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    • Photos of Leland Oil Company’s New Floating Docks (McClellanville, South Carolina – AICW, Statute Mile 430)

      Back in April (2012), we published several reports from fellow cruisers detailing the very welcome new, floating docks at McClellanville, South Carolina’s Leland Oil Company (see /?p=81422 and /?p=85795). I had always wanted to recommend stopping in McClellanville, as this idyllic village is a real throwback to yesteryear, with its moss shrouded lanes, and quaint homes that look as if they just stepped out of the early 1900’s. However, until these new docks were added, the roughness of Leland Oil Company’s dockage facilities were a real trade-off against the community’s other charms. Now, while no-one will ever mistake this facility for Fort Lauderdale’s “Pier 66,” we can recommend a stop here!
      Just a few minutes ago, the dockmaster at Leland Oil Company transmitted a series of photos detailing his new docks, You can see one to the right. Follow the photo gallery link below to check out the rest!

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    • Freedom and Jeff

      This has absolutely NOTHING to do with cruising, but if you are an animal lover like yours truly, and particularly if you or a loved one suffers from the scourge of cancer, then don’t dare miss this moving tale! As someone whose first-rate, first-mate has been, and still is, heroically fighting “never smokers lung cancer” for 4 years, I cannot read these words and see these images, no matter how many times they pass before my eyes, without getting choked up.
      Please go to:


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    • ARGUS Shallow Water Report on Channel from Clearwater Pass to Clearwater Yacht Club and Municipal Marina

      One of the real advantage to our new ARGUS service, is that we receive advance warning of new shallow water reports directly from Survice Engineering. Be SURE to follow the “Chart View” link below to get a bird’s eye view of where this shallow spot is to be found. After following the link, turn on the new Argus layer by clicking in the “Argus (MLLW)” checkbox.
      As you will see, the shallow soundings in question seem to lie just north of the intersection between the Clearwater Pass inlet channel and the marked, northward running cut which leads to Clearwater Yacht Club and Clearwater Municipal Marina, between markers #2 and #4.
      We would WELCOME reports from local Clearwater area cruisers who have seen similar or dissimilar soundings along this stretch!!! Please click the “Comment on This Posting/Marina/Anchorage/Bridge” link below, and share your information.
      We are establishing a Salty Southeast Cruisers’ Net Navigational Alert between markers #2 and #4!

      Capt. Bill of Reality Check Sailing provides this report on the approach to Clearwater Marina. Capt. Bill noted water depths as low as 5 1/2 feet, confirming previous indications now available through Cruisers Net.
      John Hersey
      ARGUS Development Team
      SURVICE Engineering

      We ran aground between G6 and G7, less than 5 feet on that side of the channel. Favor R4 side in that area.
      Stealing Home

      About 6 months ago I was in that area. Knowing the perennial problem, I did some sounding with my dinghy. I discovered that the shoaling between R4 and R2 had extended from the west clear across the channel. However, there is a deep streak (over 10 feet) just outside (east) the marked channel.
      When I later went through with our 5 1/2 foot draft boat I went very close on the correct side of R4, swung out of the channel, and then came back in very close to the correct side of R2. No problem at all.
      It appears that the channel may have actually moved from the charted and marked location. However, I did not verify the width of the `new’ channel, and it could be quite narrow.
      Gene Fuller
      Punta Gorda

      Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To A “Navigation Alert” Position on the Channel from Clearwater Pass to Clearwater Municipal Marina

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    • Free Waste Boat Pumpout at Tarpon Basin Anchorages Praised (FL Keys Inside Route, 1139.5)

      Tarpon Basin is crossed by the FL Keys Inside Route, just south of Blackwater Sound and Dusenberry Creek. There are at least 3 good spots to drop the hook here, and creative skippers will find more.
      A couple of years ago, Monroe County established a pump-out boat serving vessels anchored in Tarpon Basin, and the locals chipped in with a dinghy dock on the nearby shoreline (see /?p=24226).
      Sounds like Captain Mary found the pump-out service very polite and most useful!

      We used the free pump out boat at Tarpon Basin by the government center today. We told the guy that we had planned on pumping out at Gilberts Marina. He said they don’t have a pumpout, but he will go up there in his boat. I called Gilberts and verified that, and they said they don’t have a pumpout, but they have a phone number that you call for someone to come there and pumpout. The phone number for the Monroe County pumpout boat is 305-747-2388.
      I might add the Monroe County pumpout is FREE. The guy was very nice and said he usually works M-TH, but they try to be accommodating. I asked him how far he will go and he said he goes up to Gilberts Marina and down to Tavernier. He also said that eventually all of the Keys will have pumpout boats.
      Mary Dixon

      Click Here To View the Cruisers’ Net’s Florida Keys Anchorage Directory Listing For the Tarpon Basin Northern Anchorage

      Click Here To View the Cruisers’ Net’s Florida Keys Anchorage Directory Listing For the Tarpon Basin Southern Anchorage

      Click Here To View the Cruisers’ Net’s Florida Keys Anchorage Directory Listing For the Tarpon Basin Interior Anchorage

      Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of the Tarpon Basin Anchorages

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    • St. Augustine Anchorage Regulations Being Challenged in Federal Court

      We have just published a lengthy, but very interesting article, that reports the city of St. Augustine’s anchorage regulations, put in place as part of this city’s participation in the Florida Pilot Mooring Field Program, are being challenged in Federal court. ALL cruisers even remotely interested in the Florida Anchoring Right Struggle will want to check out this account.

      For full details, go to:


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    • Salty Southeast Cruisers Net, SURVICE Engineering and EarthNC Form Tri-Partnership to Bring Revolutionary Sounding Data to the Cruising Community!

      May 9, 2012
      The Salty Southeast Cruisers’ Net (SSECN), SURVICE Engineering, and EarthNC, Inc. announce an exciting new tri-partnership that will provide SSECN users with the benefit of 25 million soundings acquired and processed with the ARGUS (Autonomous Remote Global Underwater Surveillance) system. The Salty Southeast Cruisers’ Net is the FIRST web site to offer easy access to ARGUS data.

      Effective immediately, users of the SSECN’s “Chart View” pages can click a simple checkbox, thereby opening a new ARGUS layer, set over up-to-date images of the NOAA nautical charts. Once selected, the ARGUS layer will display color coded markers which depict the tide corrected solution of soundings gathered by ARGUS cooperative research vessels. This new SSECN tool will be continuously updated as new ARGUS data is received. It will provide the Southeastern USA cruising community with yet another valuable resource to help make mariner’s time on the water a safer and more enjoyable experience.

      Click Here For Tips on How to Use SSECN”s New ARGUS Layer

      Click Here To View the Official Press Release Announcing the New SSECN – ARGUS – EarthNC Partnership and the Appearance of ARGUS Data on the SSECN

      Click Here To View the Full Announcement of the SSECN – Survice Engineering and EarthNC Partnership and the Appearance of ARGUS Data on the SSECN That Was Sent to the SSECN Alert List on 5/9/12

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    • Swanquarter, NC Photo Gallery

      Captains Jim and Talley Powell included some really neat photos with their recent posting concerning a visit to Swanquarter, NC, off southwestern Pamlico Sound (see /?p=87218). This port of call remains one of the most isolated on the Tar Heel coastline, with only one small marina (mostly geared towards commercial fishing craft) and very little in the way of shoreside dining or amenities. Nevertheless, a visit to Swanquarter is like stepping back in time, and many cruisers will find it to be a memorable experience!
      Click the link below to check out these superb images!

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    • Excellent Coastal North Carolina Mechanic Discovered

      Recommendations from fellow cruisers for good mechanics and marine technicians, are some of the most valuable that any of us will ever discover! Sounds like Ken Moore would be a good port in a mechanical storm if your vessel lies anywhere between Deltaville, VA to Myrtle Beach, SC!

      Today we had the misfortune of having an engine heat up and the alarm sound as we crossed the Albemarle Sound. We made it to Coinjock Marina on one engine and told the dockmaster of our situation. He indicated that a very good tech lived not far away and called him for us. He arrived very quickly, diagnosed the problem, fixed it. We talked to him about other minor issues we had and he was very knowledgable about all boat systems. He noticed some hoses did not have enough clamps. He had the clamps on his truck along with a lot of other marine supplies, including an impeller, if we had needed one. While talking to him, he indicated he worked from Myrtle Beach to Deltaville, VA. and he does not have a travel time rate. All in all, a good day and great service. His card indicates he is trained in Yanmar, Catepillar, Cummins, Ford Lehman, Honda, Mercury, Kohler, Perkins, and a lot more. He offers complete electrical, mechanical, and plumbing repairs. His company is MarinePro ( His name is Ken Moore 252-457-0016 ( We recommend him to anyone. His rate was very fair, $90 per hour. We have no association with MarinePro except that we are very pleased with his work.
      Rick Johnson
      Rick ‘ Roll III

      Dear sir, Glad to read of your good fortune. We, too have had the good fortune of having Ken help us with our boats. He truly is one-of-a-kind! I am glad to see others sing his good praises, as we surely do.
      Amy Houck

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    • PLEASE Help Captain Sara With Her Listing of SW Florida Waterside Restaurants

      Captain Sara contacted me and asked if the Salty Southeast Cruisers’ Net would be interested in publishing a list of on-the-water, cruising craft accessible restaurants in SW Florida. I may have gotten a bad case of whip-lash from saying “YES!!!!” soooo quickly.
      Anyway, check out Sara’s message below, and PLEASE send her info directly if you can.
      Once their June cruise is complete, we will publish Sara’s dining directory here so it can be a lasting tool for the cruising community!!!

      In advance of my bareboat charter out of St. Pete down to the Keys in June, I’m compiling a list of restaurants that offer tie-ups to boaters. I will be collecting lat/long, depth, dockage description, dining experience and any other relevant data for each restaurant. This information will then be made freely available to the boating community. If you have info to share that would make the resource more useful to all, please contact me via email at:

      saraburns2000 AT yahoo DOT com

      If all goes well, I believe I might have found another interesting and productive hobby! Thanks! 🙂
      Sara Burns
      Facilitator, The Work of Byron Katie
      Transforming Education in America

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    • 62ft Vertical Clearance Reported at Sunset Beach Fixed Bridge, AICW Statute Mile 338, Sunset Beach, NC

      This unusually high tide could be because of the Super Moon condition we are finding both high and low tides along the east coast. The bridge and its gauge are relatively new and should be accurate. This new bridge replaced the old pontoon bridge to Sunset Beach.

      We’re seeing a 62′ reading on the tide gauge on the new bridge at Sunset Beach at high tide this morning May 7. Is the tide three feet higher than normal? Perhaps the gauge is inaccurate?

      As a follow up…4 boats went thru and radioed back reports of 62′ readings on a 65′ bridge. I don’t think the super tides were 3′ off! 2 sailboats waited a few hours before risking it. One sailboat just had their mast measured after recently clipping apparatus. The tip of their antenna is at 65′. The board was reading 63′ and nothing touched.
      This height board is different than most in that you cannot tell for sure if the depth is above, in the middle or below the number. If 63 is showing, we assume that is the height.
      So, APPARENTLY, the board is 1 to 2 feet off.

      Click Here To View the Cruisers’ Net’s North Carolina Bridge Directory Listing For Sunset Beach Bridge

      Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of Sunset Beach Bridge

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