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    • Proof of Pumpout to be Required in Key West, FL

      Key West – Click for Chartview

      Captain Landry’s comment is in response to an article by Gwen Filosa that appeared January 16, 2014 in, Florida Keys and Key West’s Daily Online News. While the search for cleaner waters is admirable, proof of pumpout is often difficult to provide. The new regulation does specify “liveaboards” and may not affect transients. See /?p=131066 for an earlier posting on this issue.

      The [Key West] city’s Bight Management Board unanimously approved Wednesday a new policy requiring liveaboards using the historic seaport’s dinghy dock to show proof they are having sewage pumpout service done regularly.
      Susan Landry

      I don’t have a pumpout log.
      A good time to sing the praises of my Nature’s Head. [Composting toilet]
      Tom Murphy

      This law raises a lot of questions. How are you supposed to provide proof of pumpout if you have just arrived from an offshore run from Mexico? What if you don’t pumpout because you have a composting head, an incinerating toilet, or use a porta pottie? What if your boat doesn’t have toilet facilities and you want to dinghy in? What if the place you pumped out is free, is not attended, and offers no proof of pumpout? Is an acceptable pumpout log just notes that the owner keeps? I had some friends who lived on a large steel trawler with a 400-gallon tank and they pumped out once a season or so, but usually they just headed offshore and dumped legally. What are they supposed to do?
      John Kettlewell

      Apropos to this proposal to is an ongoing discussion on Trawler Forum concerning a pumpout log requirement – or lack thereof – in NC. Got to:

      Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of Key West

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