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[EXPIRED] Shoaling Reported South of Fernandina, AICW Statute Mile 727.5, Feb 8, 2012

The Amelia River south from Fernandina Beach to Nassau Sound has several shoals to be reckoned with. Add another to your list of Navigation Alerts!

I think I may have seen something about this on your site but I can’t find it now. Anyway, here is some recent information.
I dug some trenches at low tide with my 4′ – 3″ draft between G 43 and G 45 running down the South Amelia River to Nassau Sound (Mile 729). Here is my track. I was keeping close to the greens because of a warning by friends.

While down south, I updated my Garmin Blue Charts. On the return, I ran the same track at high tide to see if I could spot the shoal spots and was startled when I looked at my GPS to see this:

I was pretty much running the magenta line as I did before. Note that, if this hydrography is correct, the deepest water is now outside the Red 44. I’d want to check that out though before suggesting anyone go that side. It’s pretty clear though where I dug trenches. It was a low low tide. I did hit at more than one spot so there have been changes since this survey.

Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To A “Navigation Alert” Position between Markers #44 and #45.

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