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    • Groundings at AICW/Shallotte Inlet Intersection, Problem Stretch Statute Mile 330, 8/21/2016

      With two recent groundings at this AICW Problem Stretch, we are upgrading these reports to a Nav Alert. Until dredging is done, slow speed and mid to high tide is recommended for this intersection. Thank you Michael and Ken for sharing these incidents and SSECN is glad neither of you sustained damage in the grounding, other than your pride!

      Coming south 16Aug16 at +1′ above low. Draw 4′. At idle speed ran hard aground in mid-channel just past green buoy. C-Map charting [updated Sep15] shows channel angles sharply toward red at the green buoy — should have followed its suggestion. My mistake was to “stay mid-channel.” The bottom raised VERY quickly, almost a wall. After backing off, saw above 10′ in area on line between reds.
      Michael Loy

      We were also headed south through this stretch on August 14. We draw 3 feet. Just past the green we also ran hard aground. We were in the channel toward the red side as recommended, but not quite on the line between the two reds. There was no warning on the depth meter before it was too late. We were able to get off eventually using bow and stern thrusters and some wakes from passing small boats. We didn’t incur damage except to our equanimity.
      Captain Ken Hirsch

      Keeping in mind that rapid changes in shoals at inlet intersections is not unusual, RodC offers this January 2016 ACOE survey:

      Latest ACOE survey for the area – clearly shows the traditional channel is ~100% shoaled to between 2 and 4ft MLLW. What channel there is (or was as of 1-16-2016) is just to the outside on the RED side of the marks.

      Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To A “Navigation Alert” Position at Shalotte Inlet

      Comments from Cruisers (2)

      1. Wally Moran -  September 2, 2016 - 11:46 am

        The USACE advice I received from their boat’s Captain for both Lockwoods Folly and Shallotte’s at the ICW crossings was to proceed at about 30 feet off the reds. I’ve seen no less than 11 – 12 feet at low tide following that advice. Following your chartplotter there is a recipe for a grounding.

        Reply to Wally
      2. Raymond W Smith - "Fire Dog" -  August 26, 2016 - 4:37 pm

        Need to pay more attention to the Nav Markers than your “Chart Plotters”!!!!

        Reply to Raymond
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