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    • Reports on Depths at Hell Gate, AICW Statute Mile 602

      The dredging of 2009 is slowly being overcome by shoaling through this perennial problem stretch, making Hell Gate another section that requires mid-to-high tide passage for vessels carrying 4ft or more draft.

      Came through Hell Gate with Sea Angel NC44 6′ draft on 3/25/11. Entered south end of Gate at 10:45 with 3.2′ of water above MLW. Stayed center of channel and lowest water was at the Nun on the south end: 8.2’³ (<5′ at MLW). This was confirmed by Sea Tow boat operator hovering in the area with whom I spoke before entering the Gate. Rest of passage saw no less than 9″. Mostly 10 to 15″.
      Skipper Ed Grygent

      March 28 2011
      Went through Hell’s gate about 1.75 hour before low tide. Corrected for low tide at Egg Island Tidal lowest reading was 7 feet near the square red and white checkered sign.
      Skipper Stephen Starling

      March 25th travelling northbound with 4.8 draft, Nova Scotia fishing trawler. Approached Hells gate with caution,. set up mid channel between red and green at the south end, depth sounder read 10 feet. We bumped 5 times over something very hard, thought we had lost our connection between engine and transmission. Then all good for rest of passage. Shook us up somewhat we were heading for anchorage and the tide was up 1 foot.
      Skipper Judi Knight

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