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    • Pomeranz Report: Missing ICW R184, Ashepoo-Coosaw Cutoff, SC AICW Problem Stretch Mile 517

      Our thanks to Hank Pomeranz of Coastal Yacht Care in Southport, NC for this Local Notice report. This lighted buoy is on the west side of the southern entrance to the Cutoff. See also Jim Healy’s recent report on this Problem Stretch.

      Today’s District 7 LNM 45/18 confirms multiple reports I’ve received that R184 (at the Southern end of the Cutoff ) is missing. Despite dredging in this area, MLW depths from 5’ to 8’ MLW are being reported between G185 and what was R184. General guidance is to favor green side.

      And this from Tom Hale:

      Well now we know! As we exited we were calling depths to a boat drawing 6 feet behind us. We were driving to the best depths we could see on the Sonar Charts, and certainly found that that “deep” water was not a very wide channel. We found a bit over 7 corrected to MLLW. It would be very easy to pass through there “in the visual center of the channel” and see only 5 feet.
      Thank you!

      Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To This AICW Problem Stretch

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