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[EXPIRED] Shoaling Reported South of the Bridge Of Lions, AICW Statute Mile 779.2, St. Augustine, Feb 5, 2012

This report of shoaling concerns a spot in the center of the Waterway channel 3/4 of a mile south of the Bridge of Lions. If you have found similar depths in this area, please let us hear from you.

I dragged my 4’ – 3” draft hard through the mud in Saint Augustine at the spot indicated here which is shown on the chart as 14 feet MLW. This was an hour and a half and 10 inches before MLW. I was heading northbound from the channel over to where a few boats my size and larger were anchored south of the mooring field.
You can see where I made a couple of other attempts to get into the mooring field and up to the anchorage but was running out of depth fast enough not to want to try it.
I anchored briefly to write this and wait for slack water to go into the marina dock for fuel at the point where the track ends. There is 9.5 feet of water here where the chart says I should be aground so the charts are not to be relied upon in this area.
When you get settled from your cruise, I would appreciate any private update you can give me on the Velosia County situation.
Roger S/V Strider

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