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    • Public Meeting

      The FWC (Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission) has scheduled a public meeting, to be held in Tallahassee, FL (see below), on 7/11/12, to consider the Monroe County (Florida Keys) proposed anchorage regulations, as part of the Keys participation in the Florida Pilot Mooring Field Program. ALL cruisers who can possibly attend this event, PLEASE do so!

      We are scheduling a public meeting to discuss the Monroe County Anchoring and Mooring Ordinance for Wednesday, July 11th, at the FWC Bryant Building in Room 272 [in Tallahassee, Florida – editor]. We have scheduled the meeting for 8:30 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. Attached is the FAW notice, that will be published next week, that has the address and time of the public meeting. There will be representatives from Monroe County ready to answer questions from any organizations or individuals that would like to know more about the ordinance.
      We are planning on being able to take the Monroe proposed ordinance to the September 5-6th FWC Commission Meeting in Tampa. To accomplish this we will need to coordinate the review, conduct the public meeting, and have a 2 week internet posting of the ordinance to collect public comment. I anticipate posting the proposed ordinance on our FWC website the first full week of July. I will send out notification of that posting when it goes live on the internet. I have attached the current Monroe Co. ordinance language for your review prior to the public meeting and internet posting. Thank you.
      Captain Tom Shipp
      FWC / DLE / Boating and Waterways

      Note that the proposed ordinance requires proof of pumpout, which I believe is a gross overreach. The anchoring and mooring pilot program law states that it is to regulate anchoring, not pollution controls or equipment onboard. These things are already covered by federal and state regulations. Once again, the anchoring and mooring pilot program is leading to further complication on the water, and a hodge-podge of laws in Florida that few transient boaters will even be aware of.
      John Kettlewell

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