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[EXPIRED] Shallow Water at Marker #43, South of McClellanville, SC, AICW Statute Mile 434.2, April 20, 2012

Due to persistent shoaling, in early 2011 we designated the Waterway south of McClellanville to Awendaw Creek, as an “ACW Problem Stretch.” Capt. Long gives us even more specifics. As before, we recommend passage at mid or high tide.

Yesterday we traveled from Charleston to Georgetown on the ICW. At GREEN 43 we were dead on the magenta line when the depth under our props went to 0.2 feet. We draft only 39 inches so this is really a problem for most boats.
We put out a securite call on the VHF and saved a couple of boats from going aground. I later heard chatter from a couple of sailboats we had passed earlier that they were having to wait for high tide to traverse this section. It was only a bar and lasted a few seconds as we cleared it but it gave us a start. Today I heard locals in Georgetown talking about trouble in the same place. Be careful out there.
Rusty and Jan Carlisle

I too experienced the shallow water following the magenta line on my Garmin 4210 in this area. I have found that Mr Garmin has put my “boat cursor” in the marsh while in the waters of Georgia and S. Carolina. I have find deeper water by going off the magenta at slow speed usually toward the inside of turns. I poke around a bit and find the “real channel”. With all this said, I still love my Garmin electronics. Most of the time the magenta is right on.
Rick, Sun Gypsy

Just traveled the same stretch of ICW south of McClennanville on 8/12/12 and ran aground 1 hour prior to low tide at marker 36. We draw 6 feet. My only suggestion is to stay slightly to the right of middle channel when coming down. Very shallow!
Bill Saint

Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To A “Navigation Alert” Position at Marker #43

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