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    • [EXPIRED] LNM: Masonboro Inlet Dredging, near Banks Channel and AICW Statute Mile 285

      Banks Channel in Wrightsville Beach is a popular recreation area and anchorage north of the Masonboro Inlet. It is possible that the nearby Masonboro Inlet dredging operations may possibly disrupt anchoring on these popular waters.

      Starting approximately 20 January 2018, Weeks Marine Inc. will be mobilizing pipeline and equipment near Masonboro Inlet, New Hanover County, NC. Starting approximately 28 January 2018 and continuing until approximately 15 March 2018, the hydraulic dredge C.R. McCaskill and attendant plant will be operating in the Masonboro Inlet Navigation Channel and the Banks Channel Area located at the southern end of Wrightsville Beach, NC.
      Borrow Area and Pipeline Corridor will be bound by the following approximate positions:
      34°11’43.52″N, 77°48’35.48″W
      34°11’8.80″N, 77°49’12.23″W
      34°10’31.02″N, 77°48’13.96″W and 34°11’12.41″N, 77°47’41.21″W
      Work limits for Placement Area will be bound by the following approximate positions:
      34°11’14.09″N, 77°48’31.70″W
      34°13’49.78″N, 77°46’39.74″W
      34°13’37.33″N, 77°46’7.56″W and 34°10’55.74″N, 77°48’6.56″W
      Equipment Staging Area will be bound by the following approximate positions:
      34°11’40.29″N, 77°48’40.09″W
      34°11’36.34″N, 77°48’34.29″W
      34°11’28.46″N, 77°48’41.64″W and 34°11’32.39″N, 77°48’47.38″W
      Once underway, dredging operations will continue on a twenty-four hours per day, seven days a week. The dredge will monitor VHF-FM 13 AND
      16. For additional information (985) 875-2500 or

      Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of Masonboro Inlet and Banks Channel

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