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    • Spectacular Grounding off the Georgia AICW (near Statute Mile 643)

      The spectacular grounding, photographically reported by Captain Laura Bender below, took place on the Georgia portion of the AICW where the Waterway moves south from Crescent River into Old Teakettle Creek. As Captain Laura notes, STAY EAST OF #158A!!!!

      GA. SM 643. Red marker 158A. Plotter picked up wrong side of marker. Stay east of 158A.

      We also saw this boat yesterday (but Skip wouldn’t let me take a picture.) What the photo doesn’t show is that there is another red marker close by and just to the left. It appeared to us that someone wasn’t paying attention. Once he got off he continued to fly down the AICW at top speed.

      Duh! Isn’t the east side the `correct’ side of all the red/even ATONs in that area of the AICW and clearly marked as such on the chart? Can’t help but wonder if the autopilot wasn’t at fault here; it certainly couldn’t have been human error!
      Bob McLeran

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