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    • Pomeranz Report: AICW R48A Reported Missing, Northern Fields Cut, SC Statute Mile 575

      Southport Marina

      Hank Pomeranz of Coastal Yacht Care and host of navigation/weather briefings at Southport Marina reports this missing ICW marker. Hank had discussed marker 48A in his Oct 30 Pomeranz Report. The intersection of Wright River and Northern Fields cut is a Cruisers Net Problem Stretch noted for shoaling and channel shifting.

      Hi all, I had two on scene reports yesterday that R”48A” is missing at the northern entrance to Fields Cut. I have photos from within the last 10 days that it was there. It was not mentioned in the 46/18 LNM. As you know, this mark forces you towards the green shore for deeper water.

      Bob, I downloaded your GPX track through there and have attached a screen shot- which may help show them the deepest path. Navionics also has a good handle on it and I just drew a faux track to make the point. Perhaps an announcement something to the effect that if R48A is not on station, suggest closely following the green (port southbound) shore for deepest water.

      This is basically how I started briefing it last night.

      Best Regards


      Sherer GPX Track


      Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To Northern Fields Cut

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