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Palm Cove Marina (Statute Mile 747, Jacksonville Beach)

FULL MARINE SERVICE ON SITE TRANSIENT DOCKAGE WELCOMEThe entrance to Palm Cove Marina lies along the western banks of the AICW, south of marker #31. These good folks are a SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR, and are highly recommended by the SSECN bunch.
Also, note Captain Ted’s good experience at the adjacent Marker 32 restaurant. Really have to give this place a try SOON!

This was our third stop at Palm Cove Marina, hard to get into but well worth the bother. It has excellent facilities, good showers (maybe among the best), and a friendly staff. Richard, from the office gave us a ride
to West Marine so Malla could buy a duffel for the upcoming trip.
We had been rather overdoing dining out, but we couldn’t resist one more meal at Channel Marker 32 adjacent to the marina. We decided we’d not get fancy and eat at the bar and that it being a Thursday night in mid January, that shouldn’t be a problem. The place was packed, but the hostess seated us at one of several high tables near the bar. In addition to a usual evening crowd, some sort of group was dining there, which accounted, in part for the crowded bar, but people kept coming and coming. The majority of diners were young and attractive, and we had a ringside seat for people watching. And, every meal we saw going by on a waiter’s shoulder (we were seated up high) looked interesting. Malla had field greens with a Georgia peanut dressing, and a vegetable roll with a soy glaze and sweet Korean chili. I had scallops and grits. Both dinners were as outstanding as our Italian dinners at Fernandina Beach were disappointing. The service was excellent and prompt despite the crowd, and the total bill was only five bucks more. We’ve lucked out the three times we’ve dined here as walk-ins, but a reservation is definitely recommended.
Ted Jones

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