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Sandy Island, SC, Gets New School Bus Boat, near Georgetown, SC

School is in session for all ages and all places, even islands! But this “school bus” is one you may not know about, so Watch Your Wake! Sandy Island is the name of a small unincorporated community in Georgetown County, South Carolina. This article by Erin MacPherson is from

New andy Island School Bus Boat

New Sandy Island School Bus Boat


New Sandy Island School Bus Boat

Sandy Island gets new school bus boat
by Erin MacPherson
Posted: 08.05.2015 at 6:11 PM
For years, the Sandy Island community and Georgetown County School officials have wanted a new school boat to get students who live on the island to and from school. The boat they were using was from 1964. And now, they have a new one. “It transports students just like a bus from Sandy Island to the mainland and then we put them on a bus and take them to school,” said Dr. Randy Dozier, Georgetown County Superintendent.
The New Prince Washington is the state’s only school boat.
Dr. Dozier says the boat they used before this one was outdated.
“It was fairly slow, not as accessible and harder to operate. We wanted to bring it up to speed and make it safer more modern. Now we have a boat specifically for that and it’s brand new,” said Dozier.
Dozier says the school board understood how important this boat is for the students on Sandy Island.
“I have ridden on the old boat; it’s not a satisfactory trip. It’s a safe trip but it’s just crowded and old. This new boat is so much better and I can’t wait to ride on it,” said Richard Kerr, a trustee with the Georgetown County School Board.
But getting this new boat wasn’t an easy task. Dozier says it’s all thanks to State Superintendent Molly Spearman.
“This is owned by the state department much like a school bus. They maintain it. We provide the pilot, they provide the base salary, and we supplement that,” said Dozier.
Tuesday, the boat passed the Coast Guard’s inspection.
It seats 12 people, has a place for the pilot and co-pilot, and it has tie downs for wheelchairs.
Dozier says it can safely fit 16 people and has plenty of life jackets for all passengers.
“It looks great and meets all specifications,” said Dozier.
The New Prince Washington will have its first launch on the first day of school.
There’s no word yet on what they’re going to do with the old school boat.

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