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    • Report from Hell Gate, AICW Problem Stretch, Statute Mile 602

      We began hearing of extreme shallows at Hell Gate last year, see /?p=145174 and /?p=146335. Now Skipper Horowitz gives us further confirmation that MID TO HIGH TIDE is a requirement for passage through Hell Gate. This is trusted advice…TAKE IT!!

      Transited Hell Gate southbound today, Wednesday, 11/4/15, at 0825-0840, roughly ½ hour before low tide 0902 at Florida Passage, Ogeechee River. Had a range of tide corrections from +2.09′ at 0825, +1.53′ at 0838, and +1.16′ at 0902. Tried to stay mid channel from G87, favoring red side. Ran out of water mid channel at G89-always interesting when the fathometer reads —, but no bump. Also saw a low spot exiting around 5.8′. ALTAIR draws 5′. This section is getting very bad again.
      Mike Horowitz
      M/V ALTAIR

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      Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To This AICW Problem Stretch

      Comments from Cruisers (2)

      1. Al Sutherland -  November 6, 2015 - 9:22 pm

        Passed through Hell Gate at :40 mins past low tide. Sea Tow tide app. showed low tide at 1.5 ft above MLW (near full moon). 6′ was the lowest. we saw. From our chart there was a new Red 90 which we honored. We draw 4’3″ but still had white knuckles.

        Reply to Al
      2. Kevin R. Quinn -  November 6, 2015 - 3:39 pm

        Everyone hears all these freak out stories and they are anxious about going thru Hell gate. To add to the fear you always arrive around low tide. I live in Savannah and go thru the gate on a regular basis, on all tides. Yes it is low but the USCG keeps the red buoy in the proper place. The above Captain said he tried to stay in mid channel favoring the red side. Well that is what they call a diametrically opposing statement. You are either in mid channel or you are favoring the red side. One or the other, you cannot do both. The channel is the same as always. Stay in the middle keep, all markers and buoys at an equal distance to the proper side and you will be fine. When in doubt stay out. If you are anxious waiting one hour can make all the difference in the world. Pick up the radio and ask that local guy who is just about to go thru for help. Ask him to take readings for you. Again like the anxious captain above said after all that he didn’t even bump.

        Reply to Kevin
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