
      General Manager: Dean Kubitschek
      Dockmaster: Dean Kubitschek

      Service Details:

      Transient Dockage:Available.
      Transient Dockage Rate:$2.00 per foot per night
      Boat/US Dockage Discount:Available. overnight discount
      Type of dockage:floating concrete dock
      Live Aboards Allowed:yes
      Live Aboard Notes:Annual docking open June & JulyLimited liveaboards
      Total number of slips/berths:247
      Dockside Power Connections:20/30/50 amp power hookups available
      30/50 Amp Notes:$6.00/per night - 30 amp hookup, $10.00/per night - 50 amp hookup
      Dock. Fresh Water Connections:Available.
      Showers:Available. Climate Controlled
      Restaurant:Sushi, pizza,Korean, American Sportsbar, Sailfish
      Restaurant Recommendations:Tiki Bar (on-site, 772-461-0880), Cobbs Landing (on-site, 772-460-9014)
      Provisioning Possibilities:Walk to 7-Eleven 1 1/2 blocks away, PP’s Cobbs General Store (walking distance, 772-465-7010), Farmers Mark et in marina parking lot on Saturday morni ngs, take taxi to Publix supermarket 2 miles away , Green Market open Wednesday and 1st Friday of every month
      LPG (Propane) Availability:Available. LPG available 1/2 block away
      CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) Availability:Available. Call Ft. Pierce Utilities (772) 466-1600 will come; get tank refill and bring back to you/ charge is $40.00
      Waste pump-out:Available. free
      Wi-Fi Internet Access:Free WiFi Available, free
      Fuel Availability:Gas & Diesel Available
      Fuel Notes:ethanol free/Rec 90

      Fuel Prices (All Taxes Included)

      Reporting Date:July 13, 2020
      Fuel Notes:ethanol free/Rec 90
      Gasoline Price:$3.10 (All Taxes Included)
      Diesel Price:$2.36 (All Taxes Included)
      Any Quantity Discount:Available.
      Any Boat/US Discount:Available. check with the office

      Reviews from Cruisers (15)

      1. Silvio -  January 25, 2016 - 12:30 pm

        This was a fun place to stop for a couple days and wait for weather to pass. They have a well-marked channel (although with a strong current), and spectacular floating concrete docks that were easy to tie up to. The marina has great bathrooms and laundry, but the location is even better. They have a huge Saturday morning farmers market where you can stock up any fresh groceries you’d want, plus at least a dozen restaurants within a few blocks. We ate at 121 Tapas on the Water, and loved it. There’s an Enterprise car rental a mile away if you need it. There’s a manatee education center right next to the marina, an art museum, and some exhibits about Zora Neale Hurston (I didn’t know she was an anthropologist, in addition to being a writer) and about the Highwaymen (a school of local artists). This was a lovely marina, and a great place to spend a couple of days!

        Reply to Silvio
      2. Capt Dan Pinder -  May 30, 2015 - 10:38 am

        I stayed at the Newly Rebuilt Marina last weekend, May23, and it is truly a beautiful Marina. I stayed there numerous times before the Hurricane destroyed it. The staff is great, the floating docks are great, and the local restaurant are wonderful.
        Capt Dan Pinder

        Reply to Capt
      3. Tom jones -  November 17, 2014 - 2:32 pm

        The best thing is we had a company come out and service our diesel engines onsite last minute! We do suggest Burkey Marine Group 772-215-7663

        Reply to Tom
      4. Anne Maurer -  December 23, 2013 - 8:43 am

        7/11 Food Store is now open! One block from the Marina! The 7/11 is open 24 hours, so when you get that craving for an ice cream, or late night sandwich you now have somewhere to go without having to jump in your car or call a taxi.
        Anne Maurer
        Fort Pierce City Marina

        Reply to Anne
      5. Capt.Jerry Robbins -  December 13, 2013 - 1:45 pm

        My wife and I are looking forward to a stay in Ft.Pierce Marina on our upcoming voyage!Thanks for the helpful updates and advice!

        Reply to Capt.Jerry
      6. Bill Charleston -  December 21, 2012 - 12:17 pm

        Good Place! $1.50/per foot. Restaurant as said previously was fabulous! Came in excellent inlet after night of pounding to beat cold front and gale force winds. Stayed extra night and then heading to the keys for the winter. Publix is within walking distance for me (I’m a walker anyway). WARNING: they are doing barge work and we were first boat in apparently. It did not go smooth. They have a temporary channel right after fixed bridge (going south). Had to talk to barge and then marina. The directions were not perfect over the radio BUT they sent a small boat to lead the way. When they get the new breakwater finished, it will be nearly perfect.

        Reply to Bill
      7. David Ogle -  June 9, 2012 - 7:30 am

        Nice marina, very courteous staff, welcome respite after an overnight sail from Miami. The only issue we had was we barely got in here because of their channel depth. As we were entering yesterday, the depth finder hit 5.5′ twice, that’s what our boat draws, luckily we made it in though. Now I am stuck in the slip because it is low tide (about mid tide when I came in yesterday), and I should be underway right now. My advice, if your boat draws more than about 4′, pay close attention to the tides at this marina. Other than that, it is a wonderful place to stay and the Tiki Bar is awesome. Restroom/shower facilities are top notch.

        One other word of caution, the current rips across their entrance channel which makes it even more challenging to stay in the “deep” water, a term I use lightly.
        S/V Double Decker

        Reply to David
      8. John Pholeric -  April 6, 2012 - 7:47 am

        Nice marina, some good places to eat in town, and the only marina in 4 months where the driers dry a load with one cycle

        Reply to John
      9. Capt Bob Kovach -  December 6, 2010 - 10:05 am

        Finishing up a great weekend at Ft Pierce (Party) Marina. Friday was a great Street Party “Friday Fest” 65 Vendors with crafts and food. Saturday a Great Farmers Market in the Parking lot. Biggest one we have seen. Sunday we had a front row seat to the local Christmas Parade from our slip F11 which fronted the parade route. Leaving Monday a.m. for Palm Beach, MM1012 and then Biscayne Bay for the Hawk Channel to Marathon for the winter. Hope these cold fronts get fewer as the weeks move on
        Capt Bob Kovach

        Reply to Capt
      10. Unknown -  September 21, 2010 - 4:10 pm

        Ft. Pierce City Marina – Ft. Pierce, FL, ICW 966. This is our southern destination. We stay here for at least 2 months each winter. It is just off of the Indian River, very accessible, and has an excellent inlet to the Atlantic Ocean. The “old town” city center of activity is at the marina! There is a weekly farmer’s market, parades, monthly old car rallies, motorcycle rallies, great restaurants, shopping, and all other necessary services. This marina is really well managed, with an excellent staff, and is a terrific stop for ocean/ICW travelers.

        Reply to Unknown
      11. Jim -  August 12, 2009 - 1:23 pm

        Hello all:
        Palmetto Moon with Su, Jim, and Alex (the lazy cat) are in Ft. Pierce City Marina. Good facility with very knowledge people and easy bus service to Publix, Lowes, and CVS. Looks like we will stay here for a looooog time. Temp. as of this writing is 78 and a low of 68 tonight.
        Safe travels

        Reply to Jim
      12. Stacy Schmetterer -  August 12, 2009 - 1:17 pm

        Subject: Harbor Cove Restaurant – Ft Pierce
        Cruising News: Fabulous Restaurant alert! We were at Harbor Town Marina in Ft Pierce last night and the restaurant there, Harbor Cove Restaurant was a true and wonderful surprise. We had “dirty Oysters” to start which were fresh and large raw oysters topped with sour cream, caviar and onions. The oysters were fresh and truly incredible. Prime Rib was the special which was so good that this morning I am kicking myself for not getting a portion to take home for lunch today. (take THAT Coinjock!) And the Mussels with pasta were some of the best mussels I\’ve had outside of Maine. All of this, 2 beers and a drink for $55.
        Friendly and helpful staff, and locals were terrific.
        And as far as the marina goes, also terrific. Grounds are beautifully maintained, loaner bikes, they will arrange for Enterprise…very helpful in every way. Electric was good, docks well maintained.
        This is an absolute must stop for us on our commute up and down the coast.
        Stacy Schmetterer

        My wife and I have always enjoyed staying at the Fort Pierce City Marina when ever we traveled up or down the east coast. It’s right in the down town area and the city seems to always have something going on on the week ends. Don’t know what the rates are now but they were the best in the area. Nice showers and laundry rooms and great restaurants right at the docks shopping near by.

        Reply to Stacy
      13. Jim Cobb -  August 12, 2009 - 1:11 pm

        Hello all:
        t has been said that Ft. Pierce, FL City Marina (mm 965) is a great place to stay, but has poor transportation service for the boating community to shop and re-supply.
        Palmetto Moon is in Ft Pierce, it is a great place, clean, great staff, 14 restaurants in a 4 block area, well protected, a BIG Farmers Market and arts/crafts tents every Saturday, 4 washers/dryers (1.00), and concerts in the park adjacent to the marina.
        Su and I have unraveled the bus issues. There are 2 types of transportation services offered:
        1. A scheduled route, Treasure Coast Connector, that runs North and South on US 1, appox. every 30 min. However these stops are 4 blocks from the marinas. So if you do full shopping/re-provisioning the schlepping becomes a huge task.
        2. The Community Transit System. A true door-to-door route (no set route) that you must make reservations for pick up. This service works very well for heavy shopping. But, takes appox. 3.5 – 4 hours to complete your round trip. This service is more complicated to use, as you must register in advance of your shopping plans and then call 24 hours before, to schedule a pick-up. This service is not one that can be utilized on the day of arrival without registering in advance. To register before arrival call 772-464-7433. This system uses computer routing, the exact address is required both for pick-up and destination. To get around this we go to the office, get the add. then make the call.
        Downside issues:
        A. If the bus is crowded they can limit the carry-ons to 4 bags per person
        B. Pick-up time is sometime after 8 AM (remember no set route) normally around 8:30 – 8:45 and continues to pick-up and drop-off until your stop.
        C. If Wal-Mart is your destination add 1.5 – 2 hours to your trip.
        D. Normal shopping to Wal-Mart (Tues.) and Publix (Thurs.)
        Jim Cobb
        Palmetto Moon – Ocean Alexander-423

        Reply to Jim
      14. Larry -  August 12, 2009 - 7:55 am

        All my charts show the entrance channel SOUTH of marker 188. Somehow I have the feeling that it has changed. Can some one give me a heads up as what to expect & where it is located

        The Ft. Pierce City Marina website right now says the following:
        “A new entrance channel located 1/8th mile past South Bridge and past the concrete telephone poles is now open. Contact us on VHF radio: channels 16 & 09 GPS coordinates: 27 26.56 N Latitude, 80 19.21 W Longitude”
        That position is near the basin entrance. NOAA chart 11475 shows the original channel leaving the ICW south of marker 188 as you say, although there is a deep area south of the bridge and near the west bank of the bay that appears navigable if you can get to it. However, it does NOT show any other marked channel. I suggest you call the marina to confirm: (800) 619-1780.
        Failing contact with them, BoatUS or SeaTow will know.
        I am looking at the online version of the NOAA chart, corrected to latest NM and LNM.
        For clarity, my information is NOT local knowledge…

        Larry, it is close to the bridge you head west then south follow the markers
        Larry Ross
        Wanderin L&M

        Subject: Fort Pierce City Marina
        Cruising News: We arrived on the 12th. The channel marks can be (are) confusing. After chatting with the marina on 09, it became clear (if not explained). Mark #3 and #4 have the opposite coloration of all the rest of the marks in the entrance channel. The colors are unimportant. What is important is going between the marks (watch for side set). Treat them as if they had the colors of the remaining marks. We arrived an hour and a half after high tide and saw 6.5 feet minimum and 22 feet maximum on the way in. This is a very nice place. If you can get the last slip on D dock, you can refuel and pump out from the slip!
        Chris Waln

        Reply to Larry
      15. Barbara -  August 12, 2009 - 7:49 am

        We’re headed south at the moment but wanted to plug the Fort Pierce City Marina, complete with Boat US discounts on both fuel and dockage. On Saturday mornings they have one of the best farmers’ markets you’ll see: baked goods, fruits, vegetables, fresh seafood, unbelievable guacamole, jams, crafts, etc. They also have lots of free festivals with live music, and the marina staff, town folk and permanent dock dwellers (including two former Loopers) are all exceptionally friendly. Put it on your list.
        M/V Toba

        Reply to Barbara
    • Nettles Island Marina

      transient-dockpowerfresh-watershowerslaundryfoodgasdieselpropane/natural gaswastewifi

      Basic Marina Information:

      Phone: (772) 229-2811
      Statute Mile: 979.5
      Lat/Lon: Near 27°17.108 N / 80°13.096 W
      Location: marked entry channel runs off to the east-northeast, just north of AICW marker #215
      Depths: 7.5 ft.
      Address: 9815 S Ocean Dr
      Jensen Beach,  FL   34957

      Service Details:

      Transient Dockage:Available.
      Transient Dockage Rate:$1.75 per foot, per night ($1.60 6/1 to 9/30)
      Type of dockage:fixed wooden slips and face docks in eastern basin, and floating concrete decked slips in western basin
      Live Aboards Allowed:no
      Total number of slips/berths:66
      Dockside Power Connections:30/50 amp power hookups available
      Dock. Fresh Water Connections:Available.
      Restaurant Recommendations:The Landing (on-site, 772-229-0246)
      Provisioning Possibilities:Large convenience store on-site
      LPG (Propane) Availability:Available. LPG tank refill on-site, call ahead (772) 229-1810
      Waste pump-out:Available. $5.00 per pumpout
      Wi-Fi Internet Access:Free WiFi Available
      Fuel Availability:Gas & Diesel Available

      Fuel Prices (All Taxes Included)

      Gasoline Price:down for 6 months
      Diesel Price:down for 6 months

      Reviews from Cruisers (4)

      1. Bill Charleston -  November 20, 2013 - 7:49 pm

        We stopped here two years ago and got the same friendly, great service again. Other people were friendly and the restaurant was great too. Definitely a place to stop for a few days to take a break.

        Reply to Bill
      2. Alex -  November 28, 2012 - 2:50 pm

        We stopped for an overnight at Nettles in early November. Young Jon was helpful getting us in. The liveaboards were all very friendly. Unfortunately, we were there on Monday and the restaurant, which looks like fun. was closed. Short walk to the beach and amazingly well stocked general store at the dock.

        Reply to Alex
      3. Kevin -  November 26, 2012 - 4:42 pm

        A good place to stopover if you want easy access to beach is Nettles Island Marina in Jensen Beach. Just across A1A. Very close.

        Reply to Kevin
      4. Bill Root -  May 23, 2011 - 3:32 pm

        Very nice stop. Minimum 8′ approach depth, 9′ at docks. Good restaurant on site and several others within walking distance. Marina has a well-stocked convenience store and small shopping plaza, Publix Market a short cab ride. 10% discount for Boat US. Does not answer VHF. Phone them at 772-229-2811.
        Bill Root

        We visited Nettles Island Marina on 5/19 and found it be a very nice place. It’s not a 5 star resort but is clean and the dockmaster is extremely friendly and helpful. There are quite a few transient slips and several large boats were there. The only “negative” is they are fixed docks and several boards need replacement. Other than that, we were very glad to have stayed there.
        The Landings restaurant was open during our visit for dinner only & the food was fine. I was more impressed with the other services on site like the fully stocked market.
        If you are in the area and would like a clean, secure berthing for a day or more, you should definitely check this out!
        Jack & Temme Peterson

        Reply to Bill
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