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    • Toogoodoo Creek Anchorage (Statute Mile 495)

      On 4/30/12, as part of a South Carolina Wish List, we posed the following question:

      Statute Mile 495 ‘“ who has entered Toogoodoo Creek lately and anchored? Did you have any trouble avoiding the shoal water at this stream’s entrance? Where did you drop the hook among the many possibilities on Toogoodoo Creek?

      Responses follow:

      Anchored there on 4-6-13 Just follow the chart plotter in and watch the depth sounder it was a piece of cake. Lots of Swing room, Draft 5 ft had 10 ft under the keel at low tide. Lat 32 Deg 39.390 N Long 080 Deg 16.258 W. Good Holding ground Mud buttom. Enjoyed our stay. You can go back in the creek as far as you feel comfortable with the water depth you want.
      Capt Bob/ALLEZ

      Anchored there last fall, no problem getting in , went about 2 miles back and anchored at the intersection of Little Toogoodo….lots of current, but that’s to be expected in SC waters. Beautiful area.
      Philip W. Mullins (Phil)

      Toogoodoo Creek is an excellent anchorage. You have little or no local traffic to “wake” you. You’ll probably have the anchorage to yourself. If not, there’s plenty of space in the length of the anchorage. It’s relatively open to wind, but well protected and generally calm waters.
      It takes a few miles off the ICW to get around the long bend, into the straight part of the creek. Anywhere in the straight part of the creek works for anchoring. Be aware there are 8′ tides in the area, so there will be a strong current that reverses every six hours with the tide change. I personally use two anchors, one upstream and one downstream, for extra security.
      Rapid Roy, S/V “Gideon”

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      Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of the Toogoodoo Creek Anchorage

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