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Rock Discovered on the “Rock Pile” Section of the AICW, Near Statute Mile 347.4

The “Pine Island Cut” section of the AICW (which runs behind Myrtle Beach, SC) has long been known to Waterway veterans as the “Rock Pile.” That’s because there are all sorts of underwater rock shelves, waiting to trap those who deviate too far from the Waterway’s mid-width. Looks like Captain David found one of those “rocks” in his account below!

Cruising News: At approximately SM 347.4 (the rockpile section starts at SM 350.1) we found a rock on the red side of the channel. We obviously strayed too far to the right southbound and were greeted with a grinding sound as the keel ground its way across the top of the rock. The guide books are correct. Stay in the middle.
on GB 46 At Last

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