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    • Taylor Creek Grocery – Beaufort, NC (near Statute Mile 201)

      Back on 3/12/12, we published a report here on the SSECN (see /?p=81815), about a new downtown Beaufort, NC grocery story that was about to open at the corner of Front and Queen Streets, within a block of the Beaufort Town Docks. At the time of our first visit, the store was just about to open, and things looked promising, but ever since, we’ve been itching to return and check out the finished product.
      Well, that’s exactly what happened during the week of June 11, 2012. And what we found was MOST impressive. Really, with no exaggeration or embellishment, I can’t remember when I have ever seen such a well laid out, beautifully merchandised small grocery store as what we found at Taylor Creek Grocery (252-838-1495, 525 Front Street). PLEASE follow the “Click Here For Photo Album” button below to check out the visual images for yourself!
      We also had occasion to twice try out the in-store deli, and we can attest that the Reuben and turkey sandwiches are first-rate, not to mention the fudge brownies.
      So, when next your travels take your vessel to the shores of Taylor Creek, possibly North Carolina’s single most popular port of call, run, don’t walk to Taylor Creek Grocery. You won’t be sorry!

      I guess quality has its price, but I was in that store last week, and the prices were outrageously high. So, enjoy, but bring a thick wallet.

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