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    • Opinion: Georgia’s HB 201 Takes Away 36 Acres of Anchor Grounds Per Designated Anchorage

      Our thanks to James Newsome and Ted Arisaka for sharing their mathematical musings on prohibited anchoring acreage contained in Georgia HB 201.

      Taking The Bat and The Ball & Going Home

      So my friend James Newsome (co founder of Facebook Group “Save Georgia’s Anchorages” ) and I were ruminating about the impact of a single structure of a waterfront property owner now taking exclusive control of a huge swath of waterway and prohibiting anchoring.

      We believe the structure now causes unreasonable obstruction to navigation and have started discussions with US Army Corps of Engineers as they have a role in administering the permitting process for these waterfront structures under PGP0083 – but that’s a topic for another day.

      A semi circle defined by a radius of 1000ft off a waterfront property owner’s structure is 36 acres.

      So how can we picture one acre? A football field is approximately 1.32 acres.


      So 36 Acres / 1.32 Acres per football field = 27.3 football fields!

      I’ve heard about unsportsman like conduct when one kid takes the bat and ball and goes home and ends the game for everyone. Looks like this time the one kid is taking the bat the ball and 27 football fields away to end the game for everyone.


      For those of you interested in the math:

      A semi circle with a 1000ft radius from a structure is equivalent to 36 acres.

      Area of a circle = p r2 so 3.14 * (1000ft)2 = 3,140,000 square feet

      1 acre = 43560 square feet

      So the area of that semi circle = 3,140,000 sq ft / 43560 sq ft per acre / 2 = 36.0 Acres

      A football field is approximately 1.32 acres.


      36 Acres / 1.32 Acres per football field = 27.3 football fields

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