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[EXPIRED] Shallow Water at AICW/Tolomato River Marker #18 (Statute Mile 764), April 17, 2012

Marker # 18 and the AICW stretch described below lie along the Tolomato River between charted Booth Landing and Spanish Landing at mile 764.
Sounds like the key to avoiding the below described shallows, is to not approach marker #18 closely.

We just ran aground at low tide about 15′ east of Red 18, around MM 766 and we draw only 3 feet! Boats behind us said deep water was 50′ east of the mark. Fortunately, we got off quickly with with no apparent damage.
Barbara and Barry Kipnis

Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To A “Navigation Alert” Position at Marker # 18

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