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    • Important Navigational News for AICW Problem Stretch at the Northern Mouth of Alligator River, AICW Statute Mile 80

      Due to a combination of shoaling and incorrect depiction of aids to navigation on some older editions of chart 11553, the intersection of the AICW and the northern mouth of Alligator River has gained the reputation of being currently the worst AICW problem stretch on the Tar Heel coastline. Fortunately, below Captains Chuck and George give good advice on how to successfully navigate these troubled waters, and the second posting below notes the replacement of destroyed marker #7, reported earlier here on the Cruisers’ Net, with a temporary, unlighted can buoy. The USCG has thankfully added a red nun buoy marker #8A and if you follow the advice below, you should have no problem, but cross your fingers and toes anyway.

      Beach House transited the mouth of the Alligator River yesterday and here is what we found. On the red side between R `6’³ and `8’³, even near the markers we had 9 feet. The green side is deeper with 12 feet holding about 75 feet off G `7’³ and going to G `9’³, again holding off about 75 feet. The marker for G `9’³ has been replaced and is in fine condition. The Coast Guard has placed a red nun, R `8A’ where everyone has cut through and run aground. So if the markers are followed correctly there is no reason for anyone to run aground. We will keep you posted on any further developments. From Norfolk to Adams Creek we have found nothing but good depths. We are heading south.

      Cruising News:
      Hi guys…was at the Alligator River Marina earlier this week and there is a new nun buoy 8a that has been placed in the ICW channel just south of daymarker #8. Heading north this should be left to port but there is good water right next to the marker in the channel. I expect it is there to keep people off the shoal to the west. You may want to follow up with the CG on this…but it was there on 5/15! All best…
      Capt. George Barr

      We passed northbound through this North Alligator River section discussed here this morning ‘“ May 1. It is important for cruisers to know that Flashing Green `7’³ has been destroyed and has been replaced by the CG with an unlighted small Green can. This `7’³ Green can is hard to see as you approach from the South, but is positioned exactly as the old light since about 2′ of the old pole is above the water next to it. All the advice here about getting near Green `9’³ and running to Green `7’³ and keeping well off of Red `8’³ is right on the money. We saw 11 feet or more at all times. We heard a motor cruiser who said he ran the Magenta Line report 3’ and a near grounding.

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