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    • Report from Hell Gate, AICW Problem Stretch, Statute Mile 602

      The AICW follows the narrow, man-made canal known as Hell Gate between the Vernon and Ogeechee Rivers. These waters have been an “AICW Problem Stretch” for years.

      Mon Jan 14 18:27:08 EST 2013
      Subject: Sun Dancer at Hell Gate mile 601
      Contrary to all advice, but at the mercy of mother nature, we passed through hell gate at dead low, new moon tide today, Jan 14 at 1615. Tide table said it should have been -1.2 feet at that time.
      Actually, because of the exceptionally high tide, the tide was not completely low for another 45 minutes, so it may have been 6″ higher than -1.2′.
      I kept on the red side and had mostly 5+ feet except by the temporary red buoy. Stay away from that buoy (but not too far). This buoy is 1/2 way between green 89 and red 92. I was too busy finding water to note its number.
      Passing far over from green 89 was the lowest (4 feet). The beacon was 20 feet into the mud bank and the temporary green in line with it was laying sideways in inches of water.
      My Pearson 35 draws 3′-9″ and I never touched bottom, but still issued an extra portion of grog once through.
      Ray Schmidt

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